Pumping Elephant Dick

So you thought you had a big dick huh, now check mine!

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WTF +58 points1599 days ago

Mate thats not a cock, its a fucking tumour or summat! Id be at doctors me getting it sorted. Reply Report

ScatMan +6 points1598 days ago

It gets to a point where it's no fun, this man front flipped over that line and used his "dick" as a pogo stick! Reply Report
The Master

The Master +5 points1598 days ago

This is sick. Reply Report
few words

few words +5 points1597 days ago

no. Reply Report

shorty +5 points1598 days ago

looks more like an elephant shit that out Reply Report

>.< +4 points1598 days ago

ruined his dick chop it off Reply Report

shittyshittybangbang +4 points1598 days ago

gross Reply Report

WTF +3 points1598 days ago

seek medical attention Reply Report

PeePee +3 points1598 days ago

Music is good (Kraftwerk) Reply Report

Roll +6 points1597 days ago

Kraftwerk? - I like it. Reply Report

bumcock +3 points1599 days ago

What the hell has happened to his bellend?? Get a life mate for fuck sake Reply Report

.com +2 points1598 days ago

That is a lot of silicone in a dick. Reply Report

rakesharmaa_69 +2 points1598 days ago

Fuck, that is not a cock! Reply Report
Don't use a pump

Don't use a pump +1 points1598 days ago

Cause that is what happens Reply Report

dingleberry +1 points1598 days ago

Why the fuck am i watching this...? Btw i dont like the way he fondles his pump thing, sick bastard! Reply Report

ASSMASTER +1 points1598 days ago

relaese the Kracken...owtf.......not so sexy is it..... Reply Report

... +1 points1598 days ago

He's gonna wanna chop it off before too long as the discomfort from the ensuing varicose veins is going to be off the scale. Reply Report

Sick +1 points1298 days ago

He pratically destroyed his penis. All types of blood clots. Reply Report
Cause of death

Cause of death   0 points1598 days ago

Extreme trauma to the penis.. Lol Fuck this im happy with my normal dick shit is purple! Reply Report

kim   0 points1599 days ago

hahaha well he's not getting laid! too big, looks like an std and cant even get hard PATHETIC! Reply Report

bach -3 points1598 days ago

i dunno if pathetic is the right word Reply Report

WTF -4 points1598 days ago

You know what an STD looks like?
Reply Report
Good luck

Good luck   0 points1598 days ago

banging anything with that Reply Report

drg   0 points1597 days ago

Could you fuck someone with that??? Reply Report
I'm Shocked

I'm Shocked +3 points1597 days ago

Yeah, if you chopped it off and dropped it on them from a great height ! Reply Report
wtf man wtf

wtf man wtf   0 points1592 days ago

White people Reply Report

kyne   0 points1329 days ago

this got me so wet! I just wanna rub my pussy on it, have him kinda slap it down on me too. Would love that soft monster for hours! Reply Report

Phatpussy   0 points1326 days ago

That cock made my pussy so fucking wet Id love to lick that monster,, massaging my clit and playing with my wet fat pussy lips and dripping hole as I type

Reply Report

xXIlluminatiXx   0 points1324 days ago

There's a fine line between hot and nasty. He is about a mile past that line. Reply Report

tito456   0 points359 days ago

Wowwo very hot yesssss Reply Report
debbie s

debbie s   0 points36 days ago

fuck my white pussy Reply Report

Stephiecrossdresser -3 points1598 days ago

I'd happily take that cock in my loose ass. X Reply Report

WTF +7 points1598 days ago

Loose ass,,, Lol ya must have an arse like a fucking canoe, most people probably don't know whether to fuck ya or climb in and row ya! Reply Report

t.   0 points1595 days ago

Said frankie boyle Reply Report
God like

God like -4 points1598 days ago

Am I the only one that wants to worship this? Holy shit I would pay for a chance to suck that Reply Report

WoW23 -4 points1599 days ago

Thats.. enormous wow :) how can I get that upgrade? xd Reply Report

manatee -5 points1598 days ago

fellow juice brother/if u live in hollywood ?u r only guy i ever let try to fuck me/no way it would fit/but we tried/i thought we had it/sure was fun holding and sucking as a str8 guy/if not u /?i know who this is/saw ur docking tape/hot Reply Report

newbuck99 -6 points1599 days ago

just so fucking hot Reply Report