Extreme Painful Whipping

Sexy babe received a very painful punishment: getting hit with a real whip very hard. She is whipped all over her back and ass, leaving marks and scars every time the whip lacerates her once smooth skin. The pain is so much that she ends up crying and whimpering not long after the start.

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pigfucker +27 points1274 days ago

This is fucking awesome Reply Report

Animal +21 points1207 days ago

I would whipped the fuck out of her,,, and then put salt on that ass and then start fucking her hard... that would be awesome. Reply Report

Sheepdogar57 +5 points1089 days ago

Not enough. There were no trails of blood from her ass, needed at least another 25 on the ass, but hott any way Reply Report

hyperia +5 points900 days ago

I love her cries and sobs! Reply Report
Passing By

Passing By +4 points816 days ago

Loved this. However, when they finished whipping her back and ass, they should have turned her over, retied her face up and given her the same treatment, as hard as possible and for much longer, on her tits. Reply Report

jokerlover -1 points540 days ago

her milk glands will be permanently affected Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +4 points1200 days ago

Should have stuffed bloody kotex pads in her mouth Reply Report
Girls are worthless shit

Girls are worthless shit +3 points1211 days ago

I enjoyed this very much. I'm hard. Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +3 points689 days ago

If you want to see an even more extremely painful whipping than this one, check out the video called "Hard Whipping Punishment" on this Heavy-R website. In that one, a guy brutally whips his crying teen girlfriend's nude ass and thighs, using a belt to deliver 86 sadistic lashes that leave welts and blood on her naked body while she screams in pain and agony from the 6 minutes of torture. Reply Report
sissy daisy

sissy daisy +2 points1265 days ago

My misstated does that to me then I become her toilet slave Reply Report

TrainingSlaveNicolasXtube +2 points1211 days ago

Beautiful whipping... Reply Report
Nigel Mellish

Nigel Mellish +2 points907 days ago

Now I know how to count in Hungarian. Reply Report

giber +1 points198 days ago

Fun clip but not nearly hard enough. Wish it was an hour long. Would like to see the whore's tits and cunt whipped the same way. Reply Report

paula +1 points133 days ago

well said. Reply Report

tankytankful2   0 points410 days ago

The crying makes my nigger pussy wet Reply Report

msmonique   0 points806 days ago

Beautiful marks <3 Reply Report
Half time

Half time   0 points583 days ago

Wonder how bad her cunt was stinking Reply Report
missed it

missed it -1 points1234 days ago

would've been better if she went HAM to end it..but no. Reply Report

kaptainkaos69 -1 points759 days ago

Fantastic, great marks especially on her bottom Reply Report

desade -1 points1016 days ago

FOR FUCK SAKES STOP CHANGIN PLACES SO FUCKEN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

kakz -8 points1102 days ago

seeing all this makes me think how the humanity has lost in this world. :( :( animals are better than humans. Reply Report