Schoolgirl Rape Video

Japanese businessmen grope and rape teen schoolgirl in a public bus. When they're done with the poor girl they throw her out of the bus without any clothes.

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FearMe +59 points1566 days ago

If a guy tried to put a dick in my mouth, I would bite it off Reply Report

FearMe2 +2 points330 days ago

@FearMe I would too because well if forced that s the best way to end it in a " bang? " Reply Report

LauraSykes +30 points1587 days ago

I wouldn't mind this happening to me, just not being left out naked.. Reply Report
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Hey honeymesage me at nicko3169 on Kikm -1 points36 days ago

@LauraSykes Reply Report
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Hey honeymesage me at nicko3169 on Kikm -1 points36 days ago

@LauraSykes Reply Report

King0933 +4 points430 days ago

@LauraSykes I will do to you
Reply Report

Forcemepls   0 points801 days ago

I would, in hopes it would happen again Reply Report

happytohelp +14 points1573 days ago

tell me what bus / train and i will make it happen :) Reply Report
no name

no name -1 points1102 days ago

tide in va Reply Report

Anontonio +1 points38 days ago

@no name yooo The Tide in Norfolk passes right through the neighborhood I live in Reply Report

asterion +28 points1617 days ago

The proper way to treat little sluts like this. Reply Report

pjisbored -1 points1522 days ago

That's how I should be treated. Reply Report

S.J.M. +1 points1562 days ago

Id love to be treated like this ;) Reply Report

usemeproperly -7 points1583 days ago

I like to be treated properly :) Reply Report
damn hot

damn hot +24 points1541 days ago

I want to be raped so badly, Reply Report

Uncommon -1 points84 days ago

@damn hot yes I know but by so me one not with a big did I ;) Reply Report

CommonSense +18 points421 days ago

@damn hot that’s not how it works Reply Report

Yeezy +23 points983 days ago

Rape isn't cool Reply Report
43 69 69

43 69 69 +4 points204 days ago

@Yeezy thenwhy r u watching it Reply Report

Anonymous +20 points1151 days ago

Who ever thinks this is right, then you'll are heartless imagine if this was your mother or one of your close family wonder this world is screwed up because of sick people like you'll I hope that you'll burn in hell l. Reply Report
i understand

i understand +57 points1107 days ago

I dont think real rape is right. real rape is horrible, and awfual. but as a woman i love the fantasy, and i would like to do this will a partner, who i lvoe and trust. its more about control. although i do not condone actual rape, that is awfual, and nothing like that should ever happen Reply Report

Anontontio +4 points38 days ago

@i understand rape is actually an extremely common fantasy. The most interesting thing about that is, women are more likely to fantasize about rape than men. Reply Report

KillYoSelfYouSickCunts +16 points792 days ago

Everyone listen
Reply Report

hornylittleslut +14 points1562 days ago

I want to be fucked like this so bad it hurts Reply Report

yrdaddy +1 points599 days ago

i would fuck you so proper then throat fuck you Reply Report
Daddys Slut

Daddys Slut   0 points127 days ago

@yrdaddy can you do that to me please im desperate Reply Report

kayroyalxo +14 points1566 days ago

damn I wish this would happen to me Reply Report

gabiltroy +13 points1369 days ago

This is sooo sweet! Especially throwing her off the buss naked that is hot! Reply Report
Sailor Barsoom

Sailor Barsoom +13 points660 days ago

The man and woman take her inside... and then they rape her again. And put her back outside with no clothes. Just as school lets out, so that all her classmates see her naked with cum dripping from every hole. Reply Report

______ +8 points415 days ago

What i thought: they rape her then throw off the bus naked then the man and women take her inside and rape her and throw her outside naked then after school is over and then all the school boys rape her then throw her naked. Then the school girls call her over to see if she's okay then all take dildos and rape her and throw her on a bike naked then when she gets home her dad is drunk and raped her and took all her clothes and she become homelee Reply Report

horny48 +7 points1579 days ago

She was cute and great titties I would fuck her. Reply Report
This Just In

This Just In +7 points1416 days ago

This is staged to fuck.. Ps why would people want to be raped. Oh dear. Reply Report

