Extreme Scat Eating Orgy

Nasty group of Germans have a scat orgy like no other. The girls are laying on the ground at first, receiving huge turds of shit on their faces, licking them as they come out directly of an asshole. The scat is splattered all over their faces, and they even thrust their faces in between each others' buttcheeks.

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eileenbisubf3 +21 points1248 days ago

i want to be taught how to eat shot so i can be in a very large shit eating orgy Reply Report

toesucker82   0 points1223 days ago

Where are you located @eileenbisubf3 Reply Report

SomeScatLover   0 points287 days ago

Mind teaching me? I'm in Indiana Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +19 points1285 days ago

My boyfriends Podkabluchnik, Manatee, Frankw265, Britguy69 and Xtreme will love this one! They love eating my shit and drinking my cum! Reply Report

Diggerau +7 points1284 days ago

Don't leave me out! I drank at least a gallon of Manatee's cum over the last week! gulp, gulp, gulp! Yah Babby!!!
Don't let these bastards bother you Podka! You'll always be one of my favourites!
Reply Report

frankw265 -23 points1284 days ago

I'm a feeder not an eater! Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +6 points1284 days ago

Then feed me your shit! I wanna taste your crap! Reply Report

Hfhjffj   0 points338 days ago

Reply Report

podkabluchnik -22 points1284 days ago

You need a punch in the face, you cunt. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +7 points1284 days ago

Podka, don't punch me in the face... Use better your hands... Fist my asshole and feed me your shit! :) Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -16 points1284 days ago

Podka.....I'm glad to see you realise that's NOT me! :) Reply Report

jada555 +14 points1220 days ago

very exciting orgy Reply Report

cum +8 points1095 days ago

The blond with the shit face and cum dripping down is the best. Reply Report

h3nn3p +8 points512 days ago

hot hot hot party, damn how I would love to fuck those two completely shit covered amazing sluts!!! Reply Report
wet cunt

wet cunt +7 points1065 days ago

I know Jan. I always wanted to eat her shit. One girl eating another girl's shit is so hot. Are you hard yet boys. I did have a chance to suck on Jan's cum fill underwear. Her cum smelled so good. My fantasy was to take Jan's shit and rub it all over my juicy cunt and then have Gayle lick and eat down Jan's scat. Gayle has the most dripping cunt and tight tits. Makes me cum just thinking about it. This blond in the video would love it. Reply Report

mcgregory +5 points1269 days ago

let me do it Reply Report

yahzee +5 points398 days ago

so fucking delicious Reply Report

scatsubslut +5 points64 days ago

I wanna be involved in a scat orgy like this, yummy. I'll eat from men and women. Reply Report

Slaveofmistress +2 points152 days ago

Absolutely excellent shit eating enthusiasm. Few people know of this advances sex techniques that is an extreme turn on Reply Report

toesucker82 +1 points1223 days ago

@therealamericanidiot,, I would love for you to be the first woman to shit in my mouth Reply Report

payne   0 points1284 days ago

thanks Reply Report

Madi   0 points1284 days ago

World champion Reply Report

jazzyjeff   0 points1180 days ago

hey anyone know what the name of that jazz track playing in the background? Reply Report

dirtyminded14   0 points1224 days ago

I was wondering if any women can help me out I have never done scat sex or watersports before so I'm still a virgin in that area so if you like to take it from me I would love to try it so please get in touch
Reply Report

jordandla1996   0 points157 days ago

Any women wanting to do this with me let me know Reply Report

VEZ   0 points164 days ago

Name of the girls please and where to find more of their vids. Reply Report

creepypervert   0 points12 days ago

I wanna go to a party like this. Reply Report
Anti Nastiness

Anti Nastiness -2 points187 days ago

All you nasty MOFOS who like this are disgusting and going straight to hell!!! Reply Report

Slaveofmistress -4 points618 days ago

just absolutely love my mistress who i fantasizse her as extreme scst slave tsnya.gov as i would fry to promote good medicine fo.maje shif eating a safe and evtvusiAtic extreme sex act. si love you goddess tanya beyond all space and time. doctorate emeritus law enforcement doctor bill Leggett


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Remek -5 points1020 days ago

stolec ołówkowaty możliwe hemoroidy potrzebna pomoc gastrologa Reply Report

Splooj -6 points434 days ago

White people are so fucking disgusting Reply Report

contempted -11 points1284 days ago

Men should only be in scat vids getting scatted on by women. Reply Report

xtreme -7 points1284 days ago

agree with you Reply Report
cape may

cape may -8 points1280 days ago

Make that three I also agree Reply Report
disgusting scum

disgusting scum -15 points1282 days ago

Why? Just: WHY!? Reply Report

elmo +7 points1280 days ago

Why not? Reply Report