Sex Slave Farm

Female sex slaves in Japan kept as farm animals.

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Investor +56 points1190 days ago

How much to run and maintain a farm like this!?
Could I get a girl purebred
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jgirl   0 points58 days ago

Hi, are you interested? I'm wondering if I could help Reply Report

canibeyourslave +2 points640 days ago

You can have me for free Reply Report

Einstein +25 points1189 days ago

I don't get it why isn't the world like this? We are stronger then woman, we should treat them all like this! Reply Report
Really Nigga

Really Nigga -2 points690 days ago

Are you serious??? Reply Report

xanthsex +7 points291 days ago

Fuck yes. All women are slaves to the strongest gender. All need to submit to their overlords. Reply Report

MasochisticKitten +4 points169 days ago

Im female an I agree. Id do this for a man. Reply Report

guy +7 points1190 days ago

ya peta will be calling ha ha ha ha Reply Report

FB +6 points1191 days ago

I want to have sex with This cute animal. Reply Report

passy9190 +4 points672 days ago

The title of it is SDMT-339. It is awesome. Reply Report

Kunal879 +4 points353 days ago

This farm is freaking great! I love these slaves. We should breed more hot female scat slaves like these. Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 +3 points1190 days ago

wow great anybody else downloading this vid besides me.. Reply Report
xxRapeDoll - Kik Name

xxRapeDoll - Kik Name +3 points221 days ago

As a female, I love the idea of this. It is our duty to serve men and this is a very good way to do it. I know I would want a milking section Reply Report

BJ +1 points1189 days ago

Damn pixels, must be used to hide the size of their dicks Reply Report

adinel +1 points755 days ago

god live rich and perverted the Chinese and their sadistic games put me very hard. Reply Report

modest +1 points129 days ago

where is the original site of this video? I want the hd version. Reply Report

lucyna   0 points459 days ago

suka lucyna Reply Report

Um...   0 points1189 days ago

What were they eating? Shit? Reply Report
cock bot

cock bot -1 points718 days ago

i think so Reply Report

jgirlie   0 points58 days ago

i would willingly submit to this ;) anyone interested should get at me Reply Report
Jerk Off

Jerk Off -1 points549 days ago

Haha. They all are wearing makeup this is all a set. Reply Report

BcD -3 points1189 days ago

What a sexual innovation,but how does the girl get the orgasm with all this ignominy unless the girl herself is pervert and sadist. Reply Report

drake644 -5 points996 days ago

Pasta or paycheck...hmm Reply Report