Strangled And Raped By Stalker

Busty brunette was enjoying a sunny day at the park when she decided to go home, not noticing a stalker following her everywhere though. Once she was walking alone, he caught her with some chloroform and took her in his car, where she was strangled and raped. The rapist even asphyxiated her with a plastic bag as he kept fucking the unwilling victim.

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Melissa +47 points1707 days ago

Why did the camera man avoid her cunt during the entire video? Even when her legs were about to be spread the video cuts into another angle.
Not a single glimpse of her cunt or buttocks.
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tim lackey

tim lackey +1 points542 days ago

if I were that guy I would touch her vagina really hard Reply Report

JJDP -1 points787 days ago

Cause it's fake Reply Report

Ted +12 points1526 days ago

Gay cameraman syndrome lol Reply Report

Ha +16 points1436 days ago

Still a better love story than twilight. Reply Report

BO46st210la9 +7 points791 days ago

That girl was so sexy, even more so dead as she indeed looks her very best. Such a beautiful and worthy victim is the dream of every killer and make no mistake, that slut was all deserving of death. Her body was so voluptuous with such clear. fragrant porcelain skin. But
while our enterprising killer achieved his goal and killed off the bitch
he should have used his bare hands to choke her to death. That way
he could squeeze and caress her lovely, soft white delicate neck as she desperately gasped her life away and she succumbed to her fate. And covering her face? Big mistake - should have looked at the
whore's lovely face as she slipped away and finally gasped her last,
her big, lovely dark eyes wide open frozen is horror, fixed upward staring into perpetual darkness. And her alluring mouth is equally
frozen in mute shock at her demise. Yes indeed, this beauty was asking for it and she got her reward as all like her should receive.
She looks best as the still silent corpse which she now is. Rest in the
flames of hell, bitch!
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Your all fucking monsters i hope u get ur ip adres

Your all fucking monsters i hope u get ur ip adres   0 points11 days ago

@BO46st210la9 ur a fucking monster and ur deserve to rest in the flames of hell, BITCH Reply Report
Your all fucking monsters i hope u get ur ip adres

Your all fucking monsters i hope u get ur ip adres   0 points11 days ago

@BO46st210la9 ur a fucking monster and ur deserve to rest in the flames of hell, BITCH Reply Report

giber +6 points1397 days ago

Cute little whore, great body, great tits. He should have beat her before fucking her and strangling the bitch. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +5 points1704 days ago

i would have been in a dress or skirt and pantie hose Reply Report

poster +3 points1291 days ago

instead of killing her, use chloroform instead. Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points1199 days ago

Still f*cked up any way you look at it Reply Report

Davidcarter555 +1 points1708 days ago

Awesome love the girl,, this is your first handkerchief gag! Congrats

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funbarbie3 +2 points1681 days ago

i fight and struggle like this. Reply Report
strangled and raped by stranger

strangled and raped by stranger +1 points1542 days ago

Did you trumpie when getting kidnapped you poor bitch Reply Report

Subwhore +1 points330 days ago

I want someone to do this to me Reply Report

Imnotapervert +1 points995 days ago

Why did you make it sad at the end? I busted a nut and then that shit came on and I felt so bad Reply Report
tight arse

tight arse   0 points285 days ago

walking alone in the park question are you wearing a bra? a quick dose of chloroform perfect wrists tied a gag to stop your screams you will struggle even more if you knew what I,ve planed for you parked where nobody goes now to touch your bare breasts your jumper and bra removed now undo your belt pull your jeans down take your panties off good you are awake to feel my erect penis slip into your wet cunt all 10 inch inside your small vagina Reply Report

arianne   0 points237 days ago

Someone rape me pls? Reply Report

Damien -2 points1565 days ago

Jme demandais justement si il allait tout enlever y compris ses baskets et ses chaussettes ben jvois que il l'a pas loupé llol bon en mm temps elle se débattait pas trop koi, enfin ca aurait rien changé elle finissait pied nue jpense ds tt les cas Reply Report

Op -2 points46 days ago

What exactly is the fucking point in strangling the woman seriously what's the point in killing like these porn videos with killing in them is garbage it should be taken off of the site Reply Report

Sanity -2 points43 days ago

U all need help. Thank god its fake. Someones daughter. Get
Help u
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TWOJAW -3 points1348 days ago

FAKE Reply Report

Penetrator59 -11 points1200 days ago

She so fat Reply Report

Bigtittysyysys -9 points959 days ago

Your just calling her fat because you probably have a small dick and haven't had pussy in a long ass time Reply Report

Fatcumwhore +2 points299 days ago

@Bigtittysyysys no she is fat. She looks like liquid as she jiggles. Good to know us fat girls still get raped Reply Report