Japanese Student Gang Raped

Very young Japanese teen schoolgirl was walking to school when she was ambushed by a gang who abused her. She gets stripped out of her uniform and forcefully toyed and groped while the dudes wank to her. She is then facialed and left there on the ground when thy are all done.

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ladida +18 points1474 days ago

censorshiT, pathetic. Reply Report
Rick Kink

Rick Kink +2 points1469 days ago

They should've stripped her completely naked, cut her clothes into little pieces, then left her that way to find help while still naked! Reply Report

LOL +2 points1464 days ago

The acting in this is shocking Reply Report

somegal +1 points1474 days ago

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing to do with either the Title or the Description of this Video - and im still wondering, why i have to add a Title and a Description on Upload after all, when it's altered afew hours later anyway..!? Reply Report

Lol +1 points1224 days ago

Why was she trying to run through them? Reply Report

Brg +1 points43 days ago

Maybe y’all should do yo research on Japanese porn, Japanese girls are forced and filmed to do porn and can’t do ANYTHING about it the shit is sad
Reply Report
Love it

Love it   0 points41 days ago

Forced and filmed is great not sure on the sad bit. Reply Report

FB   0 points1474 days ago

Dear Gangsters. Reply Report

misticman_007   0 points224 days ago

Porn actress, it is not real, but the acting looks real, so great job.
As for being not so violent and noise, well this movie I think was made to seam as if it was real, not to exaggerate like Hollywood does.
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Cuntswithcameras   0 points301 days ago

Poorly filmed crap... Reply Report

Master -6 points1474 days ago

This group of men must be put in jail for life for treated the helpless girl like animal and no respect at all.. Cut off they penis and make them suffer like what they do to this girl.. Reply Report
Vergil's Bitch

Vergil's Bitch +2 points1469 days ago

You do know its staged, right? Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 -9 points1474 days ago

lol they should have all pooped on her face and piss in her mouth haha Reply Report
Love it

Love it   0 points41 days ago

Nice Reply Report

bigfarter -3 points1470 days ago

Yeah,and a few dirty wet farts in the face too!! Reply Report