Brutal anal rape of teen girl

Young hottie cries and begs with head shoved in toilet the guy assraping her decides to cum in her as instead of on her face. Watch the end she really breaks down and starts crying hard at the end. Comment if you want to see more

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LetMeBeYourCumSlut +17 points714 days ago

I've cum to this so many times and I'm a female. Reply Report

Lola22 +2 points191 days ago

@LetMeBeYourCumSlut Me too Reply Report

YesSir69 +1 points158 days ago

@Lola22 me too Reply Report

RedneckRapist +14 points874 days ago

That's what women are for. Use the slut. Reply Report

YesSir69   0 points158 days ago

@RedneckRapist Yes. Women and their holes are to be used as disposable garbage
Keep it up
Reply Report

Luvthis +13 points1690 days ago

Fking awesome it made me cum hard Reply Report

mmm +11 points1686 days ago

wow very good, i love her crying, more more videos, i want to see her ass and face Reply Report

machine +11 points1361 days ago

For a minute there I thought she might be laughing. Either way, kind of hot vid I have to say. Reply Report

Deepshikha +10 points1025 days ago

I love Reply Report

daddyd +7 points1663 days ago

nice Reply Report

lisasex +7 points1538 days ago

Whats her problem Reply Report

greatgirl +7 points1514 days ago

she needs it Reply Report

SickFuck +6 points1700 days ago

I would have smacked her around some.. MORE PLEASE! Reply Report

woodey10 +6 points763 days ago

nice scene - be even nicer is we saw the deed being done
Reply Report

Johnny +5 points1364 days ago

More please! Reply Report

jriebe1952 +5 points811 days ago

I love this one I love her crying and the fact that she is getting what she needs Reply Report

Lizzy45 +4 points316 days ago

Please more and longer love her crying it made me so wer someone come do this to me Reply Report

mandybby4you +3 points367 days ago

Omg i want that to be me i would of loved that alot Reply Report

Badguy +3 points1685 days ago

More vids like this, reminds me all the time i have done these to women ;)
Reply Report

maria94 +8 points1643 days ago

you must be raped in the ass by a huge black cock Reply Report

SamBeau +3 points1592 days ago

Like it man Reply Report
Elaine Bradley

Elaine Bradley +3 points1259 days ago

She is a sex slave and about 18 or 19 years old. Her current owner beats and rapes her anally two or three times each day. If she resists an anal rape in any way, she knows that her next beating will be more severe. For example, her owner might use a belt to whip her nude butt, giving her between 75 and 100 lashes in a span of about 5 minutes. Reply Report

ThatsNew +1 points796 days ago

So... We report the video for sex crimes and abuse? Gotcha. Reply Report
Fuck u

Fuck u -1 points1226 days ago

Sounds to me like she should leave his ass Reply Report

RedneckRapist +3 points928 days ago

Use her like a piece of meat. Reply Report

kilbud +3 points367 days ago

I love hearin fuckpigs crying. Reply Report

Dirk +2 points1693 days ago

He should of smacked her around a bit yeh...then also pissed on the dumb cunt's face would of even Interesting to see Reply Report

piotrmichailovitch +2 points782 days ago

Waouw Reply Report

imlovinit +2 points952 days ago

that was incredible, i wish we got to see you cum all over that whores face though, sad times but keep on raping bitches! and filming them for our pleasure Reply Report

jmaup +2 points684 days ago

More Reply Report

ocz +2 points645 days ago

more pls. but do film more than just her back. its dumb to look at. lets see the dick in the ass Reply Report

Rdomape +2 points385 days ago

Should've choked her out in end. Reply Report

Mandybby1 +2 points370 days ago

Omg i love this video wish it was me only i would want it harder then he did her god i wish that was me Reply Report

Traktorman +2 points363 days ago

So horny Reply Report

B_Bred +2 points328 days ago

Still my favorite video Reply Report

tightpinkpussy +2 points286 days ago

Please upload more!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Fuck yahhh

Fuck yahhh +2 points215 days ago

This is amazing I love seeing them cry Reply Report

YesSir69 +1 points158 days ago

This is very exciting.
I wish it were me in her place.
Being dominated by a man like that while he fucks my holes
Put more, please!!!
Reply Report

sickboy +1 points1704 days ago

More! More! Reply Report
Not me

Not me +1 points1452 days ago

rico Reply Report

piotrmichailovitch +1 points849 days ago

Nice Reply Report

bonobin +1 points859 days ago

I want to see more of her
Reply Report

Rapedgirl +1 points539 days ago

I love the man's voice and moaning, hummm so exciting... Reply Report

Mandy24 +1 points670 days ago

I wish this could happen to me I want to be raped in my ass so bad Reply Report

papi +1 points647 days ago

is there more of this video Reply Report
187 chokedathoe

187 chokedathoe +1 points479 days ago

Sexy bitch Reply Report
Korea university

Korea university +1 points409 days ago

Very good Reply Report

Cunti +1 points366 days ago

Amazing Reply Report

Yourworstnightmare0333 +1 points183 days ago

Im coming to kill you matt. Your days are at their end you little bitch im gonna anal rape you then put two in the back of your head. See you soon coward Reply Report
pound her ass

pound her ass +1 points191 days ago

Fuck yes!!! Take that dick, bitch! Reply Report

Heavy-duty +1 points157 days ago

I want to see more Reply Report

Dim +1 points96 days ago

Awesome Reply Report

gorefab   0 points1662 days ago

no toilet flushing? Reply Report

Manf   0 points893 days ago

Cry bitch, cry... Reply Report
Kik dizzydreamer120

Kik dizzydreamer120   0 points597 days ago

I wish I was a sex slave Reply Report

DARKKRONE   0 points904 days ago

NUL... Reply Report

Mrhangmann   0 points7 days ago

That was very sweet to watchOk Reply Report
Tin man

Tin man   0 points56 days ago

Love it Reply Report

R -1 points1696 days ago

X Reply Report

kraka -1 points1680 days ago

Wtf! Is this Andy Griffith porn? Fucking lame!!!!!

Reply Report

debufg -1 points1577 days ago

fuckyou Reply Report

mmmmm -1 points1593 days ago

Whats her name Reply Report

2100 -1 points1622 days ago

This is the type of stuff that crooked dick men like because they where not hugged enough as a child. Reply Report

dfs -1 points1704 days ago

:) Reply Report

Ehm -1 points216 days ago

Wtf Reply Report

wth -3 points820 days ago

i hope this is just role pay..... Reply Report

southside -4 points1695 days ago

I would of spit on bitch
Reply Report

dferg -4 points1704 days ago

eb Reply Report

urdum -4 points1282 days ago

Do women not have a "fight" or "flight" reaction? For real. They always just take it, like a bunch of weak pathetic dogs. God, maybe they deserve it for being too damned subservient. Pathetic. I hate weak women. Weak women deserve punishment. Reply Report

casadeotelo +5 points889 days ago

you sound like a raped woman with stockholm syndrome, I know it, my last victim had it and bring me a lot of "weak" women for me to "tough them up" like i did to her. Reply Report

maria94 -6 points1643 days ago

por girl how you can like and wank when a por girl is being raped??? Reply Report

hmm +9 points1338 days ago

why are you here watching the video then????????? Reply Report

badguy +22 points1615 days ago

Easily because poor girl is crying and raped, that's how Reply Report

r(e)aper +4 points1633 days ago

yes we can! Reply Report