Baby abused by mother

Father Finds His 11-Month-Old Son Abused by the Babies Mother & Left Outside with the Trash!

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ace3000 +30 points1479 days ago

Nigga dad

Nigga dad +5 points1490 days ago

Nigga call 911 on that bitch we black dads need to stick together Reply Report

HEJ DUDE +5 points1436 days ago

KILL THAT BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

matt +4 points1485 days ago

get out my face... these are the words of idiots... if you currently say or have ever used these words, you are one hell of a dumb cunt Reply Report

fuckedup +2 points1157 days ago

Kill her, slowly. Reply Report

jt +2 points1088 days ago

If I ever In my entire life see or hear about a child being hurt by the parents I'll personally kill and sacrifice them to my Lord Reply Report
RPB Corp

RPB Corp +1 points1079 days ago

Son of a bitch his parents have to die ! Reply Report

somegal   0 points1490 days ago

Aah, IC - this is Shockumentary... if it was FANTASY, it'ld be deleted immediately!? Hmh - very striking Logic, indeed.... Reply Report

Dbmcnatt1962   0 points282 days ago

All of that you hit my son BS and banging on the door BS is a waste of time. You pick up your son check on your son get your son to safety make sure he's ok. Then ! You come back and brake your foot off in her ass. Reply Report
The best of luck

The best of luck   0 points824 days ago

Take a knife and simply and cleanly kill her.
The using a meat cleaver chop up the corpse in very small bits, you will have to remove the bones with a sharp knife. Once you have seperated the bones from the organs, skin and muscle you can crush to bones up using a hammer litterally shatter them and using a frying pan dry them out to nothing, now this is going to take some time but well worth taking time to do it properly. The nbit by bit flush down the toilet.

Take your time to clean up properly. Do it several times with cleaner, remove an blood covered clothing and burn later until there is nothing left.

Write a letter pretending to be from her to you, saying that she want you as the Father to be legal guardian and that she is going to find work and not coming back.

You and your Son have a new life.
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Eye4anEye   0 points665 days ago

This happened in Pittsburgh, pa. The girl in the house has since killed this poor little boy and then texted him a picture of the dead baby! Just google and you will see the whole story. Reply Report

gillfrabitz   0 points405 days ago

Do the world a favour and OFF HER ASS! I"LL even help! Reply Report

Buddhist   0 points399 days ago

....power to the i correct? this is what happens when power is given to fools who don't know how to use it...........power to the people.........................more like power to the UNDESERVING.......another shocking video of work Reply Report
The Truth

The Truth   0 points203 days ago

What's the problem? We running out of nigglets? Reply Report
o hell konw

o hell konw -2 points1443 days ago

where is her grave that what nigga be say if that was my babymom nigga beat that bitch ever time u see her in if she in jell she going to get out in when she do ko that bitch call a party to help with the game of kick the bitch in do that ever time i get bad news

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# bad grammer

# bad grammer -3 points1393 days ago

your illiterate until you can fix that don't post comments Reply Report
#You Need to Learn Grammar As Well

#You Need to Learn Grammar As Well   0 points1387 days ago

You're illiterate. Untill you can fix that, don't post comments. Reply Report
You're a hypocrite

You're a hypocrite +4 points1216 days ago

Until* Not untill. Reply Report