Asian Tabasco Pussy Torture

Asian babe is bound by lezdom mistresses who torture her pussy. After a soft eating out, they pour tabasco chili sauce all over her pussy, and use a leaf blower to push it as deep inside as it can. The Asian babe screams and begs them to stop as she cries, but is fingered until she has an earth shattering orgasm which makes her squirt.

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Jennifer Wieand

Jennifer Wieand +41 points1227 days ago

When I was in high school, I went to my boyfriend's house on a Saturday afternoon while his parents were out of town. I took off all my clothes, and he tied my wrists to the headboard of his parents' bed. Then, without warning, he pulled a small bottle of Tabasco sauce from his pocket. He opened it and put the bottle neck into my anus, and he watched as the Tabasco sauce drained into my asshole. I was screaming in agony, but nobody else could hear me. He watched as I suffered indescribable pain as my rectum literally burned. Then, he took an 18-inch soft-rubber dildo and slowly worked it in and out of my asshole, gradually pushing the Tabasco sauce deeper and deeper into my rectum and, eventually, part of my colon. Finally, for good measure, he took off his shorts and briefs, and fucked both my asshole and my pussy, going back and forth, spreading some of the Tabasco sauce up into my vaginal canal. Unbelievable pain for me, but it turned him on to watch me writhe in agony for more than an hour, during which he managed to cum twice in my pussy and twice inside my asshole. That was my first sexual experience. I lost my anal virginity, my vaginal virginity, and I developed an addiction to bondage, discipline, Tabasco sauce torture, and whipping (he used his belt to whip my buttocks, usually giving me 75 to 100 lashes in a 5-minute session. Reply Report
Make up another story grandpa

Make up another story grandpa +12 points463 days ago

@Jennifer Wieand in the next episode of things that never happened Reply Report
u know me

u know me +5 points612 days ago

sorry, but he raped u Reply Report

roger5x5 +13 points877 days ago

Yea Right and the tabasco sauce felt fine on his dick. not to menchen what would have found it's way into his urethra. So yea completely believable Reply Report

ReggieXXX -1 points277 days ago

The boyfriend could of worn a condom, dude. Reply Report

dirtykinky +10 points725 days ago

Who cares lol? Girlfriend could make a living with writing stories like these :-)
Reply Report

smally -1 points1225 days ago

Your so hot Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +16 points1644 days ago

I would have fucked her ass Reply Report

Girasol93 +9 points1644 days ago

sweeeet, uncensored asian porn ;) Reply Report

HugeCockLover +4 points1644 days ago

Put some in her mouth! Reply Report
girl always wanting to get raped

girl always wanting to get raped +9 points1508 days ago

Not in my mouth, no , fill my cunt with it and fuck me with a big dildo, please. And I want some needles in my nipples and my pussy lips. Reply Report

Ready123456   0 points334 days ago

@girl always wanting to get raped where are you? I'd like to rape you. Reply Report

Tortureme97   0 points155 days ago

@Ready123456 please rape me?? Reply Report

smally -3 points1225 days ago

Sexy lady Reply Report

dino76 +3 points1610 days ago called delicious... Reply Report

cidaliafatpig +3 points1282 days ago

Today I'm going to masturbate in a more "spicy" way Reply Report

Biggoggsie +3 points1305 days ago

This is a awsum video pleasure then the look on her face when she sees the hot sauce then the pain from the sauce
to finish her off making her convulse in orgasmic heaven the blow dryer heating her own so lovely pussy to burning point
Reply Report

hotjo +2 points1644 days ago

better they use habanero !!! Reply Report

Necrodeath +2 points633 days ago

Should use naga ghost chilli sauce Reply Report

HugeCockLover +1 points1644 days ago

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Reply Report

xo +1 points1109 days ago

Fuck me! That was hottttt! I wish i was her! Reply Report
Big Balls Mike

Big Balls Mike +1 points628 days ago

Fantastic to watch lovely cunt. Reply Report

sceptical   0 points723 days ago

totally fake. am i the only one who noticed there were no tears? Reply Report
Andrew D

Andrew D   0 points683 days ago

No, your not, see my comment today 10 May. Reply Report

WhoDescribesThese?   0 points1644 days ago

What lezdom mistresses? Reply Report
goni  goni

goni goni   0 points260 days ago

She Peed And Mensed The Kitchen Floor , Akira !! Reply Report

Cunnilinguist   0 points108 days ago

Any PA chicks wanna get ate out with hot sauce?? Reply Report

alawakba   0 points84 days ago

ptn c tro dar Reply Report

shit -3 points1644 days ago

fake as fuck it will be water with food colouring lol Reply Report

noname -4 points1262 days ago

what the fuck did i just watch??? Reply Report
Andrew D

Andrew D -5 points683 days ago

Sorry to say this, about a good video, but.....Clearly, at least partly, faked! Air, that much anyway, blasted into her Vagina would be fatal, no seriously. Plus that 'Blower' made so much noise that you could hardly hear her scream, surly the point of the video. Can this be re-made, this time a 'bit more believable' and so we can HEAR the screaming? Pretty girl, nice cunt, and arse though-loved the screaming, that I could hear. Six, maybe seven, out of ten, sorry. Reply Report