Gaping Teen Ass After Fisting And Insertions

Young girl has her ass already destroyed by fisitng her self and fucking glass bottles and massive dildo which go all the way inside.

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satan +28 points1297 days ago

Oh wonderful redmeat! Reply Report
who indeed

who indeed +6 points1297 days ago

who she is I do not know, what she is, that I know - she is a Russian porn star, well internet porn star that goes by the name Moscow Beauty if I remember correctly - and yes satan, she does indeed have beautiful red meat - in fact, if I ever had the opportunity to be with her I would have her sit just above my face and push her rose bud out so I could suck on it, spit on it, and shove my tongue inside it - then I would fuck her shit hole while she used a vibrator in her pussy so I could feel it through her skin, and while stuffing both her fuck holes below I would have another man with us getting his cock sucked by her - then, with my balls swollen and filled to the max with jizz, as well as the other mans balls, I would have him release his load first into her sweat shit hole, AND THEN I would do the same, pumping my hot spunk as deep into her ass as I can get it, so much jizz you would be able to see my balls deflating before your very eyes as it transfers from my body into hers - AND LASTLY, for the grand finale, I would have her sit over cock facing me while I lay on my back, and watch as she pushes 12 ounces of hot cum onto my pulsating cock, and with any luck, when we were sure all the cum is out of her shit hole, she would then lick and suck it all up and off my glistening cock,,,,,,,,, how does that sound to you guys? Reply Report

Curious +3 points1297 days ago

Who is this girl? Reply Report

damnit +2 points1297 days ago

I am DYING for just ONE friggen night with a girl like that!! JUST ONE PLEASE!! I'd even take this over a threesome, I would, I just want a chick that has beautiful pink/red holes and can gape and rosebud, its all I want!! Reply Report

ladida +2 points1295 days ago

rookie rosebud Reply Report

contempted +1 points1297 days ago

Why can't I have a girl like this?!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

ruske +1 points1297 days ago

I'm surprised she doesn't say. "ohhhh da!" LOL hey, do you think that when filming a porno in Boston New York the guys and girls accents come through with a bit of hilarity? What I mean is, a thick Boston accent while a guy from there is getting his cOck sucked he's like, "Ohhhh yeah, suck my cAck!" LOL I always wondered that you know, strange with all the porn on the net you never come across a couple with accents other than European of course Reply Report
Geza barbieri fb, Novi Sad

Geza barbieri fb, Novi Sad   0 points1269 days ago

Adorable, Reply Report
so true

so true -1 points1297 days ago

I swear, what is it that I find SO INCREDIBLY fascinating and turned on by a woman pushing her insides out? You know, its like if you really think about it, if we could remove our innate drive to stick our dicks in a hole and shoot our load just for one day, would we really find the notion of a person pushing their anus inside out an attractive proposition? I wonder like, if Apes will ever evolve to the point where they get kinky during sex, because Bonobo Apes are the only animals on Earth that have sex for pleasure, and incest as well - I think it is the bonobos that are the only animals that have sex for pleasure? Reply Report
What the fuck

What the fuck -3 points1280 days ago

That is the most disgusting shit I've ever seen Reply Report
Go Nude again

Go Nude again -4 points1296 days ago

Hope that Rectum does not break open for her sake. Reply Report