Extreme Shit Eating And Smearing

Extreme scat video featuring a humiliated chick who is made to lay on the ground while a dude squats over her and unloads shit directly in her mouth. She is forced to eat it all up, and pressed down her throat with his fingers. Her face also gets covered with the same shit.

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gman0815 +8 points1473 days ago

German girls are awesome and girls like this are super loyal some marry one that does stuff like this Reply Report
shit lover

shit lover +4 points1476 days ago

That girl is so fucking lucky i wish i was her Reply Report
Gaping fart hole

Gaping fart hole   0 points104 days ago

@shit lover I would like to talk to you Reply Report

gman0815   0 points1473 days ago

You can be my lucky girl I'm from Jersey send me a message if you're interested:) Reply Report

Slaveofmistressi -1 points911 days ago

Hope she had a good time as tgat was quite a movie. I we

If i had been there i would eat her shit and lick her cunt with ahit packed in it. Other kinky perverted acts such as Beastiality await her.i want to suck horse cock with her for a massive cum swaloowing french kiss!!!!!!
Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -2 points1475 days ago

I could too! Reply Report

dirtyminded14 +2 points1476 days ago

Where are you from I could make your dream come true Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -3 points1475 days ago

That reply was meant for Shit Lover Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -3 points1475 days ago

So could I if you're female!? :) Reply Report

vajesus   0 points1285 days ago

I'd love to be your girl Reply Report

Nomare +1 points81 days ago

There is nothing better than to taste, chew and swallow guys shit. i wish i could be in her place!! i would also try to eat some of his soft caviar. Reply Report

15yroldhorny   0 points41 days ago

@Nomare totally agree Reply Report

15yroldhorny   0 points41 days ago

@Nomare totally agree Reply Report

damn   0 points1466 days ago

w0w Reply Report

creampieluv   0 points1474 days ago

Lol for reals Reply Report

xverso62@yahoo.it -1 points1286 days ago

Io ti posso accontentarlo Reply Report

15yroldhorny   0 points41 days ago

Wish someone would do that to me Reply Report

Slaveofmistress   0 points911 days ago

Rso that is what happened to you!!!!! Wish i has been there to kiss you with all that shit in your mouth!!!! Hope it was fun.i am an experienced shit eater and know good medicine. Well done!!!!$ Reply Report

Slaveofmistress   0 points878 days ago

Well done extreme scat slave Tanya gov i love and serve you for a lifetime. You may enjoy serving perverted aliens with me as together we save the entire earth from aids biological warfare and alien destruction. I love you goddess Reply Report

maik   0 points368 days ago

Nichts schmeckt geiler wie warme frische Scheisse Reply Report

miss_you_75   0 points302 days ago

I want a girl to make a dump like that in my mouth... Reply Report

fshdr4745   0 points194 days ago

Every German eats their droppings at least once a year because they were told by Adolf
Reply Report

15yroldhorny   0 points41 days ago

Can anyone shit on my face like that Reply Report

15yrold   0 points42 days ago

I’d love to eat shit and have it all over my face like that Reply Report

smf -1 points1435 days ago

Zieg heil Reply Report

wildguy2013 -1 points1157 days ago

Does somebody know why Brazil, Asia and Germany practice this only? Reply Report

erectpenis   0 points1024 days ago

because they're the only ones nasty enough to eat their partners' shit Reply Report

Slaveofmistress -1 points907 days ago

Today with the help of heavy r se stopped world war three. Reply Report
Strict bitch

Strict bitch -1 points614 days ago

*throwing up* ugh... I once are shit as a Kid and it was horrible Reply Report

Wereldguy -5 points1476 days ago

Germans are fucking disgusting Reply Report

IRS -5 points1476 days ago

Looks like the IRS is doing it's job. Reply Report

Kenlyiur -4 points1475 days ago

Looks like some freaks escaped from the 'private' institution (Asylum). Reply Report

ladida -6 points1475 days ago

don't ya see? she wants to say something: why not let her have her say? Germans are fucking disgusting I read: does this mean that each time a German girl opens her mouth, she gets shut up with shit ? Didn't know how far they've gone again with suppression of free speech in that country ! Reply Report

Obama -9 points1476 days ago

Looks like tax season. Reply Report