Extreme Painal And Ruined Anus

This girl is fucked so hard on her first time anal she can't hold up her shit anymore and has to let it all go.

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xtreme +44 points1628 days ago

one more reason to lick her feet Reply Report
holy moly

holy moly +11 points1416 days ago

She gonna have to wear diapers now Reply Report

annon +5 points903 days ago

I agree. He damaged or destroyed her sigmoid colon, causing incontinence, didn't even know her name and wrecked her lol Reply Report

Smokesss +4 points1624 days ago

Anyone noticed the SMOKE coming out of her ass?
The guy literally melted her asshole!
Reply Report

Scatchick +1 points1628 days ago

I wish my boyfriend would do this to my ass - it would be so hot! Reply Report
butt lover

butt lover -3 points1036 days ago

I would definitely do it to you up the butthole while you fart and cry in pain while I'm fucking your stinky brown butthole all night long,making you shit Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -2 points1628 days ago

I would wait until you needed a big poo, then fuck your tight asshole! Reply Report

bigcumload -2 points1628 days ago

i would gladly oblige! Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -3 points1628 days ago

Me too! :) Reply Report

ninja -2 points1628 days ago

I will fuck your ass slut Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -3 points1628 days ago

Why is she a slut? Reply Report

CoreErSbragaCuli   0 points1628 days ago

this happened with my ex girlfriend too at her first anal rotfl good days went ='D Reply Report

creamycum   0 points1628 days ago

Well done!.. Reply Report

Peter   0 points1628 days ago

She can squirt :-) Good! Reply Report

loveanal   0 points1626 days ago

This was the best video i have seen in awhile Reply Report

Hazel   0 points1439 days ago

So only 1 person mentions the smoke coming out of her asshole?! Reply Report

Hazel   0 points1124 days ago

A year later Reply Report

kreamjone   0 points1381 days ago

Full video?? Reply Report

asterion   0 points1350 days ago

He fucked the shit out of that slut! Reply Report

jayjaylee82   0 points496 days ago

Great, now wheres the rest of the vid lol
Reply Report

Al -1 points1313 days ago

It's not smoke, you fools, it's lens flare. Reply Report

hahaha -2 points1628 days ago

And that is why you take a shot before anal Reply Report

hahaha   0 points1628 days ago

Sorry shit* Reply Report

fromley -4 points1628 days ago

Worthless slut she should have her ass sewed shut Reply Report

assmaster -4 points1628 days ago

her name is loose spincter.....for ever embeded on the internet.... Reply Report

contempted -6 points1628 days ago

"optical illusion" my ass! That cone is clearly in her innards. Reply Report
anal hurts

anal hurts -11 points1615 days ago

it really hurts, it is not hygenic, harmful to ass muscles, even cause cancer, so stay at pussy, leave ass alone. Reply Report

condor +7 points1608 days ago

anal can be painless and if the right precautions are taken it is no more dangerous than other types of sex Reply Report