Schoolgirl Rape Video

Japanese businessmen grope and rape teen schoolgirl in a public bus. When they're done with the poor girl they throw her out of the bus without any clothes.

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FearMe +55 points1109 days ago

If a guy tried to put a dick in my mouth, I would bite it off Reply Report

Don\'tSupportSexualAssaultYouSickPieceOfShit +39 points516 days ago

No, unlike common belief, most girls don't want to be going to school or trying to go to a job interview to feed her family to suddenly get violated and fucked by a bunch of strangers. Next thing you know, she has AIDS or Herpes and she has to find out shes infected and she can never be cured for the rest of her life.
This was a hot video, but don't ever wish this kind of disgusting torture on someone.
Boy or Girl.
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asterion +22 points1160 days ago

The proper way to treat little sluts like this. Reply Report

pjisbored -1 points1065 days ago

That's how I should be treated. Reply Report

S.J.M. +3 points1105 days ago

Id love to be treated like this ;) Reply Report

usemeproperly -2 points1126 days ago

I like to be treated properly :) Reply Report

LauraSykes +21 points1130 days ago

I wouldn't mind this happening to me, just not being left out naked.. Reply Report

Forcemepls -4 points344 days ago

I would, in hopes it would happen again Reply Report

happytohelp +10 points1116 days ago

tell me what bus / train and i will make it happen :) Reply Report
no name

no name -1 points645 days ago

tide in va Reply Report
damn hot

damn hot +12 points1084 days ago

I want to be raped so badly, Reply Report

hornylittleslut +12 points1105 days ago

I want to be fucked like this so bad it hurts Reply Report

yrdaddy -1 points142 days ago

i would fuck you so proper then throat fuck you Reply Report

Yeezy +12 points526 days ago

Rape isn't cool Reply Report

Naaame -11 points347 days ago

It depends on the circumstances. In this case, the girl deserved it. All girls deserve to be raped at least once. Reply Report

Alyshadd231 -6 points347 days ago

I agree, there should be like sex farms or something! Reply Report

kayroyalxo +9 points1109 days ago

damn I wish this would happen to me Reply Report

Anonymous +8 points694 days ago

Who ever thinks this is right, then you'll are heartless imagine if this was your mother or one of your close family wonder this world is screwed up because of sick people like you'll I hope that you'll burn in hell l. Reply Report
i understand

i understand +31 points650 days ago

I dont think real rape is right. real rape is horrible, and awfual. but as a woman i love the fantasy, and i would like to do this will a partner, who i lvoe and trust. its more about control. although i do not condone actual rape, that is awfual, and nothing like that should ever happen Reply Report

horny48 +7 points1122 days ago

She was cute and great titties I would fuck her. Reply Report

KillYoSelfYouSickCunts +7 points335 days ago

Everyone listen
Reply Report

frankw265 +6 points1160 days ago

Pixelation! Rubbish. Reply Report

Animefreak   0 points64 days ago

Aparentally you aren't familliar with japan porn, they're almost all blurred out Reply Report

gabiltroy +6 points912 days ago

This is sooo sweet! Especially throwing her off the buss naked that is hot! Reply Report

Fucktes +5 points1141 days ago

Oh teak I cumming so hard right now
Reply Report
This Just In

This Just In +4 points959 days ago

This is staged to fuck.. Ps why would people want to be raped. Oh dear. Reply Report
Loreen B

Loreen B +4 points954 days ago

Wtf is this real? Reply Report

10385940 +8 points304 days ago

Rarely any of this stuff is real, don't worry. People don't follow one girl with a camera then miraculously have everyone on the train molest her. Reply Report

qwertyuiop12343242 +4 points902 days ago

This is jusst sick... Reply Report
Sailor Barsoom

Sailor Barsoom +4 points203 days ago

The man and woman take her inside... and then they rape her again. And put her back outside with no clothes. Just as school lets out, so that all her classmates see her naked with cum dripping from every hole. Reply Report

Dextery +3 points623 days ago

Of course it's staged/fake, there are no real rape/abuse/incest on this site, lots of shit eaters but nothing like real life anything. Reply Report
rape rogue

rape rogue +3 points320 days ago

GG i like this one Reply Report

Anony +2 points174 days ago

Needs more struggling. Reply Report

sweetliltwat +1 points77 days ago

I wouldn't mind getting fucked like this. Guys you don't know. It's like a one-night stand, with no need for benefits afterwards. I'd even struggle to make the role-play better. Bring it on guys! The more dicks the better. Reply Report

theguywhodoesnotwannagotojapan +1 points1150 days ago

This is why i don't wanna go to japan. Reply Report

FB   0 points1160 days ago

squirting!!! Reply Report

wazza   0 points311 days ago

fake assed bullshit, staged Reply Report

qhqhq   0 points216 days ago

If anybody wants me to fuck their brains out, I'm more than happy to. >;) Reply Report
Yes Please!!

