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meat injector

meat injector +34 points1512 days ago

every holes a goal ! Reply Report

tiny_lover +33 points1448 days ago

Thats the whole point in having a daughter so you can fuck them whenever u want Reply Report

PoopLover22 +9 points617 days ago

I wish my real daddy would fuck me, not just my boyfriend daddy. Im watching this nasty porn just hoping hed come in here and punish me with his cock. Reply Report

sluttyBBW +21 points1426 days ago

I wish I had a dad to fuck me like this Reply Report

15desire +2 points1309 days ago

Me too Reply Report

Buggs +14 points703 days ago

my daughter had a few friends over for a sleep over, they were playing truth or dare and my daughter was dared to flash her knickers at me. the others had the same dare, then she was dared to flash her tits. again the others did the same, then my daughter came into the room naked. the night ended with me fucking all the four girls. Reply Report

Kittykat69   0 points34 days ago

@Buggs I wish you were my daddy too Reply Report

fuckmedaddy1234 +1 points430 days ago

I wish you were my daddy Reply Report
bob f

bob f +9 points1477 days ago

ohhhh julie i love stealing your panties and cumming in them ohhhhhh julie i shooot my sperm into your panties gusset and put them back in your pantie drawer to wear ohhhhhh julie i love youuuu!!! Reply Report

lilsexy30 +5 points1390 days ago

Mmm daddy Reply Report

Garycum +1 points484 days ago

Hey lilsexy30 I like your comment give me a call at 609-433-7042 maybe we could chat and get to know each other better and we could do similar things Reply Report
Fuck me hard with care

Fuck me hard with care   0 points106 days ago

@Garycum i wanna sex chat with you and make me cum and hopefully soon we can do it in actual too Reply Report

luczoolove +4 points1282 days ago

mmmmmmmmmm its so horny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Big betty

Big betty +1 points374 days ago

Mmmmm don't waste all your cum I need it inside my wet pussy Reply Report

Bigdigga12 +4 points1160 days ago

Dirtydaddy469 do you have vids of it? Would like to see that Reply Report

kittenpie +1 points1017 days ago

I would love e tosee it tok Reply Report

fredrickson +4 points685 days ago

i cant get enough of my daughters tight young cunt! Reply Report

yo +3 points1070 days ago

Ist der Onkel irgendwie geistig behindert oder so? Reply Report
Little doggy

Little doggy +2 points1512 days ago

Ahh the little doggy ;D Reply Report

randomman +2 points792 days ago

Where is the full video? Reply Report

CaptainDeadpool +2 points838 days ago

This guy sounds like batnman...not sure if turn on or turn off. Reply Report

gothcumslut +2 points506 days ago

Such a lucky girl!!! Reply Report
old fart

old fart +2 points174 days ago

As long as it's consensual, and both enjoy it, who the fuck cares? It might be illegal, but shouldn't be if of legal age. There 15-16 yr old's who absolutely love to fuck dad, and mom-son should be the same. Just have to make sure no pregnancies. Some healthy family fucks would be in order too. Not going to be a popular post, but so be it! Reply Report

well +1 points1511 days ago

Guys stop saying stuff if you jerked it I know you know it was hott :P Reply Report
taboo lover fem

taboo lover fem +1 points1196 days ago

I wanna talk to dirtydaddy469 Reply Report
Concerned Parent

Concerned Parent +1 points588 days ago

Why are you doing this? Please, come home. Stop this. Reply Report
I love rape

I love rape +1 points122 days ago

Is it bad i want to be raped by a family member so bad. Someone please come rape me anyone please. I'll scream no and everything bc i really don't want to be fucked, but ill take it Reply Report

brutalusage   0 points1270 days ago

what a nice place to have secret fun :) Reply Report

Horny4anal   0 points916 days ago

I want someone to fuck my ass so hard and not stop Reply Report

Rubby   0 points188 days ago

@Horny4anal I'll fork u so hard Reply Report

vlad66   0 points652 days ago

I'd fuck her asshole too Reply Report

joseph2306   0 points470 days ago

This was a good video Reply Report

starzz   0 points222 days ago

good film the red head girl has her work cut out for her to Reply Report

Urameshi   0 points151 days ago

Where is the full video for this? Reply Report

Innocent   0 points121 days ago

I want daddy to fuck when he wants
Reply Report

ludboy6 -1 points1198 days ago

name of the movie? :) Reply Report

dude -2 points1511 days ago

Shut the fuck up there probably 26 or some what like that when its younger its tighter and more hawt and pleasing Reply Report

...... -5 points1512 days ago

If u think its ok to fuck kids thin u need to die i have a lil girl n if some one fucked with her like that or any way ill cut his dick off n make him eat it thin wach him die slow.. Real shit Reply Report
Man Beast

Man Beast -5 points1511 days ago

The real joke is you people who think something like this is going to happen and be put on camera with any sort of actual camera work and not be a prescheduled porn shoot. Reply Report

frankw265 -5 points1511 days ago

Weak. Reply Report

Jon -7 points1512 days ago

Sick fucks that have sex with their daughters should be castrated. Reply Report

.....   0 points1512 days ago

Im with u on that n more Reply Report