Rape On CCTV

Shocking rape attack caught on surveillance camera.

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AUSSIE PROUD... +155 points1435 days ago

Fuckin low life .... NEVER Force ya self on a woman .....loser !! Reply Report
baby killer

baby killer -17 points932 days ago

rape and beat a woman to death... exciting. Reply Report

Yoshimitsu +36 points1413 days ago

Then why are you watching it? Better yet, why did you look it up? Reply Report

anon +38 points1323 days ago

Was hoping something bad would happen to him. Fantasy is one thing but real rape is fucked up Reply Report
A nanny mouse

A nanny mouse +1 points39 days ago

@anon she got fucked up Reply Report

yourfriend +26 points1434 days ago

Ahh ... young love! Reply Report

daddysworthlesswhore +23 points1419 days ago

Rape is bad...so why can't u stop wishing that was me while I play with my dripping wet pussy Reply Report

curvy_slut +4 points230 days ago

@daddysworthlesswhore same here...my pussy throbs and gets soo wet thinking about rape
Reply Report
Wet kitty

Wet kitty   0 points168 days ago

@curvy_slut mine too!! Reply Report

blue_blah +21 points1433 days ago

where's the rest of it Reply Report
Wet kitty

Wet kitty +1 points168 days ago

@blue_blah wanna see the rest too! Reply Report

WomenNothingButSluts +14 points600 days ago

I would've done the same, women need to know their place. Women were made to be cumdumps, nothing more! Reply Report

Ori +4 points331 days ago

Do it to me Reply Report

bif25 +3 points451 days ago

I wish it was me. I deserve it. Reply Report

esrthndtryhrtdygh +13 points1435 days ago

I like turtles Reply Report
Turtle lover

Turtle lover +8 points1435 days ago

Me too, we should marry.
Reply Report

Ipfreely +2 points1434 days ago

I got turtle head poping out Reply Report

Ki +12 points1435 days ago

Kill him Reply Report

WTF +11 points1206 days ago

My question is WHY THE FUCK did that car that drove by do nothing?!? it was like only 20 feet away from them! What the fuck?!? Reply Report
Dick Hurts

Dick Hurts +8 points208 days ago

All woman fantasize about being raped. We just give them what they want. Reply Report

whoremasterbastard +6 points1117 days ago

Hope he gave her a nice deep creampie Reply Report

Kimmo +1 points271 days ago

@whoremasterbastard yeah she should taste that cock long time after fucked Reply Report

Ashley69 +3 points902 days ago

id rather him pull out, force his hard cock into my mouth an blow a big load in my mouth. then i can taste him, b4 swallowing it Reply Report

cunt +5 points1435 days ago

what a surprise, fucking nigger. Reply Report
You are a cunt CUNT

You are a cunt CUNT -3 points377 days ago

Why would you say that shit out of your fucking mouth you racist ducking pig, white men are known for raping millions of black women and girls, they even raped there animals bitch. Do your fucking research you bigot whore. Reply Report
Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane -1 points480 days ago

Are you black cause if not then you best watch yo fuckin mouth or Big Daddy Kane gonna do somein bout it Reply Report

dumbass   0 points401 days ago

fuck off you stupid ape Reply Report
Typical black person

Typical black person +4 points660 days ago

Well that was sterotypical. Reply Report
Deez Nutz

Deez Nutz +8 points901 days ago

fucking piece of shit cracker Reply Report

bitch -4 points1387 days ago

get raped Reply Report
Ken Boon

Ken Boon -7 points1413 days ago

True dat Reply Report

Eddy +4 points1435 days ago

I see nothing. Reply Report

Dave +4 points1292 days ago

His sick desperate ass will be in Penitentiary being raped & eating bologna & smelling shit & ass for 30 years soon. p.s No membership here. Take off real rate assholes! Reply Report

N1ggrKillr +3 points490 days ago

Jiggaboo jiggaboo Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +2 points1399 days ago

I wonder if she had a hairy cunt or bald mound? Reply Report

gdonstriker +2 points1279 days ago

fucking prick he should get mashed up for true Reply Report
Robot slav

Robot slav +2 points266 days ago

a nigger , who'd of guessed . Reply Report

raaaae +1 points105 days ago

lol that bitch didnt even try to defend herself, she liked it Reply Report
Deez Nutz