Dextery +7 points1080 days ago

Of course it's staged/fake, there are no real rape/abuse/incest on this site, lots of shit eaters but nothing like real life anything. Reply Report
DaddyO5 is a piece of shit

DaddyO5 is a piece of shit -2 points120 days ago

@Dextery ok what about all the death incidents on this site do you think those real cause there’s a lot of them with there whole heads off I don’t watch them but i see the pic when i search something completely off topic and it absolutely grosses me out Reply Report
DaddyO5 is a piece of shit

DaddyO5 is a piece of shit -4 points120 days ago

@Dextery ok what about all the death incidents on this site do you think those real cause there’s a lot of them with there whole heads off I don’t watch them but i see the pic when i search something completely off topic and it absolutely grosses me out Reply Report

Fucktes +6 points1598 days ago

Oh teak I cumming so hard right now
Reply Report

qwertyuiop12343242 +6 points1359 days ago

This is jusst sick... Reply Report

frankw265 +5 points1617 days ago

Pixelation! Rubbish. Reply Report

Animefreak   0 points521 days ago

Aparentally you aren't familliar with japan porn, they're almost all blurred out Reply Report

Anons   0 points327 days ago

@Animefreak why blur it though, specially if it is fake.... Reply Report

Anony +4 points631 days ago

Needs more struggling. Reply Report

LrdCream +4 points623 days ago

Japanese tits are awesome Reply Report

IAmKing +4 points129 days ago

We're all fucked p if we're on this website so stop arguing about it. Reply Report

sweetliltwat +3 points534 days ago

I wouldn't mind getting fucked like this. Guys you don't know. It's like a one-night stand, with no need for benefits afterwards. I'd even struggle to make the role-play better. Bring it on guys! The more dicks the better. Reply Report
Loreen B

Loreen B +3 points1411 days ago

Wtf is this real? Reply Report

10385940 +15 points761 days ago

Rarely any of this stuff is real, don't worry. People don't follow one girl with a camera then miraculously have everyone on the train molest her. Reply Report
rape rogue

rape rogue +3 points777 days ago

GG i like this one Reply Report

Mintry +3 points100 days ago

Jap girls are my favorite sluts.
They have these fresh raw bodies and very feminine.
Love to feel her hot streaming piss and cunt juices all over me.
I suppose it`s dream on baby.
Reply Report

crossbob +2 points560 days ago

You have to love the Japanese. lovely fuck that bitch and fuck her good. Reply Report

qhqhqh +2 points445 days ago

By far one of the hottest rape videos I've ever seen. Reply Report

blowjobsamphardknobs +2 points337 days ago

Aaaah! I'm so horny! Just thinking about someone forcing their long, hard, penis into my small vagina is such a lewd, yet arousing thought! I wish to be raped even more brutal than this! I would love to be chained up and used like a sex doll! Aaaah! I'm going to have an orgasam just thinking these dirty thoughts! Aaaaah! I'm a little slut that wishes for this treatment! Reply Report
I can hear you

I can hear you +2 points333 days ago

Why am i here Reply Report

277eydhhdhx +2 points321 days ago

Fucked up shit......oh wait test this is me hot.....and fucked up at the same time.....what the hell am I thinking????? I'm a dude but still this is tucked up and hot at same time..... Reply Report

Kingkrule +2 points280 days ago

Wait. Is this real??! Reply Report

SubmissiveSlut413 +2 points215 days ago

I wish someone would rape me in all three holes and humiliate me and treat me like the fat, ugly slut I am so I could get what I deserve Reply Report

HornyLittleSlut +2 points129 days ago

I imagined this as me and damn I couldn't stop cumming! Reply Report

SexLover +2 points4 days ago

Best video ever! Reply Report
rock hard 9 inch

rock hard 9 inch +1 points1101 days ago

I would take my turn on her ass and mouth Reply Report

Zhhjajzbsi +1 points478 days ago

Oh Reply Report
Pervert 25

Pervert 25 +1 points400 days ago

Faster harder

Reply Report

Ahhhhh +1 points339 days ago


mehdcjustfuckmeh +1 points255 days ago

Shit I would love this if it were to happen to me. Reply Report

Ftm241 +1 points290 days ago

Let me get raped Reply Report

merrikatt +1 points264 days ago

veeery hot Reply Report
Some chick lol

Some chick lol +1 points24 days ago

Typical day on a bus Reply Report

Johnsexy +1 points21 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with people Reply Report

