Guy is tied, stripped and humiliated in public and in front

young man was tied to a post and stripped in front of everyone, including girls. Certainly was the most embarrassing experience of his life

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Tron +12 points972 days ago

It is interesting that on one hand, women are so defensive when it comes to their bodies and they continue to expand the definition of rape and sexual assault, and then on the other hand laugh when men are sexually assaulted and are raped. (Yes, having a bottle shoved up your ass against your will is Rape). Reply Report
Fun Lover

Fun Lover -1 points848 days ago

You can't help what makes you laugh though. And actually it's assault by penetration. Reply Report
Tony Ray

Tony Ray   0 points29 days ago

@Fun Lover its true if i see a girl get grabbed on the pussy ass or boob i laugh, it is even more hilarious when her friends tie her up naked in public and rub her clit and smack her vagina while pretending to shove bottles up her bumhole.
guys that spent too much time around other males are the ones always doing borderline gay shit for some reason.
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alexadd +8 points901 days ago

Are the girls who later joined in trying to tie his hands tighter, or trying to untie him? Can't tell Reply Report
A Joke Is A Joke

A Joke Is A Joke +7 points840 days ago

A joke is a joke but this went too far. Shoving that bottle in him is rape. And these people are supposed to be his friends? The very people who are supposed to care about him decided to sexually abuse him? I'm sure they weren't his friends after this. Reply Report

Aristotle +6 points601 days ago

It is interesting that when a woman does not consent to this it is called Sexual Assault. When a man does not consent to this it is called comedy. I want them to do this to one of the women that is with them. Let's see what happens Reply Report
Jack Res

Jack Res +4 points194 days ago

Loving all these phony pious palms together comments. If you're so Godly goody what are you doing on Heavy-R, phony? It IS fun to tie someone up when he's too drunk to resist, laughing it off, then add zip ties or cuffs so he literally can't get free, THEN call the girls upstairs with their phones and webcam to the party TV cutting off his clothes and having the girls giggling while they jam things into his butt. It's hilarious. Here its done outside instead if the frat house so that's even better, topped off by him seeing now 4 years later that his little swatted and jerked off penis, testicles, face and girl-bottled red spanked bare butt full naked whining protesting self has been viewed by hundreds if thousands and more so downloaded too, here at Heavy-R and at the original site. I'd want to take this with his own phone and send it to his fellow students or coworkers, church, and make handfuls of SD micro copies, add his name, address and phone number and sprinkle them randomly around town and on bar counters, and at news stations saying (Name) is MISSING! Last seen at frat sex party. Please watch and help us find him!" The media would play his naked humiliating crying butt poker body over and over with his name, with somber Help Us Find This Man faces, knowing 98% of viewers are tisk-risking while laughing their asses off at his debased humiliation, fingering themselves and masturbating to his exposed cries, calling their friends to watch the news, especially if they know him. That next day at school or work, walking into the room seeing everyone looking him up and down, unable to stop themselves from looking at his penis, him knowing everyone knows and saw the whole thing, ideally having still prints stacked in the open on his desk and shared around, being there to watch him crawl head down and red face humiliated back to work or class would be exquisite. I'd have an empty coke bottle and a jar of vaseline and put it on his desk when he sat down and loudly tell him Hey (Jason, here's your butt toy and vaselne!). What a hoot. This video will still keep me masturbating ten years from now. Wish I'd been there. I totally love those laughing cute rape-his-butt-for-the-camera girls. Reply Report

jaba   0 points81 days ago

@Jack Res Oh hell yes!!! Reply Report

Jcr   0 points127 days ago

@Jack Res YES! And poster size still images of his dick, sac, taint, and close that you can see the hairs and wrinkles and put them up everywhere. Reply Report

Sudden   0 points188 days ago

@Jack Res Absolutely right. I especially loved the girl joining in by putting a jug in front of his cock to help the men forcibly masturbate him. Reply Report

USA +2 points1444 days ago

British assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Serio +1 points327 days ago

Nice bubblebutt on the naked guy Reply Report

DOM +1 points1445 days ago

Gay Britans! Reply Report

LOLhahaha +1 points446 days ago

LOL this is hilarious Reply Report
Fun Loving Guy

Fun Loving Guy +1 points848 days ago

LOL that was sick but hilarious Reply Report
Male person of species

Male person of species +1 points597 days ago

LOL it's hilarious when it happens to guys though. It's abusive when it happens to girls and women. Reply Report
Feminists are the new Nazis

Feminists are the new Nazis +1 points456 days ago

LOL it's hilarious when it happens to girls though. It's abusive when it happens to boy and men. Reply Report
Normal guy

Normal guy +1 points468 days ago

What a horrible thing to say. They're not "faggots", they just played a hilarious prank on him on his birthday. He must feel so violated and be traumatised for life LOL Reply Report

MadHatter +1 points242 days ago

This is sick. It’s not even a fucking comedy, it’s simply a sick form of humiliation that our current social society thrives off. Furthermore, this shows that men are equally as vulnerable as women when it comes to rape, but then when they are raped, it’s turned into a joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if that bloke had killed himself now. Sick cunts. Reply Report

lolll   0 points199 days ago

well most women who are raped are half alive when its over, even if its mild abuse. this boy was laughing after he got publicly humiliated. he did not suffer. this is pathetic, at most he probably deserved it and if it were me id have made him suffer a real rape. Reply Report

Sudden -1 points188 days ago

@lolll that would have been hilarious. Giving him a good poking lol! Reply Report

Jcr   0 points127 days ago

LMAO...whole world has seen this dude's flopping dick and nutsac being slapped and exposed. Wonder if anyone has sent this video to his schoolmates, coworkers, neighbors,...humiliation forever.
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senior   0 points122 days ago

@Jcr LOL and don't forget the rape with a bottle and the girl who helped one of the guys to forcibly masturbate him lol Reply Report
Just Think

Just Think   0 points69 days ago

I hope the guy ended up getting his revenge, wouldn't mind seeing a group like that on hooks and dismembered. The only retaliation for that humiliation is death. Reply Report
It was a Joke

It was a Joke -1 points848 days ago

That's perverted but so funny - even the girls thought so! The laughter on the girl to the left's face when the guy was about to be forcibly masturbated was great, haha Reply Report

wtfustupid +1 points116 days ago

@It was a Joke So if the girls thought it was funny it means everything is all right? You are fucking stupid. Reply Report

cunt -4 points1445 days ago

I was hoping to prove you wrong sir and say " there not British ther Australia" but sadly no they are British and that doess appear sumwhat bent what were those girls doing to his arse for about 5 min?? Reply Report
Fun Lover

Fun Lover +5 points848 days ago

The girls were trying to untie his hands Reply Report

clausality -12 points565 days ago

Your think it's so funny?? Fucking friends, idiot friends,stupid friends,faggots friends,and ,bitch friends,and i hope your all die Reply Report