Deez Nutz   0 points901 days ago

fucking cracker Reply Report
His little slut

His little slut   0 points836 days ago

I wish that couldve been me lucky girl Reply Report
absolutely disgusting

absolutely disgusting   0 points720 days ago

what is this shit and why is it on a porn site? hopefully somebody can identify this clown Reply Report

ravisher   0 points111 days ago

They're both drunk. It's a match Reply Report

Holloe   0 points114 days ago

I was raped in an office building parking lot and what sucked was the fuck was good but the bastard still stabbed me in the head Reply Report

Gjbcbn   0 points391 days ago

ok Reply Report

Shelly   0 points181 days ago

Omg i wish someone would throw me down and rape me. Reply Report

HornyLittleTeen   0 points68 days ago

Omg this shit gets me so horny~ Reply Report

womanbeater   0 points35 days ago

fuck these women lol. that's what they deserve Reply Report

sdsdf   0 points8 days ago

Free pussy ripe for the picking.

Reply Report

fgh7   0 points2 days ago

This wasn't a rape. A drunk couple too blitzed to get home much less know what they were doing. Reply Report

bored -1 points1402 days ago

Why does the 'security cam' shake and change position? Oh, cause it's fake. Reply Report

Zenit_boy +7 points1342 days ago

If you looked closer you'd notice it's a mobile phone recording of a security camera monitor. Hence the shitty quality, odd crop ratio and camera shake. Not fake.... this is the real deal :/ Reply Report

KillBill -1 points943 days ago

White people rape more that blacks. White men rape babies and animals as well gross Reply Report

billkilled -9 points764 days ago

Yeah no , in america the only interracial rapes reported are blacks raping whites. Reply Report

TrueShit -3 points584 days ago

Actually white men raped black girls during slavery, making them become pregnant. So thats a fucking lie...blacks were scared to touch a white woman of fear of being killed. All the shit murders and rapes were placed on a black man that was actually committed by a white man. White men are cowards and will always be. Reply Report
niggers are animals

niggers are animals   0 points427 days ago

statistically black on white rape is WAAAAY higher than white on black ,doesnt matter wah happened 150 years ago, slavery ended a centruy and a half ago stop pretending to be a vitcim you faggot Reply Report

jdqwls -1 points812 days ago

i cant imagine either one is enjoying it. Reply Report

CETNIk -1 points662 days ago

wtf very sad but in open space a car driving by wtf poor woman too bad someone did not pass by and shoot this faggot
Reply Report

Ori -1 points331 days ago

Omg yesss. Reply Report

jamesrper -1 points254 days ago

love it Reply Report

234ddd -1 points233 days ago

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wasd234   0 points109 days ago

@234ddd Can you get caught going on that website? Reply Report
master and punisher

master and punisher -2 points1435 days ago

she deserved it dirty slut Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member -2 points398 days ago

Nigger should die
Reply Report
Submit to dominant males

Submit to dominant males -2 points725 days ago

Hell yeah! hope he cut loose, tore up that pussy and dropped the biggest load of his life up in her. Hopefully knocked her up, after all the best thing she could hope for is that the father of her baby would be a dominant male. Reply Report

AUSSIE RETARDS -3 points1189 days ago

Rock on bro rape that biatch. Aussiee prides a feminist in country with highest demestic violence ever there.. hope he shaves for anal. Reply Report

gOOD -6 points1394 days ago

Of course it was a nigger. Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you +2 points1319 days ago

Get raped, birdshit Reply Report
horny male virgin

horny male virgin -6 points1251 days ago

guys I love rape had raped my sister ans cum in her Reply Report
feminist fantasy

feminist fantasy -8 points1425 days ago

a true HERO !!
Reply Report

YT -8 points1333 days ago

Word on the street is bitch had it comin' Reply Report

me -9 points1425 days ago

Make that whore take that nigger dick wish my wife would get done that way Reply Report

samantha17 -10 points543 days ago

Fucking negro monkeys must be killed lol black lives never matter lol, this is why thease nigga gorillas must be shot and killed in public lol Reply Report