Cheerleader Raped For Revenge

Real bitchy cheerleader talked bad about the wrong guy. This one got ticked and a simple verbal confrontation wasn't' enough - so to punish her, he hits and abuses her before brutally raping her and then even jizzing on her face.

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rapevirgin23 +110 points1517 days ago

I would KILL to get treated like that! Reply Report

Rapist +23 points1515 days ago

There's no need for you to kill anyone, let me murder your vagina, brutalize your mouth and leave your ass gaping. Reply Report

sexlover +26 points1515 days ago

"fuck you faggit", rapes a girl seems legit Reply Report

Hh +21 points1516 days ago

The guy is cute Reply Report

susie12 +14 points1460 days ago

He's gorgeous and so strong, I love the way he fucks her and how he grabs her throat with his big manly hands, I so wish I knew a guy like that Reply Report

girl +12 points1496 days ago

he's hot whats his name Reply Report

bigboobs81 +12 points1489 days ago

I would kill for HIM to treat me like that...he is as hot as hell! This video can get me off every time, just thinking of him doing that to me! Mmm. Reply Report

Duh +10 points1500 days ago

I like how he smiles and laughs after her puts It in her ass. "Holy shit" she said! Reply Report

Blondehole +10 points1283 days ago

That bitch needs to get fucked harder
Reply Report

slutpuppy +9 points1395 days ago

My pussy on fleek

My pussy on fleek +8 points1201 days ago

I want someone to take advantage of me like this... The way he was on his side fucking her so fucking hot Reply Report

nonbinaryslut +6 points346 days ago

Homophobic slut deserves punishment :-) Reply Report

beck23 +5 points1490 days ago

cheerleader always deserve fuck like this Reply Report

Kiami +5 points1312 days ago

Oh my god!!!!i would love to be fucked like that from him he's hella hot Reply Report

Bigcock +5 points1090 days ago

If that was me and some bitch talked about me I would shove my cock so far up her ass she will choke then take a piss on her fugly face Reply Report
Fucking slut face567

Fucking slut face567 +5 points816 days ago

I watch thisv every day and I Nev get Bord of it Reply Report

This-shit-is-hot +4 points1375 days ago

I would gladly fuck him , I don't see why she's complaining Reply Report

rl. +3 points1497 days ago

Who is that guy?he's hot. I'd call him a fag just so he could punish me like that. Reply Report
wanna be raped

wanna be raped +3 points1496 days ago

i wish a guy could treat me like this Reply Report
Jesus Himself

Jesus Himself +2 points1486 days ago

Because I've never role played like this before, and I want to! Reply Report
Jesus Himself

Jesus Himself +1 points1486 days ago

How old are you and what state do you live in!? Reply Report

+3 points914 days ago

Hahahahhahaha- this made me laugh so hard- the acting is terrific though. That guy could win a prammy! ( get it? The Grammys + porn? ).

... Okay
Reply Report

hornyslut +2 points1514 days ago

Best treatment! Can I be next please? Reply Report

h +2 points1510 days ago

i will do that to you Reply Report

hotAsian +2 points918 days ago

The way he fuck her is so fucking hot Reply Report

Fuckingslutface +2 points755 days ago

I would kill to get that done but what would of made this video better is if she would of cumed
Reply Report
Little cunt

Little cunt +2 points630 days ago

He should have beat her with his belt more. Really put her in her place Reply Report

ok +1 points1511 days ago

im fuckin laughing cause the girl is just smiling. Reply Report

YEAH -2 points1511 days ago

YEAH, she is stupid to talk about people and thinks she can get away with it. Reply Report
Costume role

Costume role +1 points1498 days ago

I love a good costume rape role play. Reply Report

pussypaw +1 points1484 days ago

Omfg who is he he is hot I want him fuck my 18 yearold pussy Reply Report

HighSchoolGirl +1 points281 days ago

Idk if I like guys, like ik I like girls but idk if I like guys because sometimes I think I could maybe have sex with someone but then when the time comes I chicken out but when I was with a girl I went right in and ate her out, I LOVED it but she’s my best friend and we don’t talk about it lol, but ya I don’t no if I like guys and I don’t even no why I’m writing this on a porn video but whatever I’m just confused Reply Report

whocares   0 points260 days ago

@HighSchoolGirl you gotta experiment to know what you're into Reply Report

Slickboy -1 points1483 days ago

Id do you Reply Report

pussypaw -1 points1482 days ago

Lol Reply Report

lol   0 points1484 days ago

Reply Report

Roadsidefucker +1 points1470 days ago

WOW i didn't knew that cheerleaders are so much comfortable and calm to such kind of brutality..i think she didn't mind it after all..huh Reply Report

