Pool Ball Stuck In Anus

Blonde chick was trying to make a sexy video of her pooping out a ball from her ass - unfortunately though, the ball got stuck inside, and the closeup video shows how she pushes her hardest to get it out to no avail.

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mmmm +25 points1429 days ago

Its not stuck guys she's meaning to suck it in and out like that Reply Report

SoapyPepe   0 points909 days ago

Yeah you can tell shes doing it on purpose
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The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +3 points1428 days ago

I wonder if she has the same trouble when she needs to go for a big poo? :) Reply Report

hatchet +3 points1425 days ago

thats what i call balls deep! Reply Report

ConstipatedKrystal +3 points683 days ago

Hello, I was wondering if anybody would like to do a constipated 'role play' as such?

Eg. I write as a character who is having a lot of trouble with constipation and needs some serious help getting it out and you help me. (Or the other way around)

Xoxo -ConstipatedKrystal
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hotpoopgirl +2 points1042 days ago

Agreed.. I put all kinds of things in my ass and I am here to tell you she had full control.. Reply Report

Champ +1 points1386 days ago

Its the brown ball now Reply Report
Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon +1 points1428 days ago

Wow, that makes me wanna shoot a big load !!!! Reply Report

CaptainAnus +1 points1427 days ago

That's a very talented lady, she could have shit that out any time and ether it's a pool ball with turd on the end or it's a vegetable of some kind. Reply Report

555   0 points1427 days ago

squirt some oil in there and it'll pop right out. I'll shoot my cum inside to lube her up. Reply Report

Bsom   0 points265 days ago

Doing well Reply Report

Sperm -5 points1381 days ago

Stupid whore! Ha ha ha! Reply Report

stuck -8 points1428 days ago

Nope, it's stuck.
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