Huge Worm Inside Sore Cock

Cock has turned into a meat mess after being tortured with worms and ropes. The last part of the torture saw the dude insert a huge earthworm in an opening at the side which entered quickly and went wild inside, alongside the others.

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36DD +67 points1153 days ago

Wow, I'm not a guy so I don't know how this would feel, but it's kind of hot to see that huge worm go into such a wild big cock! I hate to admit, I can't stop watching...... Reply Report

willboy4u +64 points1394 days ago

10++++++++++++++ Reply Report

luczoolove +58 points1189 days ago

mmmmmm i love it its fantastic !!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Spaz +57 points1391 days ago

dude, that is awesome, please post more! Reply Report

supreme007 +57 points1338 days ago

wow, can you please post more of your implanted whiskers Reply Report
worm girl

worm girl +35 points956 days ago

Mmmmm its hot as a girl to insert worms in your pussy.....especially big thick ones. you insert a few at a time and use smoke so they go in quick to get away from it...such a hot feeling when you let the smoke go in your pussy...if your lucky at least one finds your cervix opening (i do it when im ovulating......once lost like 3 that pushed up there.....they came out later (i knew cause as i felt them push back though) Reply Report

Santa +26 points736 days ago

I want to see Reply Report

skeptic +27 points821 days ago

post a video or it didn't happen Reply Report

skeptic +16 points821 days ago

@worm girl: post a video or it didn't happen. Reply Report

Andy +2 points1344 days ago

Please answer quickly what you have on your finger , the back shrugs the worm so ? Did he afraid of ? Please describe exactly what a substance ! regards Andy Reply Report
He is licking his finger

He is licking his finger +2 points1077 days ago

Thats why the worm runs away coz it burns it Reply Report

Evelyn   0 points179 days ago

I want to kiss is afterwards. Reply Report

Speedrus332   0 points31 days ago

Just wanna let yo girls know that when it goes in it feels really good I dident do it but heard about it Reply Report

Ooonsmsmdswjase   0 points1 day ago

What the he'll happened to your dick??
Reply Report

pigdaddy   0 points13 days ago

I love what you've done to your cock and would love to see more of it. Reply Report

phukinutz -5 points821 days ago

dude that is so gross.... you really need to trim your fingernails... Reply Report

^^^ -11 points1398 days ago

I never thought Id say I cant even...but..... I cant even Reply Report

3.14159265359 -15 points1413 days ago

Wow what the fuck is wrong with your dick? Reply Report