Russian Soldiers Rape Ukrainian Slut

After taking over her town this slutty Ukrainian wife gets raped by 2 Russian soldiers spitroast style while the rest of the squad is watching enviously. They send her away alive but the lower rank soldiers are a bit disappointed they weren't allowed to have a go.

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jon +63 points1384 days ago

Thats not rape she's loving it Reply Report

Ariman +33 points1384 days ago

They are no russian,they are kazakhs. Reply Report

Greg +20 points1383 days ago

Kazahstan Reply Report

Vlad +11 points1366 days ago

This is Mongolians, not Russians, not Ukrainians Reply Report

asd +8 points1318 days ago

Kazahstan Reply Report

Ben +7 points1384 days ago

These... are civilians, that is not rape, and i'm pretty sure they aren't either Ukrainian or russian Reply Report
some idiot

some idiot +6 points1384 days ago

there's no rape, no any russians or ukrainian, but its funny if you can understad what they are talking about. Reply Report

evabroughtanaxthistime +5 points1375 days ago

Translate, you stingy bastard. Reply Report

Ariman -2 points1384 days ago

officer said: guys go out,what is unusual! Reply Report
another idiot

another idiot +3 points1384 days ago

So let us know! Reply Report

Samantha +5 points1382 days ago

The only one disappointed was the lady, she probably hasn't had a good banging in a while, she was more than willing to take on all of them. Reply Report
captain dick

captain dick +5 points1382 days ago

Not russians Reply Report

evabroughtanaxthistime +4 points1375 days ago

Hope she took her money before the time. Reply Report

522 +3 points1378 days ago

He said get your stank hoe ass out of here.__ Reply Report

долд +2 points1383 days ago

Казахстан! Reply Report

Killer +1 points1093 days ago

Commander tells her get out of here and do not come over, and she says even come Reply Report
babba booey

babba booey +1 points647 days ago

she's surrounded by twenty guys....if she complains or tries to run...they'll kill her...stop acting like she has a choice Reply Report

ББоб   0 points1384 days ago

Это не русские! Это американская лживая пропаганда! Reply Report

тимур   0 points1150 days ago

да...в средние века хоть камер небыло) Reply Report

antoniomamie   0 points949 days ago

seems to me the officer is a spoil sport soldiers enjoying open cunt so ! let them she's a slut and they're young and horny leave the men alone in my book if a women makes herself available then she should get it no holes bared she gets pregnant sad for baby but she's on her own let the boys go especial military lord knows if they'll be around. Reply Report

kos   0 points783 days ago

Not Russians and no raping Reply Report
Sik Emen

Sik Emen   0 points181 days ago

If u want me to suck your dick and you mine so write to me on Emen ,i am from baku Reply Report

ajjax   0 points83 days ago

Corporal Fucking Cockblock ruins it at the end... Reply Report

Вова   0 points57 days ago


Buckles -1 points1055 days ago

She is not ukranian, she is asian (bashkirian) from Russia. Reply Report

. -1 points1383 days ago

The language sounds like its a mix between russian and arabic Reply Report

ugh -1 points1384 days ago

How come they sound like towelheads? Only thing missing is a camel in the background and severed head on the ground Reply Report

angelo212 -1 points1168 days ago

That dude who chased her away must be a homo. Reply Report

. -9 points1383 days ago

This has something to do with the crisis in ukraine this is not suprising because the russians did the same thing to the german people in ww2 Reply Report

Andre -12 points1383 days ago

They a not Russian, they a americans in Iraq Reply Report
dick Chance

dick Chance +3 points1185 days ago

you're a fucking idiot Reply Report
No one cares mate

No one cares mate +1 points196 days ago

Yup Reply Report