Mental Breakdown After Extreme Whipping

This chubby chick gets tortured so extreme hard that she totally breaks down and starts crying which pisses her mistress off even more. I have seen Russian authorities do less to defectors in a gulag somewhere in Siberia!

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Bukakelover +46 points1523 days ago

That was so amazing love this site Reply Report

someguy +11 points1521 days ago

language is hungarian if anyone cares Reply Report

Lilwhteho +9 points1514 days ago

her face is only pretty when she cries and screams, so she needs to be tortured 24/7 without pause it seems Reply Report

tod +8 points1522 days ago

cripple the slut. Reply Report

pigfucker +7 points1505 days ago

Fucking love these videos , such excellent work Reply Report

EazyEd +6 points1522 days ago

Fuck yeah, torture this whore Reply Report
Passing By

Passing By +6 points1098 days ago

Great video, but the girl should have been treated harder. Her tits should have been whipped or caned black and blue. Reply Report
Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll +5 points1482 days ago

That's one way to burn the fat off of her Reply Report

giber +4 points1237 days ago

A great video, I love it. That fat whore got a small sample of what she deserves. Wish it was longer and whip her tits much harder. I loved the cunt whipping but I would bet her cunt and tits for an hour each. Really damage the slut. Reply Report

bastard21 +3 points550 days ago

brilliant all guys should get to do this Reply Report

Lena11 +2 points1514 days ago

If I would be allowed to treat her I had damaged her tits most, but even more her face, but rubbing myself Reply Report

cooldigit1 +2 points1353 days ago

Love this .She needed to be beaten some more Reply Report

hardpainfan11 +2 points885 days ago

I love what they did to her back. Its rare to see a woman's back get beaten so severely. I love how the whip cuts her body. I just wish she was better looking,. Reply Report
Good quality

Good quality +1 points1522 days ago

This was very good quality. Reply Report
Anglo brit

Anglo brit +1 points1522 days ago

Why did madam stop ? she should of given her 200 lashes on front at least 45 min on back & extra on her feet Reply Report

dr.raw +1 points959 days ago

she is so fat. Pls same video with nice girls Reply Report
safe word

safe word +1 points1160 days ago

does Lomp and company use a safeword? Reply Report
Passing By

Passing By +4 points1098 days ago

Reputedly not. They have a doctor on hand to control matters and they pay attention to what the girl can take. A couple of girls have passed out from the pain in their videos. Reply Report

fofo +1 points243 days ago

this is absolutely disgusting, how in the world is someone enjoying this, disgusting sick sadistic animals Reply Report

wnewton17   0 points1372 days ago

This is the porn I like Reply Report
Dj Luis

Dj Luis   0 points1464 days ago

poor girl i feel sorry for her
Reply Report

torturedarse   0 points1344 days ago

Her ample body really added an extra dimention to the action (no pun intended) seemingly absorbing the blows, partiularly those milk white tits,(till they were bloodied) well as providing a larger canvas for the punisher. Reply Report

Slutyangie   0 points20 days ago

That's what I mean when she doesn't obey the husband or partner Reply Report

ddayin -3 points1521 days ago

Wow that fat chic can take some pain Reply Report
this was abit much, that pornstar probably beat th

this was abit much, that pornstar probably beat th -4 points1510 days ago

cocerned banker Reply Report