Extreme Tit Torture

I´ve seen it all. But this gets even me speechless. This pain addicted bitch has her boobs ruined for life after a serious painful session with nails hammered through her nipples, hooks, electroplay while firmly clamped. And all this with a vibrator stuck in her pussy making her orgasm with pain and screaming her guts out..

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Oldie +54 points1395 days ago

Interesting - not a lot of blood. Reply Report

Titpainlvr +11 points1139 days ago

I keep watching this over and over. Its so HOT. Now I want to try this with my wife. No kids so what else are those fun bags good for except stuff like this. Thank you really who ever posted this, its great and I thank you. I wish I had all of Anita's work. :-) Reply Report

podkabluchnik +8 points1395 days ago

At around 28:00 she starts twisting her own needles to heighten the pain... :)) Reply Report
tit maniac

tit maniac +6 points1323 days ago

liked to see skews pushed in by the machine go in 3 or 4 more inches!!!! Reply Report

Titpainlvr +4 points1139 days ago

I love this girl. Yes, it would be so hot if she would cut off a nipple. Just one of htem though so we can get off looking at the difference. I would love to see that. Reply Report
Her name

Her name +2 points1393 days ago

Her name is Anitta from Torture Galaxy - TG2Club Reply Report

ttty +2 points1392 days ago

She is the best Reply Report

annaredhead +2 points732 days ago

This is really awesome! Reply Report

Buttsex +1 points1395 days ago

I Want to see more videos like this Reply Report

Cameleon +1 points502 days ago

Very nice, sexy and smart..., a real woman Reply Report

kjquester +1 points184 days ago

This woman is magnificent. No, she is more; much, much more... she is transcendent! I have never seen anyone stronger, tougher, braver, or more splendid than she is. I am convinced that she is the supreme goddess, and that the wonderful serenity, grace, and composure with which she willingly suffers these outrages and torments is part of the ongoing divine sacrifice by which she is redeeming us all. Her beauty and radiance remain indomitable throughout her glorious triumph! She is the Queen of All Creation. I worship her; I adore her; I love her... and I would do anything for her! Reply Report

Artemis   0 points13 days ago

I heartily agree. She is a goddess of sexuality.
Reply Report

cat   0 points1305 days ago

Nice, but bit creepy ^^, Reply Report

kok4ko   0 points1394 days ago

planetsuzy org needles-and-other-sharp-objects Reply Report

Stefiny   0 points978 days ago

The video isn't loading.. What should I do? Reply Report

smally   0 points914 days ago

She is so hot Reply Report

Tbh   0 points338 days ago

I haven't done anything this extreme. The most extreme I've gone is putting needles through my tits (in and then out) and taking a razor blade and cutting off the flesh that the needle was in. That took WEEKS to heal Reply Report
huge tits lover

huge tits lover +1 points308 days ago

hi if u dont mind me askin what size r ur tits and if possible to c a vid of u skewering ur tits?. Reply Report

vjolt95   0 points254 days ago

god damn dude she can take pain better than i can. i love extreme porn and i love gore but for me it doesnt mix sexually. Reply Report
Behram Khan

Behram Khan   0 points77 days ago

My young widow Aunty became drawn towards me. She came to live with us. My wife found us in close sex position. She was having manses and let me fuck Aunty before her. From then on I am satisfing botth together. Reply Report

Artemis   0 points13 days ago

A long time favorite. I would love to have all of her works. Especially the lies where her master drills screws into her wireless right bedside her nipples. I wonder what sex her child was and if the master kept the blonde in the video where he hooked them together with meat books through their tits. Anita is so hot and I would love to participate in this. Reply Report

Solstice -1 points1277 days ago

She has done it many times, things much harder than this Reply Report

torturepornfreak -1 points1230 days ago

Just use an axe and have someone cut off your tits! Reply Report

Anony -1 points772 days ago

she was probably cumming throughout the whole video lol Reply Report

G -2 points1394 days ago

why not just cut them off Reply Report

Donna -3 points1312 days ago

Mmmm nice, but I agree with G, cut one of them off Reply Report

OMG -3 points1387 days ago

This gotta be illegal Reply Report

contempted -3 points1395 days ago

whatever-she's enjoying herself a bit too much. Reply Report

milkmaid -5 points1395 days ago

That about says it all---

Reply Report

niggerboy -7 points1350 days ago

can I kick her in the teeth? that would be painful Reply Report

yo-yo +9 points1317 days ago

Can I chew your Dick off? - This would be painful too! Reply Report