Scat Eating BBW Anal

Flamboyant fat chick is dressed in stockings and suspenders as an ass is squatted in front of her face. She eats up all the shit and smears the shit all over her boobs before getting a hard anal fucking.

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jannybh +14 points1606 days ago

Although she´s a littlebit to big, she´s what I call a Lady of culture, not like these "porn-stars" of the boring masses of normal porn productions. Reply Report

nohambeasts +1 points1603 days ago

that thing still is a fucking landwhale Reply Report

bigcumload +2 points1604 days ago

i still love her! Reply Report

Algeriano +7 points1607 days ago

I love fat women shit Reply Report

pervdutch26 +5 points1590 days ago

I wanna play i wanna Put my dirty Ass i her beatiful face And then kiss her Reply Report

podkabluchnik +3 points1606 days ago

The happiest day of her life :)) Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1606 days ago

Hey Podka, can we eat each other's shit again? I'm sure you're hungry! I know I am :)) Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1606 days ago

She won't need to eat for at least another week or so!! :) Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +3 points1606 days ago

I love to eat fat men shit! Reply Report

VlabiouzzZzZ +2 points1606 days ago

...and i also enjoyed the song!!! Reply Report

bristolnsa +2 points1430 days ago

perfect, all i want to do is shit on this sluts face right now, fuck i love this! message me Reply Report

kinkyblondebbw   0 points1354 days ago

yumyum xx Reply Report
Caloric Surplus=Fat

Caloric Surplus=Fat +1 points1606 days ago

How many calories are in this guys shit??? Reply Report
Scat hero

Scat hero   0 points1569 days ago

Too good Reply Report

blackwidow   0 points1606 days ago

@Q5n7v no body told u to watch it Reply Report

Godofporn8715   0 points1606 days ago

Dafuq did I just watch? Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1606 days ago

If you're too thick to realise, then there's no hope for you I'm afraid! Reply Report

...   0 points1605 days ago

they dont shut up do they? Reply Report
Toilet pig

Toilet pig   0 points680 days ago

Love love that fat shit eater. Sitting her eating my own shit and watching her enjoying that delicious taste of shit. Can eat shit and drink piss every day. Love it so nasty Reply Report

miss_you_75   0 points362 days ago

Mmmmmmmm... I would love for her to make a turd like that in MY mouth. Sweet girl... Reply Report

Nutricionista   0 points36 days ago

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q5n7v -4 points1606 days ago

embarrassing turn-off Reply Report

Wtf -5 points1592 days ago

What kind of world do I live in! Reply Report

Girl -7 points1592 days ago

Who ever actually does this have mental problems like really? Your feces? God you people need help. Reply Report

frankw265 -10 points1606 days ago

Weak. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points955 days ago

Frankw265.........predictable & boring!! Reply Report

Wally +7 points1605 days ago

Light bulb. Reply Report