Captured And Strangeld

After he chloroforms her in a motel room, a man does his fantasy by strangling a woman. She is strangled and dies.

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beedee241 +9 points1689 days ago


Calvin Klein must love porn...he gets an abundance of free advertising!

BTW...great vid!
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Now +1 points1657 days ago

Now fuck her!!!! Reply Report

Stringer   0 points449 days ago

Nothing got between her and her Calvins - except her killer; and how masterfully he killed the little bitch. What a great victim she was, with her sweet, soft tender flesh gleaming like porcelain. He should have mounted the slut's lifeless body and had all the fun in the world with it, fondling and caressing her lovely skin and those big luscious boobs, not to mention her beautiful arms and legs now still in death.
Yes, he eliminated the whore but should have used his bare hands to choke the life out of her worthless existence. Her soft, white deli-
cate neck was so inviting for that purpose. Just squeeze to the max
to inflict the greatest amount of pain and suffering and the job is done. Still, her death stare is truly fabulous with her lovely dark eyes frozen wide open in shock and horror at her well-deserved demise.
And her pert mouth is effectively likewise open in disbelief - one would love to kiss her dead lips as a bonus! The whore is a work of
art as a still, silent corpse - should have put her on the bed and stripped her nude for the full effect, but she is dead and that was the goal.
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Masterbitch   0 points141 days ago

Looks like idiot their's acting is fucking shit Reply Report