Stuffing Pussy With Shit

This innocent looking hairy chick has a very dirty mind. She shits in her friends hand and stuffs her pussy while fisting.

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xtreme +30 points1641 days ago

she is in ecstasy, I would be too if I could eat her shit Reply Report

Doc +8 points1641 days ago

She must have had the worst UTI after this. Reply Report

manatee +6 points1641 days ago

SHE IS GORGEOUS/i want to lick her bum/go up to her face and kiss her for hours/as my monster fucks her in her bum with her poop as lube/who is she? Reply Report

xes +6 points1640 days ago

i would love to fuck her shit fill pussy Reply Report

Podkabluchnik +6 points1641 days ago

I love when my sexy man rams his shit up my ass :)) Reply Report
Bob Gelding

Bob Gelding +5 points1639 days ago

Do you have no limits? Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points1551 days ago

The real 1 has a ________ under his name. Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +1 points1633 days ago

For regular people on this site, THIS Podka is fake!! The real 1 is straight. Reply Report

Britguy69 +5 points1641 days ago

I'd love to come in her bum while she does diarrhoea :) Reply Report

??? +5 points1641 days ago

Good luck with your infection Reply Report

StonedSlav +5 points1641 days ago

She looks like Tori Amos Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +5 points1640 days ago

Perfect poopoo to have a bum fuck in :) Reply Report

Shithole +5 points1036 days ago

I love how much she loved the shit in her pussy. The more shit the better. I wish someone or a group of someone's would take big ass nasty shits it my pussy, and fist it all up in that Nast shithole . Reply Report

Shittypussylover   0 points517 days ago

I'm down to fist your pussy full of shit Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +4 points1641 days ago

I wish she had done a big hard poo. :) Reply Report

delo +4 points1639 days ago

Omg... Reply Report

pussyeater +4 points1639 days ago

Id love to eat her pussy covered in shit Reply Report

raven +4 points1629 days ago

very hot ... delicious Reply Report

giala +3 points1641 days ago

i love this video! Reply Report

Joe +3 points1641 days ago

So hot Reply Report

justpoo +3 points1640 days ago

Normally fanny farts dont smell, but I bet hers did after that! Reply Report

poolover +3 points1214 days ago

I love it when the girl's not afraid to stuff shit in her cunt. I knoe infection is a problem but damn it's SO hot!!! Reply Report

subzero1 +1 points990 days ago

sure it has to be a fucked up on drugs russian bitch. hell of a country i hail from... Reply Report

Scataddicted123 +1 points350 days ago

How is her friend who’s fisting her not scraping her mouth face and every part of her body in that scat heaven it looks so creamy just wish I could eat it and slurp every last drop of her slippy scat filled pussy wish I could be there Ide never be clean because Ide always be licking her dirty shit filled scat hole while she rubs shit over my dick while I cum !!!!! Reply Report

canarian -1 points1641 days ago

i love it Reply Report

sheater -1 points1181 days ago

i want to marry her!! Reply Report

BigJerk -1 points922 days ago

Really hottt. She needs a wild gangbang now! Reply Report

dirtyminded14 -6 points1556 days ago

I was wondering if any women can help me out I have never done scat sex or watersports before so I'm still a virgin in that area so if you like to take it from me I would love to try it so please get in touch
Reply Report

TheDude -18 points1641 days ago

I hope that she dies from infection. Reply Report