Cumming In My Sleeping Girl's Mouth

Teenage girl gets a load in her mouth after passing out from drinking too much at a party.

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fr +79 points1533 days ago

teen ?? she look old like queen elizabeth II Reply Report
Wise rapist

Wise rapist +12 points1530 days ago

When they pass out like that fuck them in the ass! Reply Report
non member

non member +8 points1533 days ago

Looks more like a drugged up skank to me lol Reply Report
missed opportunity

missed opportunity +2 points1533 days ago

Is there a video of her waking up? Reply Report
shit lover

shit lover   0 points1533 days ago

If only the was awake to taste that sweet cum taste Reply Report

Rickygg   0 points1242 days ago

Fucking amazing Reply Report

blurryface   0 points945 days ago

This is me. Oh my god I need to know where this is from I RECOGNIZE THE FUCKING FAT FINGERS AND COCK AND EVERYTHING Reply Report
Cum sleeper

Cum sleeper   0 points889 days ago

Nice cum shot Reply Report

Rickinator   0 points835 days ago

weird lookin dick, weird lookin chick Reply Report

jackass -1 points1533 days ago

ugley Reply Report

frankw265 -1 points1532 days ago

Rubbish. Reply Report

Leek +7 points1532 days ago

You are such a miserable w*nker! Reply Report

Reuploaded -2 points1533 days ago

Seen this twice before Reply Report

Lena11 -2 points1533 days ago

Who liked to see herthis really yg looking slt blck bred prgnant while she is passed out by abusing spirits? Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +4 points1532 days ago

I want to do that to you Lena Reply Report

Rickinator +1 points835 days ago

shut up and get your fucking dick out of my face Reply Report
The name

The name +1 points1532 days ago

Hold on guys I can decode retard I think it says young looking slut black bred yeah. Reply Report
@ retard

@ retard +1 points1533 days ago

Holy shit...can you even spell? Reply Report

its -1 points1532 days ago

not even the spelling, its just gibberish
Reply Report

stealthy -3 points1532 days ago

got to admire that guy! Reply Report
hot stealth

hot stealth -3 points1532 days ago

fuck ya man stealth this bitch and the world Reply Report

mmmmm -8 points1532 days ago

U know its good date rape when there nose is nice n red Reply Report

Podkabluchnik -8 points1532 days ago

A guy is always better than a girl, i so want to suk cock guyz gimme Reply Report

fuckwit -13 points1533 days ago

that's without consent you retard Reply Report
@ Fuckwit

@ Fuckwit +1 points1533 days ago

Yep Reply Report