Bizarre worm insertion

A huge worm working its way into a guy pee hole

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Well its in

Well its in +56 points1248 days ago

How the fuck do you get it out
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anon +9 points1233 days ago

creepy! but all i can think now is to fuck a cunt and release it in her hole! Reply Report

pikoro89 +5 points1236 days ago

wowwww this is great i can do that ???? tell me please Reply Report

Biggogsie +3 points1188 days ago

Have a look at the video he has a cigarette or something that produces smoke the worm senses the smoke and the only way to go is inside the penis After a contacting your urine the worm with naturally die and you pee it back out
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luczoolove +5 points1120 days ago

I'm going to try it also ,its fantastic !!!!! Reply Report

malekinky +5 points1128 days ago

The worn come back and slip out itself, as he has reached your urine, deep in urethra, close to prostate and bladder. If you force it to stay deep in maybe it can die because there is no oxygen enough to breath and you can piss it out died too.
Best leave it to come back itself, still alive, and try to get it accomodate
in your urethra another time.
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ScottHarley +1 points68 days ago

@malekinky What type of worm is that? Night crawler or a red earthworm?
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meaculpa2001 +1 points1248 days ago

pee ?
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Gigo   0 points432 days ago

Wow Reply Report

adam81   0 points429 days ago

that guy is crazy as fuck! Reply Report

manatee -1 points1248 days ago

wtf/i rthought i was seeing things/it was actually fucking/where is the rest/how do u get it out/u dont want it to break/how did he think of this? Reply Report

Wow -1 points129 days ago

That's hot, I wish I was the worm Reply Report
well its in prt 11

well its in prt 11 -4 points913 days ago

why the fuck do you put it in? Reply Report

bogdan -5 points1128 days ago

ответьте,пожалуйста,что надо сделать с червем,чтобы он залез. Reply Report

malekinky -2 points964 days ago

Leave others to do what they want to do with itself! Idiot!
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