Sleeping Girl Gets Raped By Intruder

Guy breaks into dorm and molests sleeping college girl in her sleep. Undressing her and even rape her before he cums on her face.

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henry +43 points1531 days ago

sooo fake Reply Report

bunnylover +27 points1531 days ago

of course its fake like all that videos, if it wouldnt it would be illegal because it would be rape ^^ Reply Report

deaththekid   0 points424 days ago

Ahm yes genius, but a rapist doesn't really care if it's illegal or not.... Reply Report

DTSpy   0 points414 days ago

Or… it's FAKE because he's not a rapist and she's actually awake Reply Report

deaththekid +1 points47 days ago

@DTSpy that's not the point. A rapist doesn't care if it's illegal or not. If this video is fake or not, is completely irrelevant. Reply Report

toomuchtv4me +20 points1529 days ago

Towards the end when the camera kept panning from her pussy to her face I was kind of expecting it to go all horror movie where The camera pants down and she's asleep when it pans up and she's staring directly at the camera with wide white eyes And rips his throat out or something lmfao Reply Report

hummper +7 points1516 days ago

Just cum in that pussy she wont know
Reply Report

delight +6 points1251 days ago

I would love it if a guy fucked me like that
Reply Report
Sir Trollsalot

Sir Trollsalot +5 points1531 days ago

She sure can suck a mean dick while sleeping..! Reply Report
Totally sarcastic

Totally sarcastic +5 points1531 days ago

Good video, except for the VERY real part where she sucked his dick in her sleep like a champ, yup, no sarcasm used here. Reply Report

Netherlands44 +4 points624 days ago

Would love to see somebody do that to my girlfriend in her sleep Reply Report

Alphaaaaaa +1 points272 days ago

@Netherlands44 you are the subhuman cuck. End yourself Reply Report
aye sir

aye sir +3 points1224 days ago

I would like to be aware when i'm being especially since it will be my first time. I know my bf is excited to fuck a virgin. Reply Report
 the porn theorem263839

the porn theorem263839 +1 points848 days ago

So how was the sex then Reply Report

Anon +1 points1085 days ago

It is fake.. its obvious, its more for the fantasy part Reply Report

March   0 points1529 days ago


Lolipopsleep   0 points264 days ago

Gonna do this to my sleeping friend when she her brother come over Reply Report
Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez -1 points1530 days ago

I would soooo f*ck this guy ! Reply Report
collage rapist strikes again

collage rapist strikes again -1 points611 days ago

"perfect" uncover girl, part her bare thighs.,get her wet with fingering now insert the head of your erect penis in her vaginal passage thrusting the full length 10inchs deep inside her.hand over her mouth to stiffel any scream! but she does not wake up,(good carry on raping her) she is taking all the erection Reply Report
Sir Trollsalot

Sir Trollsalot -3 points1531 days ago

She sure can suck a mean sick while sleeping..! Reply Report