Mental Breakdown After Anal Humiliation

Blonde bitch loses herself after being hard anal fucked. She feels humiliated and starts crying and screaming. If you want to earn easy money read the small print in your contract.

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WTF +64 points1289 days ago

2 min 38 second video and i came 6 times. Reply Report

Tryiis +20 points1289 days ago

That cameraman/director. "Daddy's proud of ya!"
Gets me everytime :')
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Konfuzed +18 points1289 days ago

I don't understand why so many chick choose to be pornstars and then they have a mental breakdown and go nuts on everybody else and then end up writing books about how bad porn that why? Get fucked in a billion ways and then freak out and get rich writing?..............not a bad idea! Fuckin' twisted but not dumb! Reply Report

agree +1 points746 days ago

Tell everyone not to buy their books, then they have to go back to porn.
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helltwin +16 points1289 days ago

she is not happy

in your face pharrell
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hockysmoky   0 points1284 days ago

XDDD Reply Report

I'mNoExpertBut... +12 points1289 days ago

...hey, heavyR mod bot --- having a properly hyphenated word in a post does not make it a url. Reply Report

PLEASE READ +12 points1243 days ago

Could someone please list the name of the pornstar (the female) in the video or the name of the source video where this scene comes from. Reply Report
yah moms ass

yah moms ass +1 points181 days ago

Meatholes series, actress name is Nikki Hunter. A lot of the meathole videos are like, this, the full version is FUCKING AMAZING Reply Report

WTF +8 points1289 days ago

She's not gonna get paid Reply Report

Moxie +7 points1289 days ago

Omg that poor girl Reply Report

ham? +1 points1289 days ago

funny man u funny Reply Report
nikki _____? whats her name?

nikki _____? whats her name? +6 points1184 days ago

This is from "meatholes" Reply Report

? +2 points963 days ago

Nikki Hunter? Reply Report
poor girl

poor girl +6 points1289 days ago

this is actually sad, it's her own fault but it's still sad Reply Report
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan +3 points1289 days ago


Ha! Gaaaay!
Reply Report

Lol +6 points1289 days ago

Cunt got what it deserves Reply Report

jannybh +6 points1233 days ago

Imagine her having nightmares for all her life afterwards ... Reply Report

wnewton17 +5 points1091 days ago

Absolutely perfect ! Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +5 points777 days ago

This was perhaps the most difficult fap I ever had. But I Goddamn did it! Yay, me! Reply Report

Lmao +3 points1033 days ago

What the fuck is this?! XD I not gonna lie is got off but still.. Tf did I just watch? Reply Report
Yeah man

Yeah man +2 points1268 days ago

Does any one now her name producer??
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fuck this shit

fuck this shit +2 points1252 days ago

Never laughed so hard Reply Report

kinkyjoelupus +2 points389 days ago

i shouldnt be this turned on by this. i'd keep fucking her while she was freaking out. Reply Report
Below Me

Below Me +2 points368 days ago

Its called acting you sad retards. This is nikki hunter who is more then proud to be who she is. Reply Report

Anallover +1 points662 days ago

There is no point in make the girl feel like thing to do is to treat her like a queen and then fuck her ass like crazy. Strategy is make them love anal...till the point they willingly ask for...that is ultimate domination....not to make them feel like crap. Wrong strategy. Reply Report

... +1 points1289 days ago

she sounds feral
goddamn, dont get so angry, you agreed to do that shit
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11 +1 points1289 days ago

i feel so sorry for her i almost cried.... :( this is not funny Reply Report

USELESS COMMENTS +1 points1232 days ago

This website is nothing like other sites, can anyone please list the name of this video or the pornstars, seems like a primary thing that should be in a comment section. Reply Report

FANNY McDERMOTT +1 points278 days ago

Get a Polish bitch, or any Eastern European woman. They'd do it for half the price, and clean the toilets too ... Reply Report

mmmmmmhhhmmmm +1 points639 days ago

Anyone know the name of the song at the end? Reply Report
All-star Billy

All-star Billy +1 points528 days ago

Read your fine print ladies plus your not going to get 5000-10000 easily you going to work for it just like everyone els does Reply Report
HAHAHA LOL I Love this I couldn't stop laughing.

HAHAHA LOL I Love this I couldn't stop laughing.   0 points746 days ago

She is realizing she can't use people, there is no free ride. HAHAHA
You wanted to do porn because you thought it was easy money.
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SuzyQ   0 points1269 days ago

God that was depressing Reply Report

stop_this   0 points1092 days ago

After this I believe the time has come to stop watching porn. Poor girl and poor human being. My thoughts are with you and those 'men' who should have protect you and your dignity. Reply Report

,mnjh   0 points995 days ago

suckie suckkie? Reply Report
malik zohaib

malik zohaib   0 points931 days ago

what is name of the actress Reply Report

poopie   0 points786 days ago

I feel like i am watching a wild circus animal going ape shit at a circus and then everybody wonders "why"? Gee Golly. I don't know. Reply Report

Anonymous420z   0 points163 days ago

Bet your daddy's proud of you hahahahaha Reply Report
That guy over there

That guy over there   0 points67 days ago


i aint judging baby ... be the best you that you can be..
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Прохожий -1 points1290 days ago

Лол. Reply Report

randallthrockmorton -1 points1289 days ago

I love when they realize they are pieces of shit and it makes them cry
He never should have stopped fucking her
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GirlsAreWorthless   0 points600 days ago

I totally agree. Should have spit on her face while she cried too Reply Report

Boo +4 points1288 days ago

Why? Because they have sex for money? Just because you dnjoy having sex for a living doesnt make you a piece of shit thats christian and muslim propaganda Reply Report
Dat guilt doe

Dat guilt doe -1 points1284 days ago

This is kinda hot.. But I feel bad for her I wanna give her a hug Reply Report

Uh... -4 points1289 days ago

Women are fucking dumb! " I wanna be a slut, but I'm not a whore!" Reply Report
all the lols

all the lols -5 points1289 days ago

Loooooolllllllllll Reply Report

ham? -7 points1289 days ago

this shit made me lough Reply Report

ll -13 points1289 days ago

bad acting Reply Report

frankw265 -16 points1289 days ago

Rubbish. Reply Report