Yes Please!! -1 points107 days ago

I need this to happen to me so bad aaa <3 if you want my adress ask me ill gladly give u Reply Report

Maps   0 points239 days ago

Non-Member Reply Report

LrdCream   0 points166 days ago

Japanese tits are awesome Reply Report

crossbob   0 points103 days ago

You have to love the Japanese. lovely fuck that bitch and fuck her good. Reply Report

Catchamouse   0 points27 days ago

Lovely Reply Report

Zhhjajzbsi   0 points21 days ago

Oh Reply Report
Big tits

Big tits -1 points92 days ago

Do this to me. Reply Report

HorneyGirl -1 points261 days ago

I want something like this to happen to me Reply Report

Putrid -1 points1136 days ago

Fuck, I'd love to see it happen to my wife!!!

Pity the girl is kinda half-willing, though.
Reply Report
sexy girl

sexy girl -1 points1160 days ago

omg!!!! Reply Report

tIna1622 -1 points1051 days ago

Omg I feel so sorry for her :-o Reply Report
rock hard 9 inch

rock hard 9 inch -1 points644 days ago

I would take my turn on her ass and mouth Reply Report
fuck me daddy

fuck me daddy -1 points108 days ago

She enjoyed that. I could tell. I'd like for that to happen to me Reply Report

Chantelle02 -2 points573 days ago

I need to be raped like tjis over and over again Reply Report
Fuck this

Fuck this -2 points176 days ago

This shit makes me sick Reply Report

Bolita   0 points16 days ago

Your cock stinks Reply Report

gabiltroy -3 points912 days ago

Only one thing would have the vid any better. The guys should have taken turns giving her a real good spanking for being raped before they threw her off the bus. Too bad that girl had a sweater to give her, would have been better if she had to spend some time being humiliated in public naked. Reply Report

dhdhx -3 points578 days ago

ascjcj Reply Report

Shah_Zaman. -3 points161 days ago

Raping shouldn't be wildly and hurting. Make freinds with the girl and let her have safe raping. Reply Report

Yess -3 points107 days ago

mmmm yeah this is how a real girl should be treated. We should just be fuck toys for the boys. I want to be raped like this so bad. Reply Report

jerusalen555 -4 points970 days ago

perdonarme pero no entiendo esta ""salvajada"" Reply Report

lasalle -4 points324 days ago

Every girl deserves this at least once. Reply Report

Xxxlonleygirlxxx -4 points404 days ago

Would love for people to do this to me ;) Reply Report

Pyrocynical -5 points513 days ago

My Name is Tony Bamanabony Reply Report
y'all need Jesus

y'all need Jesus -5 points1021 days ago

Damn! You fucked up in the head if you get off to this! Rape is a CRIME!! Reply Report
slutty sarah

slutty sarah +1 points1011 days ago

that's just because people deny what they want luckily I realised. I think women should be able to vote and be equal and everything we deserve that but also we need our pussies to be owned like this and we like it. Look at this girl , not even fighting back. She knows she needs to be owned Reply Report

Alpharius +2 points532 days ago

Except that "slutty sarah" is obviously a man, so, you know, take that with a grain of salt. Reply Report

Fff -5 points1160 days ago

Won't even play Reply Report
rody van achteren

rody van achteren -5 points954 days ago

hot Reply Report

Angel -5 points694 days ago

Every girl needs to be raped and punished like this. This was beautiful! Reply Report

NonoyA +8 points665 days ago

You sick, ugly fuck. Reply Report

Anonymous +7 points694 days ago

Yes I agree just imagine your mother being rapped while men abuse her
And expose her to the world
Reply Report
The 12 incher

The 12 incher -5 points422 days ago

Not bad use this vid a lot Reply Report

coca -7 points1130 days ago

you are disgusting when you enjoy this Reply Report
love rapevideos

love rapevideos +2 points376 days ago

i love to be raped and taken avantegend of Reply Report

Whatever -7 points969 days ago

This crap was so staged! Made for at home masturbation and other s other sick fantasy's! Reply Report

sw27420 -8 points1160 days ago

its not rape if u cum Reply Report
Apple Pie

Apple Pie +15 points1053 days ago

It most certainly is! Rape is rape, honey. Reply Report

UNKNOWN -10 points757 days ago

why they throw her out I would take her home with me then I would rape her in the ass very very hard drink milk from her tits lick her asshole extend that asshole ALOT Reply Report

UNKNOWN -20 points757 days ago

then I would force her to give me a blowjob while I piss in her mouth then I would let her shit on me and let her rape me and do anything to me and we keep taking turns I rape her she rapes me I WOULD FUCK HER SO HARD WITH MY 12 INCH COCK there needs to be more videos like this Reply Report

wazza +11 points311 days ago

dont lie, its a three inch cock, and you need viagra to get it up, and when you piss in her, i hope you like the taste of vomit, hmn, sexy, lol! Reply Report