Tied With Barb Wire

Young Asian girl gets her small tits pierced with needles and tied up with barb wire. That's got to sting like hell!

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natedogg +37 points1501 days ago

he should have had her stand on her toes and then wrapped some wire around her feet so when she got tired it would dig in. Reply Report

Ohhhhh +5 points1501 days ago

Burn the Bush off! Reply Report

anon +3 points1501 days ago

bring it across her face to further enhance and beautify!! then take one more set of those tit needles and put one each straight down each nipple!! and as mentioned elsehere burn off her bush!! perfection!!
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cummaster +2 points1501 days ago

That's gonna leave a mark. Reply Report

flash +1 points1460 days ago

i was wondering how long she kept the beautiful dress on like this.!! wonderful Reply Report

nickikbluefan   0 points1403 days ago

The girl had probably to show herself like that all night long in a private club, masturbating or fingered and fisted in front of the customers. Reply Report
Girl craving sexual pain

Girl craving sexual pain +1 points1417 days ago

As a lesbian, I love the girl a lot. As a masochist, I wanted more : a long needle through both nipples, clamps and weights on the pussy lips and so on. Perhaps tomorrow ? Reply Report
Rick Kink

Rick Kink   0 points1493 days ago

Where's the beginning of the video? I'd have loved to see him sticking the needles into her cute little titties! Reply Report
girl happy with needles in her nipples

girl happy with needles in her nipples   0 points1387 days ago

It is not the same girl, but if you want to see a cute Japanese getting needles in her nipples, look at "Japanese BDSM" on XHamster (but there are several videos with the same title) Reply Report
girl fucking and masturbating a lot

girl fucking and masturbating a lot +1 points1392 days ago

About 6:00 you can see that the girl had her buttocks severely caned. Reply Report
Passing By

Passing By   0 points1151 days ago

Ooooh yes, you are right. Thank you for pointing this out. She is very passive, perhaps she was caned until she agreed to do the scene?
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nickibluefan   0 points1405 days ago

I didn't find a free video of the 1st part, but we can see 22 and 20 photos under "Hard Japan Torture" Reply Report

Sadowolf   0 points567 days ago

Take a hammer and tap the barbs into her akin a little more. Reply Report