Incest Rape Fantasy

Dad turns violent after discovering that his teen daughter is working as call girl. He punishes her by raping her and leaves her for death.

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dude +150 points1504 days ago

I mean if you're leaving her for dead anyways, at least cum inside her... Reply Report
Pissed Off

Pissed Off +76 points1504 days ago

my mom walked in me jerking it to this video and now I have to get therapy Reply Report
YU Freak

YU Freak -1 points94 days ago

@Pissed Off you are one sick fuck. Reply Report
Nasty Bob

Nasty Bob +5 points1431 days ago

Shoulda just raped the bitch! Reply Report

KimFap +14 points1503 days ago

Or lock the door Reply Report

cummaster +12 points1503 days ago

Sounds like your mom needs therapy not you. Reply Report

Duh -4 points1504 days ago

That's why you jerk at night Reply Report

oh +31 points1429 days ago

i was really getting into it at first but then
just wow
that was
im scarred for life
never watching porn again
Reply Report

EHMMM +16 points1498 days ago

Why do they have to film her head so much? Reply Report

Espio +1 points694 days ago

It's all about watching the life fade from her eyes. Reply Report

Huh +10 points1503 days ago

The description says call girl but she's trying to get money for cheerleading camp and the dad says that she had to "work for it" strange facts, did anyone else watch it with sound Reply Report

Nope! +7 points1290 days ago

Her biggest crime was having those socks that don't match. Reply Report
Fuck this im out

Fuck this im out +6 points1473 days ago

Too fucking dark man, not my spank bank lol Reply Report

Sick\'o +6 points871 days ago

Ok, i finished with this video, now i am sure i got issues.. Reply Report

Young +5 points1400 days ago

I'm a female and incest is only ok as a punishment Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +4 points1124 days ago

I want to rape you Reply Report

Die4Me -1 points499 days ago

Where's the rest of it? Reply Report

Dumbcum +5 points777 days ago

Ok. When? Reply Report
Ima girl

Ima girl +4 points1145 days ago

I love her struggle holy shit It's hot af Reply Report
Amy Jo

Amy Jo +2 points734 days ago

too violent Reply Report
That one birch

That one birch   0 points16 days ago

@Amy Jo
"Too violent" the fuck are you doing on this website then?
Reply Report
Turn off

Turn off +2 points716 days ago

Did you know this vid has 1,174,514 views
Reply Report

Gross +2 points1430 days ago

This is way over the top Reply Report
Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile +2 points1310 days ago

How come the dad didn't care that she was dead? I know it's acting, but he could have pretended to regret killing her or even better, not kill her. This is just really bad. But hey, the girl is hot so I still came Reply Report

ravenspell   0 points765 days ago

lol great name

Reply Report
Izi Čelo

Izi Čelo +2 points1263 days ago

Oh no
Why man
Reply Report

... +2 points753 days ago

I really want to meet the girl thats willing to get paid for this Reply Report

Princess98 +2 points71 days ago

Feel guilty but honestly came three times .-. Reply Report

Just18CaliGirl +1 points975 days ago

I like it rough Reply Report

+1 points900 days ago

i wish my daddy would do this to me...ugh Reply Report

Want!!   0 points893 days ago

Same Reply Report

DexterMasturbate +1 points543 days ago

Wank bank Reply Report

Wwwwaq +1 points168 days ago

Wow Reply Report

Fuckifiknow +1 points61 days ago

Okay, not gonna lie I enjoyed this, but I don't think that's healthy Reply Report

CannibalCreeper +1 points128 days ago

THe death part I dont like. I hate to see such a pretty bitch wasted like that.
Reply Report

asshole   0 points1498 days ago

I like the plots, does the work my imagination normally does for me Reply Report

bagburger   0 points1432 days ago

wow Reply Report

Meoccghmkk   0 points317 days ago

Meow Reply Report

jhu   0 points740 days ago

gfgf hbjk Reply Report

....   0 points868 days ago

one the bitch isn't dead.she may look like it but she's not.your supposed to lose control of your bodily functions when you die,she didn't. two his fingerprints are everywhere on her body and the clear tarp(whatever you call those things).three he didn't even try to get rid of his cum off her ass even though he;d be arrested if he gets turned in. Reply Report

ok? +10 points739 days ago

it's porn, dumbass. Reply Report
Oh my.

Oh my.   0 points613 days ago

At first I was marking off a little, but then I got really into it. Nice story, but I wish it had some better actors. Nearly oscar-worthy death scene though. Reply Report

Die4Me   0 points499 days ago

My new favorite Reply Report

moriley   0 points358 days ago

I came when that sweating beast fucked her in the ass. Reply Report

Lmaoooo   0 points75 days ago

Lmao fuckin cheerleaders amirite?
Reply Report
Pedophile killer

Pedophile killer   0 points34 days ago

I'm all for hardcore fantasies...but I swear I'm hunting him down as I type just bc I truly believe this is actually real...and I'm fucking pissed offf! Reply Report

Love17457   0 points78 days ago

I mean is this even rape Reply Report

Tickle   0 points57 days ago

Good acting anyway Reply Report

Spotted -2 points1489 days ago

They stayed too long on the pussy, we can see it "breathe" showing she's alive. Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 -2 points1503 days ago

nice video cum in her ass and pussy :) Reply Report
My balls

My balls -2 points1345 days ago

He will still be done for murder instead of rape
Reply Report
Penis Piper

Penis Piper -4 points1285 days ago

I think this could be another weird internet meme, like goatsee, lol. Reply Report

badboy924 -4 points877 days ago

I can't wait to have a daughter of my own and do this to her someday Reply Report

bbw2breed +1 points278 days ago

lets do a baby
Reply Report
Minivan guy

Minivan guy -1 points573 days ago

Mmmmmm seeing their flat belly as your pushing it in them!
I'd minivan her body real sexy
Reply Report

Ripmegood -5 points729 days ago

Snuff films are over the top but I gotten off on it. I was raped by a boss but not left for dead he banged my head a few times off the wall he ripped me in several places where I needed internal stiches and he fled to mexico. I think snuff flims are just the imgination of perverts like us who need to get off watching others suffer. I was raped but never left for dead. I have aids now from him raping me and a miscarriage because of it. I have scars from staples in my head from this bathroom at my previous job. I sued the company for the rape. He was on americas most wanted for the horrandious rape he done to me ,still loose no one caught him.. but It was 4years so. yeah I watched this now and I cummed but thats the price you take for snuff films you win or you lose and if she is dead then the budget went to far, they tossed her out like trash with out a care. Who needs sluts anyways right chop her up and make dog food out of her. If not dead then she will live to tell her story and dam she must be that poor she could not afford sox that matched. Sorry but common please really. They showed her face alot to show how slowly her air was escaping her body and how she ws dieing. They should of had her eyes toll back and her cumming to, she was lifeless sketon almost of how skinny she was, her nipples were hard and that was it .
that was nasty him sweating all over her . Serious dude get on Jenny craig fat ass and lose the facial hair. It was bad acting but the crazy snuff film as a five star of psycho.
Reply Report

Acting -6 points1504 days ago

Why do they keep trying for a plot? For terrible acting?! Give up already! Reply Report
Acting 2

Acting 2 -9 points1503 days ago

Acting is not porn this is a PORN site. Reply Report

Realistic +2 points787 days ago

Making it look real makes porn better though Reply Report