name +1 points1266 days ago

Whats his name? Reply Report

datone +1 points499 days ago

That guy is sooo hot Reply Report

randomuser69 +1 points92 days ago

I dont know how many times ive came to this lmao
Reply Report

Kitty   0 points1487 days ago

Hahahaha serves her right but I won't talk shit about you just please do that to me Reply Report

great   0 points1485 days ago

omfg i love his face when he's enjoying it so much fuck i will have wet dreams abt this guy Reply Report

lol   0 points1484 days ago

Reply Report

hottttt   0 points1398 days ago

tttt Reply Report

Anon   0 points1337 days ago

15:50 Kind of creepy when its paused there. Reply Report
Fuck yes

Fuck yes   0 points1335 days ago

I wanna be fucking raped so bad. Reply Report

ohh   0 points1458 days ago

Now ik wt they mean by chocking on cock
Reply Report

Rapevirgin23   0 points1455 days ago

@ Rapist That sounds hot! Would you make me call you Daddy,gag me with your dick,slap my big tits,and make me cry? Reply Report

Fghi   0 points1264 days ago

What's up? Reply Report
Jesus Himself

Jesus Himself +1 points1416 days ago

Shit I would!! Reply Report

mike_seb   0 points1202 days ago

Hot video and hot guy Reply Report

Tucker   0 points1131 days ago

Sexy chick and guy! Although my cock was 10 inches, much larger than this guys just watching this! Reply Report

Secret   0 points1052 days ago

He was amazing. She had a couple of moments l, but I kinda wish he had gagged her. All she did was keep repeating herself. Reply Report

ILoveRape   0 points1022 days ago

Hot as fuck love it
Reply Report

shutyourfuckingmouse   0 points982 days ago

love it, he is so beautiful, love him he is so brutal
she's fucking whore
Reply Report

SaaliLover   0 points268 days ago

Bhenchod ki gand maro Reply Report
anal invasion

anal invasion   0 points812 days ago

shut up blonde bitch, you're going to swallow my salty cum and you're going to love it. Reply Report

Kitten   0 points800 days ago

Jesus, that,s something i wish some brutal man could do to me! Reply Report
Random guy on internet

Random guy on internet   0 points787 days ago

Pretty good video almost believable so easy to get off to. Reply Report

beautifulevil   0 points713 days ago

Damn I would love this to happen to me. Reply Report
Booty bandit

Booty bandit   0 points630 days ago

So fake
Reply Report

onlinepedophile   0 points423 days ago

Oh Yea, I sure love girls being raped in tight outfits no matter what the girl looks like :) :) :) :) Reply Report
Thot patrol

Thot patrol   0 points386 days ago

Reply Report

RoseThevirgin97   0 points262 days ago

I wish someone would push a dick into me Reply Report

littletease95   0 points88 days ago

Still one of my favorites Reply Report

mark01234   0 points95 days ago

the girls name is natalie norton Reply Report

Yp -1 points1504 days ago

Who is she Reply Report

Names +3 points663 days ago

Natalie Norton Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member -1 points1394 days ago

I watched my mate rape my gf like this she loved it, exactly like the scene here at 10:30 where he rams that hole! Reply Report

me +1 points1323 days ago

Nice! Do you often share your gf with your mates? Do you fuck her with more guys toget
Reply Report

Immahuntpussy -1 points1507 days ago

Hey bitches fucking heads down asses up and pray I'm feeling like some vag today. Reply Report

Hornyslut13 -1 points1502 days ago

Omg I want that so bad!! Reply Report

annoying -1 points1326 days ago

Cannot finish the video..sound good.. Reply Report

wannaberaped -1 points1254 days ago

He reminds my of Jackson Rathbone. But she is a horrible actress. Reply Report

I_GOT_THE_BIG_D -2 points1512 days ago

HOLY FUCK, i didn't know women were that easy to do Reply Report

sweg -2 points1510 days ago

who wants my dick ? Reply Report
My pussy on fleek

My pussy on fleek -3 points1198 days ago

I do Reply Report

banana12 -3 points914 days ago

wtf he should die and rought in hell
Reply Report

beastman -4 points1508 days ago

A bunch of stressed beginners, overrushing it, the boy couldn,t get it done without his viagra.. Reply Report