Orgasm Turns Girl Into Instant Retard

She was absolutely fuck material right up until her orgasm. Her facial expressions and noises were the ultimate boner killer though.

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lol +91 points1489 days ago

i laughed sooo hard Reply Report

wtf +24 points1488 days ago

who ever wrote the title is obviously butthurt he can't get laid , also women in general when they do orgasm if they do orgasm , they have uncontrollable spasms and head twerks , nothing unusual here just butthurt syndrome Reply Report
What the fuck

What the fuck -1 points1478 days ago

Are you retarded? Reply Report

Chico -4 points1486 days ago

U mad bro ? Reply Report

Haha +10 points1489 days ago

She looks like she has a very bad sneeze Reply Report
I would

I would +9 points1488 days ago

I would fuck the shit out of her, if just rubbing her clit did this just imagine what a good fucking would do to her. Reply Report
Well then...

Well then... +8 points1487 days ago

Well I'm glad she enjoyed herself but that was the weirdest orgasm noise ever! Reply Report

pigfucker +8 points1486 days ago

there is still not much i wont jerk off to on the internet this isnt one of them .

need to tie her down and use a machine on that clit and see her boogie
Reply Report

Retardo +1 points1478 days ago would you or would you not masturbate to that? Reply Report

bobmarkey   0 points784 days ago

I am doing. Reply Report

hams +6 points1487 days ago

All natural reaction to rubbing clitorous
Reply Report

Whoa +6 points1487 days ago

I can't help but wonder what she looks like when she takes a shit!! Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +2 points1486 days ago

In a horny way or disgusting way? :) Reply Report

jami63 +6 points1485 days ago

I don't understand the title and some of the comments.
For me she looks hot and very excited
her o face is just because she had an intense orgasm maybe watching her bf cuming on the cam
Reply Report

Sadivicious6 +6 points1485 days ago

you fuckin assholes....i have seen a ot of igrls during orgasm making these faces and they not be retards...retards are guys who never seen girls having orgams and guys that doing these epic fucking comentaries...each day i laugh more with the american "superminds" ahahah Reply Report

Trollface   0 points1478 days ago

U mad, bro? Reply Report

jake +5 points1487 days ago

I would fuck her pussy Reply Report
nice orgasm

nice orgasm +5 points1489 days ago

at the end so horny i wish i give her my dick Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +4 points1487 days ago

Guys.....just focus on the pussy & your erection will return! Mine sure as hell did. :) Reply Report

mike +4 points1488 days ago

You see how swelled up her pussy was....fuckin hot !! Reply Report

Unfappable +4 points1487 days ago

She looked retarded from the begining, also manface Reply Report

Flagnard +3 points1489 days ago

I'd still do her... Reply Report
goofy goofer

goofy goofer +3 points1488 days ago

poor girl just cant stopping rubbing that sensitive clit... shes cute.. but she'd end up in full seizure with a dick stretching her out Reply Report

Ooo +3 points1488 days ago

I would still fuck her Reply Report

jannybh +3 points1487 days ago

She should do it in front of a class of blcks Reply Report

Johnny +1 points1478 days ago

What are blcks? Reply Report

JackAssin +3 points1486 days ago

Only real women will let it rip like that with a guy Reply Report

haha +3 points1489 days ago

like Smeagol Reply Report

Ulf +3 points1488 days ago

She certainly enjoyed her long finger though... Reply Report

Bobsaggit +2 points1486 days ago

I couldn't get a boner from that even if I tried Reply Report

justjack +2 points1486 days ago

Andd that's how jesus was born. Reply Report

HoHooo   0 points762 days ago

Reply Report

WTF +2 points1486 days ago


WOOF MEANS YES +2 points1486 days ago

Still sounds better than Justin Bieber
Looks better too
Reply Report

Wut +1 points1487 days ago

She sounds like an old man having an asthma attack... Reply Report

Umeaboy +1 points1487 days ago

The funny thing is that we all sound different when we have an orgasm so this is uncalled for. Reply Report
cumming all over the place

cumming all over the place +1 points1482 days ago

Holy crap!!! I came all the place watching thsi babe get off. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points1474 days ago

Are you male or female? Just curious. Reply Report

Biggogsie +1 points1487 days ago

What she doing should have had something to stop her from slipping of the seat like a wall or something nice multiple orgasms and shaved fanny
Ye i laughed a watching her face get all twisted up as she orgasmed like shes never had them before
Reply Report

Jkwik +1 points1489 days ago

That's one ugly bitch!! But she still gave me a boner!!!
Reply Report

freakydeak510 +1 points1489 days ago

Is she tickling herself and trying not to laugh? Reply Report

yayay +1 points267 days ago

she is not ugly Reply Report

Cider   0 points1486 days ago

What are URLs ? Reply Report

lankan   0 points1486 days ago

Ilove you puss Reply Report

Gross   0 points1487 days ago

Her vagina looks disgustingly work out lol Reply Report

pornaddictguy420   0 points1487 days ago

lol i would poop in her mouth :) Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points1486 days ago

Me too! I would gladly swallow her poo as well. :) Reply Report

freakydeak510   0 points1489 days ago

She looked like she was watching herself have a heart attack and couldn't believe it.
Reply Report

Bobfucker   0 points1291 days ago

I love this girl...would love to know what turned her on so good...and then provide it to her. Anybody knows her details hook me up Reply Report

beedee241   0 points1283 days ago

She just needs a cum puking cock pounding away at her pussy...nice "O"! Reply Report
Asshole kicker

Asshole kicker   0 points1239 days ago

The asshole that described this video is a weak, out of touch piece of shit loser! Reply Report

BobMarkey   0 points1060 days ago

Exactly. I love a girl who can't control how she reacts to pleasure - that raw, unbridled quality that makes it REAL Reply Report
Hard cock

Hard cock   0 points707 days ago

I'd fuck the shit out of her Reply Report

YEP!   0 points1129 days ago

Yeah once she started making the faces and the noises I couldn't stop laughing I'm in tears now LMFAO!

But she ain't bad looking poster is a complete fucking tard for adding ugly, ugly girl, and henious in the tags
Reply Report

ingomat   0 points940 days ago

Hurry, give her a knocking boner - she;s so ready. Very good clip Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points449 days ago

She make me cum Reply Report

Obigtime   0 points130 days ago

All right, so she's not the most facially attractive woman around, but she has a decent set of legs and a darn nice pussy. I think she would be very appreciative to get laid and would probably enjoy the heck out of it. She's okay in my book. If I knew who she was and where she lives I'd be fucking her in all three holes. Reply Report

contempted -1 points1487 days ago

I enjoyed that whore! Reply Report

OOOOOOOOO -1 points1486 days ago

It wasn't that bad tho Reply Report

alexandria76 -2 points1486 days ago

I wanna cut her zits off with a serrated knife Reply Report
No Retard

No Retard -3 points1478 days ago

I guess she simply is retarded. Reply Report

when -4 points1488 days ago

Its hardcore its hardcore lol Reply Report
JewsUS Creeps

JewsUS Creeps -5 points1488 days ago

She would be stoned to death in Sandy Arapeia Reply Report
Fuck you JewsUS Creeps!

Fuck you JewsUS Creeps!   0 points1129 days ago

And you should be tied to a tree and beaten to death with wiffle ball bats! You dirty fuck tard! Reply Report

margotf -6 points1488 days ago

what an ugly O face. Reply Report

lolol -11 points1487 days ago

Am I the only one who noticed the person sitting behind her?? lol Reply Report

dude +3 points1487 days ago

That's a mirror Reply Report

Jack +12 points1487 days ago

It's a mirror you fuck head
Reply Report