«him   0 points17 days ago

@Johnsexy what is wrong is women. if they acted like good lttle sluts we would not need to rape them so often Reply Report

HorneyGirl   0 points718 days ago

I want something like this to happen to me Reply Report

Rr56   0 points47 days ago

Not at level Reply Report
Annonymos Whore

Annonymos Whore   0 points5 days ago

Omg my pussy is so wet wish this would happen to me ;) Reply Report

FB   0 points1617 days ago

squirting!!! Reply Report

Pleasedo   0 points15 days ago

I would love this to happen to me & to be left completely naked afterwords. Anybody interested in doing this to me Reply Report

theguywhodoesnotwannagotojapan   0 points1607 days ago

This is why i don't wanna go to japan. Reply Report

qhqhq   0 points673 days ago

If anybody wants me to fuck their brains out, I'm more than happy to. >;) Reply Report
Daddys Slut

Daddys Slut   0 points127 days ago

@qhqhq please!!! I want sex so badly! I'll be a good slut for you! You can tell all your friends and we can have a gangbang! I'll call you daddy and let you use sex toys on me!!! Reply Report
Yes Please!!

Yes Please!! +1 points564 days ago

I need this to happen to me so bad aaa <3 if you want my adress ask me ill gladly give u Reply Report

Syn -1 points327 days ago

@Yes Please!! Which state? Reply Report

Maps   0 points696 days ago

Non-Member Reply Report
fuck me daddy

fuck me daddy   0 points565 days ago

She enjoyed that. I could tell. I'd like for that to happen to me Reply Report

Yess   0 points564 days ago

mmmm yeah this is how a real girl should be treated. We should just be fuck toys for the boys. I want to be raped like this so bad. Reply Report

Catchamouse   0 points484 days ago

Lovely Reply Report
abdul qasim

abdul qasim   0 points446 days ago

the end was beautiful Reply Report
That dude

That dude   0 points321 days ago

This shit is HOT!!! Reply Report

RapeMe!!   0 points13 hours ago

This video gets me so wet and horny. I so wish this would happen to me. It would be a dream come true. I must watch it a million times now in a role. Reply Report

Badbitchthekid   0 points273 days ago

I want this to happen to me so bad
Reply Report

DickSucker   0 points266 days ago

Cumin in me is what I want so, first to reply gets to fuck my ass and pussy Reply Report
Biggus Dickus

Biggus Dickus   0 points257 days ago

How come none of these Virgin schoolgirls ever bleed ? Reply Report
fuck everyone

fuck everyone   0 points206 days ago

Poor fucking girl but i think its fake Reply Report

bringmethatass   0 points145 days ago

Reply Report

420lmao   0 points26 days ago

Idk man... They don't look like business men to me lmfao Reply Report

909977667   0 points70 days ago

When you nut over this but then you feel guilty over it. Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points73 days ago

Beautyfull Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points73 days ago

Beautyfull Reply Report

xoo   0 points51 days ago

use of tits quite good, but fuzzed out genitals renders the video near useless. Reply Report

Bigpussy   0 points1 day ago

Haha I should be treated like that because I am a hoe Reply Report
Big tits

Big tits -1 points549 days ago

Do this to me. Reply Report

Putrid -1 points1593 days ago

Fuck, I'd love to see it happen to my wife!!!

