Hands cut off

Two Thieves Get Their Hands Cut Off by Sharia Committee in Syria

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Vernon Farnsworth (The Third)

Vernon Farnsworth (The Third) +18 points1363 days ago

Allah 'most merciful' they regularly proclaim.

Perhaps not.
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L -4 points1222 days ago

Okay I'm not sympathizing or anything but just pointing out to you that these men were both thieves, do you think that they were merciful to their victims? Reply Report

Vengence +3 points528 days ago

If anyone did this to me or one of my family, I would spend the rest of my life finding a way to kill EVERYONE involved! EVERYONE! ANd I wouldn't stop till they were DEAD! Reply Report

Stryker -2 points857 days ago

They stole they didn't kill. If they were killed we would be watching them get beheaded instead of their hands. Reply Report

Vengence +6 points528 days ago

Stupid Muslims! Go ahead bring your Jihad to America! And I promise you we will happily send you to Allah! Every single one of you sacks of S--- Reply Report

Stinkyuser   0 points477 days ago

Me too. Reply Report

theoneaboveall +2 points329 days ago

Where is the proof that they were thieves? Was there any proof? Everyone saying they deserved it and all, no one asking whether or not they really did it or if they were grabbed up and blamed?

Looks like street justice with no investigation or evidence. If that is the case, then everyone but the men getting their hands removed are guilty and should have the same done to them.

Now. I do not state that all Arabs are bad. Not even close. But those that do shit like this are animals. Losing themselves in the mob mentality and becoming nothing more than a beast. Doing whatever they want without feeling like they will be persecuted. One day, though, you will. And when they lay in Hell on a bed made of spikes with their arms, legs and genitals removed.. they will know why and that I will not help them.
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Bill Gates

Bill Gates -2 points432 days ago

Is that an iPad? Reply Report

Poppyggguugddgjn -2 points310 days ago

My friend stole a pack of gum this is him lol
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