Student Killerd by White Tiger

A white tiger has killed a student at the Delhi zoo. the barricade of the tiger enclosure was low and the boy slipped and fell. The fully-grown white tiger attacked the boy immediately and killed him within a matter of minutes

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Mechanised +3 points1481 days ago

Life Of Pi Much.. Reply Report

Djomla +2 points1478 days ago

Where is sleep darts? Reply Report

Good +1 points1474 days ago

One less new Australian Reply Report

Moron +2 points909 days ago

Indian you dumb fuck. Reply Report

Jaz +1 points1482 days ago

Hope the tiger is ok after his dinner Reply Report

whitenproud +1 points1482 days ago

Indian food can be very spicy and give you the shits.

Hope the tiger didnt get the shits from eating Indian food.

Reply Report

meh   0 points1481 days ago

purina indian cat food. Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert   0 points1316 days ago

Cool Reply Report
Lifeguard Jack

Lifeguard Jack   0 points1024 days ago

If only he swam a little faster Reply Report

matt -1 points1482 days ago

whitenproud you are not making me proud to be white atm with your moronic bullshit .. you sir are an idiot !! but onto the video shows how strong tigers are ... Reply Report

Shatty -1 points42 days ago

Glad to see a Hindu m fucker eaten by a tiger he was wishing her and praying as we can see.. fake god now u know isnt Reply Report
A Random Jew from Israel

A Random Jew from Israel -6 points1045 days ago

I hope they shot that fucking animal afterwards. Reply Report
A guy

A guy +1 points630 days ago

*A random Jew from Israel ---- honestly, you're an idiot. The child obv scaled one or two security fences before getting to that concrete wall then falling down it. Where are their brains? Where are the parents? Yet you want to shot a captured, prob abused and unhappy animal that is only there for paying idiots "entertainment". All zoos sicken me. Maybe they'll take a wild animal in an enclosure more serious next time. I feel so bad for that tiger and animals like that. Put in situations and act like any animal would then we have yards like the Jew going "shoot it" ...Everything is just unreal Reply Report
Bomb Israel

Bomb Israel +2 points692 days ago

I hope they shoot you and your fucking kids in the head. Animal should not be in an enclosure to begin with. Reply Report