Forced To Drink Piss

Black chick is forced to suck his cock and drink his piss on a public toilet.

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Some Decency Pls

Some Decency Pls +19 points1388 days ago

Getting a blowjob with socks on? That's just tacky! Reply Report

Bd4uall +4 points535 days ago

Watching TV on the sofa with my girl - her daughter on the other sofa across from us, my girl fell asleep & I slipped my cock out & rubbed it at her daughter! She just smiled & watched! I whispered open your legs & she did! I stuck my tongue out at her! Lil bitch liked it! I for her mom up & put her in the room in bed. Came back & told her daughter to let me suck her cunt!! Felt her up & sucked her cunt & fucked her there on the sofa!! Reply Report

bastard +3 points1159 days ago

great any woman should get that treatment - he could have slapped and ounched her face Reply Report

Perv +3 points1102 days ago

The things you do for crack. No, seriously. Pretty hot vid though. But, he should've have pissed down her throat when he was balls deep. Reply Report

Noise +2 points1104 days ago

That's some noisy ass fan! Reply Report

alphabeather +2 points764 days ago

Very good. She took that cock well and swallowed his piss. Reply Report

lilygirl   0 points1324 days ago

well she isnt in a public toilet but her hands are tied so it worked.... Reply Report

...?   0 points593 days ago

She's so perfect, wish I could marry a girl like that.
Reply Report

Marishafuckoff   0 points798 days ago

Mother fucking badker Reply Report

WTFMOFO   0 points102 days ago

Sick Reply Report

WTFMOFO   0 points102 days ago

And white folks are critized all the time, by others, for their sick behaviour. Nobody else, is any better. Reply Report

Hiker -1 points450 days ago

Let him die.. Let this guy no more exist.. who ever u r .. there is no need of u in this world . I feel sorry to watch this Reply Report

liyu635 -1 points1365 days ago

Oh No! Reply Report
He needs a slap

He needs a slap -1 points1251 days ago

I'd piss all over him see how he likes it Reply Report
no one

no one -1 points546 days ago

Actually that nigger needs his ass beat.. And I'm just the one do it and then force his black ass to drink my piss
Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 -3 points1389 days ago

i want her to poop in my mouth yummy.. Reply Report

mmmmm -3 points1390 days ago

Good but a few things done wrong if u have a nigger bitch slave slap her EVERY time her lips leave that cock teach that whore to keep it deep if she touches it with her hands or pulls away make her regret it fuckin slap the shit out of that nigger its good if she's afraid it'll keep her a good nigger whore who does what masta says Reply Report

manatee -4 points1391 days ago

she is addicted to deep throat/great Reply Report

blogplaton3001 -6 points1392 days ago

elle aime la bite, as we say in France .. Reply Report

frankw265 -10 points1390 days ago

Pissing with a full hard on, not gonna happen! Weak. Reply Report
This guy's an idiot

This guy's an idiot   0 points1388 days ago

So you can ejaculate but you can't piss? Yeah that makes sense.... That make a whole load of sense.... Reply Report

Nigger -3 points1388 days ago

His fucking retarded everything in his world his weak? Got to be a German Reply Report

Nigger -19 points1390 days ago

Niger guys is good at "'thiefing/getting shot like nigger"" while ""nigger girls is good at doing deepthroat without pretty much problems"" Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +3 points1087 days ago

Oh and fucking your Cracker mother. How do you think you was born? Reply Report

worng -1 points1350 days ago

Really Bitch!!!!??? Reply Report

Niggers -23 points1390 days ago

everyone who puted minus on my comment is NIGGER LOL Reply Report
The Hater Crusher

The Hater Crusher -2 points1346 days ago

So was your mother. Reply Report

kkk -2 points1388 days ago

Your just dumb thats why? Like Frank Reply Report