Anal Rape At A Hotel

A sexy personal assistant to a business was abducted during a big convention at a hotel. The rapist took her to a vacant room where he stripped her, bound her arms and legs, and gagged her with her own scarf. He then anal raped her and left her there afterwards.

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funbarbie3 +26 points1853 days ago

nice skirt, i would have had pantie hose on. Reply Report

Seymore +2 points1798 days ago

You could tell by her reaction ... that's not the first cock she's had in that hot little ass!! Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +2 points1024 days ago

This is a hot video of a young brunette teen girl being brutally anally raped in a hotel room. Reply Report
El Barto

El Barto +1 points636 days ago

Seems that she's like it! Reply Report

.   0 points913 days ago

Amazing vid Reply Report

Rabbit817   0 points684 days ago

Love thi Reply Report

lovemeebonyy   0 points437 days ago

Hmm id love that to be me Reply Report

s9doughboy   0 points346 days ago

shes so fucking hot

Reply Report
Fake news

Fake news   0 points325 days ago

If it was rape don’t you think she would have screamed lol Reply Report

Deck   0 points4 days ago

This is super fake Reply Report
Nice Asssss

Nice Asssss -1 points1562 days ago

Mmmmmmm Reply Report

johnnygee48 -2 points1851 days ago

and don't forget those gorgeous boots, al in all she was dressed to thrill and he did wear a condom Reply Report

davidcarter555 -3 points1853 days ago

And gagged with her own scarf!!! Reply Report

dunsum -4 points1310 days ago

If you're gonna pretend that this is artistic, at least get your syntax correct. In the opening titles it should be Who cares ABOUT the vanishing of a secretary, not "Who cares the vanishing of a secretary..." Jeez, how about proofreading those titles? Also, why doesn't he take her fucking boots off?? Seems like they would kinda get in the way. Reply Report

Facepalm +7 points1013 days ago

You are the biggest moron on any porn site ever. Reply Report

tommy -5 points1697 days ago

film froze Reply Report