Pity the girl is kinda half-willing, though.
Reply Report
sexy girl

sexy girl -1 points1617 days ago

omg!!!! Reply Report

Chantelle02 -1 points1030 days ago

I need to be raped like tjis over and over again Reply Report

Xxxlonleygirlxxx -1 points861 days ago

Would love for people to do this to me ;) Reply Report

Urmine   0 points314 days ago

@Xxxlonleygirlxxx where
Reply Report

tIna1622 -2 points1508 days ago

Omg I feel so sorry for her :-o Reply Report

Angel -2 points1151 days ago

Every girl needs to be raped and punished like this. This was beautiful! Reply Report

NonoyA +10 points1122 days ago

You sick, ugly fuck. Reply Report

Anonymous +11 points1151 days ago

Yes I agree just imagine your mother being rapped while men abuse her
And expose her to the world
Reply Report
Fuck this

Fuck this -2 points633 days ago

This shit makes me sick Reply Report

Bolita +1 points473 days ago

Your cock stinks Reply Report
I love dick

I love dick -2 points396 days ago

I would smack them so hard they would have no teeth left Reply Report

A. -2 points101 days ago

Seriously!! If these ballsacks put a hand on me, I would drop kick them to Africa Reply Report

wazza -3 points768 days ago

fake assed bullshit, staged Reply Report
why are you watching this

why are you watching this +4 points390 days ago

if youre watching real rape, you have a problem
Reply Report

dhdhx -3 points1035 days ago

ascjcj Reply Report

FearMe2 -3 points330 days ago

The woman and man at the end were in total shock,they helped her,and they prob reported the bus and everyone got arrested in SHAME,forced sex is WRONG Reply Report
Ashley Mires

Ashley Mires -3 points170 days ago

Poor girl the person who put their jacket on her was nice
That was my favorite part I want to fucking myrder those bitches who fucked her I’m gonna fuck them up
Reply Report

Pyrocynical -4 points970 days ago

My Name is Tony Bamanabony Reply Report

jerusalen555 -4 points1427 days ago

perdonarme pero no entiendo esta ""salvajada"" Reply Report

gabiltroy -4 points1369 days ago

Only one thing would have the vid any better. The guys should have taken turns giving her a real good spanking for being raped before they threw her off the bus. Too bad that girl had a sweater to give her, would have been better if she had to spend some time being humiliated in public naked. Reply Report

Shah_Zaman. -4 points618 days ago

Raping shouldn't be wildly and hurting. Make freinds with the girl and let her have safe raping. Reply Report

Fff -5 points1617 days ago

Won't even play Reply Report
rody van achteren

rody van achteren -5 points1411 days ago

hot Reply Report
The 12 incher

The 12 incher -5 points879 days ago

Not bad use this vid a lot Reply Report

lasalle -5 points781 days ago

Every girl deserves this at least once. Reply Report
y'all need Jesus

y'all need Jesus -6 points1478 days ago

Damn! You fucked up in the head if you get off to this! Rape is a CRIME!! Reply Report
slutty sarah

slutty sarah +4 points1468 days ago

that's just because people deny what they want luckily I realised. I think women should be able to vote and be equal and everything we deserve that but also we need our pussies to be owned like this and we like it. Look at this girl , not even fighting back. She knows she needs to be owned Reply Report

Alpharius +9 points989 days ago

Except that "slutty sarah" is obviously a man, so, you know, take that with a grain of salt. Reply Report

UNKNOWN -7 points1214 days ago

why they throw her out I would take her home with me then I would rape her in the ass very very hard drink milk from her tits lick her asshole extend that asshole ALOT Reply Report

UNKNOWN -19 points1214 days ago

then I would force her to give me a blowjob while I piss in her mouth then I would let her shit on me and let her rape me and do anything to me and we keep taking turns I rape her she rapes me I WOULD FUCK HER SO HARD WITH MY 12 INCH COCK there needs to be more videos like this Reply Report

wazza +14 points768 days ago

dont lie, its a three inch cock, and you need viagra to get it up, and when you piss in her, i hope you like the taste of vomit, hmn, sexy, lol! Reply Report

coca -9 points1587 days ago

you are disgusting when you enjoy this Reply Report
love rapevideos

love rapevideos +5 points833 days ago

i love to be raped and taken avantegend of Reply Report

sw27420 -9 points1617 days ago

its not rape if u cum Reply Report
Apple Pie

Apple Pie +17 points1510 days ago

It most certainly is! Rape is rape, honey. Reply Report

Whatever -9 points1426 days ago

This crap was so staged! Made for at home masturbation and other s other sick fantasy's! Reply Report