Rape Of Passed Out Girl

Finally he got to fuck the girl of his dreams. Hopefully those few minutes of joy were worth it, his ass is probably still in jail now.

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lol +25 points1511 days ago

niice russians Reply Report

Ulf +8 points1511 days ago

that was the biggest douchebaggery i have ever witnessed in my life.. what an asshole.. Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender +8 points1485 days ago

I prefer to rape them while their awake so they remember it the rest of their cunt life Reply Report

ere +1 points125 days ago

@registered sex offender
You are pussy. Not man.
Reply Report
Kapitano Paydough

Kapitano Paydough +7 points1510 days ago

This is wrong for many reasons Reply Report

Creampie101 +7 points993 days ago

If I was the guy taping this I would have watched this dude fuck her and as soon as he was done I would set the camera on the table pointing at her and I would fuck her passed out sexy little body too and pumped a huge load of cum deep inside her pussy! Reply Report

kitten013   0 points953 days ago

You wouldn't want to go first? Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 +6 points1509 days ago

lol he couldn't get his dick hard but he still fucked her bravo dude :) Reply Report

henry +5 points1510 days ago

couldn't get it up Reply Report
Mr wrong

Mr wrong +5 points1510 days ago

It's rape because he had sex without her being able to say yes or no so for the people sayn it's not rape by law you have to consent to sexual relations and if you are to drunk or are to high and are not aware of what is happening to you or what is being done to you then by all means call the police and have him or her whoever the fuck the Pearson is locked up smh some ppl are just to stupid to ask questions and get it recorded before you rape the Pearson if your going to do it you ask them would they have sex with you yes will b the answer if they like you get them on flim sayn yes they would fuck you and then if they pass out fuck them and say I askd would y fuck me y said yes I never said you had to be awake for us to fuck Reply Report

-1 points917 days ago

So? It's hot, especially when they cum inside. Reply Report

flamingbozac +2 points1511 days ago

I don't know if I wish I could get hard for a dead body, or if I'm glad I can't get hard for a dead body.
Reply Report

mmmmm +2 points1510 days ago

Mmmm yea fuck that pussy little bitch doesn't even know so might as well stick your dick in it Reply Report
1 minute

1 minute +2 points1510 days ago

is that all what a let down Reply Report

suckit +2 points1510 days ago

Russian porn is so boring Reply Report

THE FUCK!!!!! +1 points1492 days ago

I AGREE WITH Mr wrong Reply Report
Mr Wrong

Mr Wrong -2 points1392 days ago

Exactly if she truly wanted you to fuck you can the ones who don't ask are the dumb ass once they get that pussy that makes your rape job sloppy and you get caught and raped your self you'll ask next time get her drunk af and waits until she.passes out Reply Report

dummyspissmeoff +1 points1510 days ago

You fucking idiots we live In an age of spell check... I think yall "pearsons" need to back to 2nd grade n learn how to spell like a normal PERSON Reply Report

Hm +1 points1510 days ago

Dumb, horny kid is all I'm gonna say. Reply Report

lol +1 points1510 days ago

Pearsons Reply Report

HipĆ³critas +1 points240 days ago

Its funny people debating what is rape or not. Like is just a definition on dictionary. The truth is people knows what is wrong. They just make excuses. This is rape because she didn't want it. Simple as that. If was sex people wouldn't even debate at all. Because everybody would see that was nothing wrong. If have debate about it, then its rape. Reply Report

mike   0 points1509 days ago

he couldn't fuck her with that little dick anyway..no damage done... Reply Report

Lol   0 points1508 days ago

REESE!! Reply Report

Lokkin4somethin   0 points294 days ago

Guys surounding my lifeless body, in deep sleep you force it in me opening my little cunt. Please!23yo norwegian girl Reply Report

AssLover -1 points1395 days ago

He had a cute ass Reply Report

frankw265 -1 points1509 days ago

Rubbish. Reply Report

Jake -2 points1510 days ago

He's cute, he could rape me anytime ! Reply Report
dick gozenya

dick gozenya -3 points1510 days ago

Monkeys. Reply Report

lasalle -4 points651 days ago

I wish this were longer. She deserved it for being passed out. I can't wait to watch my boyfriend do this to a whore. Reply Report

james -8 points1510 days ago

Oh she wanted it Reply Report

blubundbla -22 points1511 days ago

not rape... she didnt say no or otherwise made clear she didnt want it
sex is opt-out, not opt-in
Reply Report