Teen Drugged To Sleep And Raped

Dude invited a classmate over to study together and once they were done, they had a drink. The blonde teen's drink was drugged when she went to the bathroom and she fell into a deep sleep. She was then abused and taken advantage of - and she was raped in her sleep.

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NotYours +92 points1681 days ago

I wish I could get someone to really drug me and just take advantage of me while I am passed out!! Reply Report

Maybe +7 points1675 days ago

It could have already happened and you just can't remember Reply Report

Ready +1 points1680 days ago

I would mess you up Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +2 points1680 days ago

I will Reply Report

Lia   0 points1680 days ago

Let's meet and u'll do the same with me Reply Report

18yearoldcumslut +21 points1622 days ago

If I get drugged or pass out I want to wake up full of cum in every hole. Reply Report

Sammi +18 points1680 days ago

Can a bunch of guys just run a train on me? You don't even have to stop if I pass out. Reply Report

Matt +4 points1680 days ago

fuck yes lets do this gents! Reply Report

edga +12 points1431 days ago

l'm amazed at how many women fantasize about this Reply Report

Mia +10 points1679 days ago

I would do anything for someone to fuck me like this while I'm passed out!!! Amazing Reply Report

yourlilgirl +7 points1357 days ago

Oh yes please. Id love for someone to take advantage of me like that! I want cum in every home I have after I wake up! Reply Report

Littleunderaged -5 points1018 days ago

Where do you live? Reply Report
Young man

Young man -7 points1085 days ago

How old are you girly Reply Report

Playa +5 points1680 days ago

Whats the point in moving her about, just screw her Reply Report

Greg +5 points1674 days ago

Dude has hairy AF monkey hands Reply Report

Moo42   0 points792 days ago

Yeah I was thinking the same thing lol Reply Report
perfect way to serve an ten inch erection

perfect way to serve an ten inch erection +3 points832 days ago

perfect pull her jeans down,panties as well to expose her bare vagina she,can,t see the size or say no"to a penis this big it,s time to slip my erect ten inch erection inside her.Wonder if she can feel me inside her,if she will know I,ve fucked her with a cock this size? now in her mouth wonderful,lets see her bare breasts.naked in chair legs bent under her chin, deep penatrion ten inchs to the hilt perfect no crys screams just hard shagging...... Reply Report

Alystaire +2 points1575 days ago

Love how he opens up her pussy at first, spreading her apart several times before sticking in his fingers. Reply Report

GoodGirl +2 points1623 days ago

Would someone rape me with like three or four of their friends? Reply Report

Jack +2 points1439 days ago

Bad acting Reply Report
some girls play the game, some are just game

some girls play the game, some are just game +1 points806 days ago

no brar, breasts hanging free,good size 38 inch bust. remove jeans, pull her panties down.infact strip her naked.lie her on her back in chair pull her legs apart to open vagina passage now slip your ten inch erection into her.fuck her hard and deep. to finish shoot your sperm down her throat.....as a thank you! Reply Report

dirtyoldman_nj +1 points740 days ago

She should get a porn award for that scene. She's doing a good job playing sleep. Reply Report

SwissDreamer +1 points527 days ago

Would anybody do this to me? But i'm male, soooo.... ;) Reply Report

boywondr +1 points437 days ago

i wish i can do that its so sexy
Reply Report

Goodhorny15yrold +1 points251 days ago

can someone just kidnapped me, abuse me and fuck me then throw me out i would love to be a good little fuck toy and take orders ;) Reply Report

Meohmy   0 points863 days ago

I wish i could get someone to drug me but i would want to enjoy it but make me a gay anal cum slut Reply Report

Sassychic76   0 points1627 days ago

Crap acting at start but good acting from girl not to move or moan during that sexy fuck session ;)) lucky lady indeed!! Reply Report

Sliver   0 points1680 days ago

Judging by the size of her cunt this has happened to her a few times! Nice arse though, shoot me spunk up there no problem! Reply Report

renan   0 points1680 days ago

Beauty! Reply Report

hot   0 points1651 days ago

i wanna know what would happen when she woke up Reply Report

ymca   0 points1073 days ago

so fake

Reply Report

Yo   0 points1033 days ago

Take it bitch Reply Report

MakayMarie   0 points958 days ago

I would love for someone to do this to me. Just kidnap me, drug me and rape me. Anybody in the Dallas area wanna do that to me? ;) Reply Report

MakayMarie +1 points958 days ago

Especially with like 4 of their friends? Reply Report

Gay   0 points915 days ago

She would not fall asleep that fast gay Reply Report

Nomenclature   0 points636 days ago

I have seen the photo series on this video...and the girl is quite attractive.
But the clarity on this video is BAD and very disappointing.
Reply Report

Elena1234   0 points594 days ago

Can someone fuck me??!!!! Reply Report

cushion12   0 points584 days ago

I'll fuck you Elena. How old are you and where d'you live Reply Report

Follador   0 points239 days ago

Quisiera ver por real
Reply Report
Jd sinwjxnde

Jd sinwjxnde   0 points186 days ago

Wish somone would do this to me.
Reply Report
Looking for someone

Looking for someone   0 points40 days ago

How did she slept that's fast? Reply Report

tomc   0 points26 days ago

i want someone who isn't fussed about gender or orientation, to drug me and rape me up the ass while i'm unconscious and at their mercy.. i'm a bottom gay guy with a nice bubblebutt Reply Report

Silva -1 points1629 days ago

Which drug it is do anyone know Reply Report