Wake Up Girl With Facial

Cute sleeping girl gets woken up by dude cumming on her lovely face.

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Fuck this shit.

Fuck this shit. +36 points1694 days ago

This is so fake its not even funny Reply Report

xtreme +7 points1693 days ago

may be fake, but she's so cute Reply Report

Member +1 points1693 days ago

You don't say???? Reply Report

Lol +4 points1693 days ago

girls thinking what do sleeping people sound like....OOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOooooOOOoooOOOOOOOOOOOooo Reply Report

wtfdotcom +3 points1694 days ago

In the world of fake the fakers are ruling, stupid fake video. Reply Report

katyz +2 points1693 days ago

The fakeness of this hurts. Reply Report

Bob +2 points1693 days ago

Butter face Reply Report

mhhh +2 points1693 days ago

That mhhhhhh mhhhh mhhhh sounds are so annoying Reply Report

bob +2 points1436 days ago

watching him feel those gorgeous tits while he jacked off got my cock so hard…she is so hot…would love to rub my cock up against her beautiful ass..i had to watch again and jack off…came so fast Reply Report

Josh +1 points1692 days ago

I kinda wanna do this lol at least if I record it would be realerbut the truth is most women would smack me or my nuts so that's the danger lol still worth it Reply Report

frankw265 +1 points1694 days ago

Phooey. Reply Report

r   0 points1693 days ago

idiot Reply Report
I've seen better acting from a cat

I've seen better acting from a cat +1 points1462 days ago

That's not how people wake up nor move while sleeping... The job is simple. Stay perfectly still. Don't make unnecessary exaggerated movement's with your eyes, or mouth. People do not yawn, or stretch their mouths in their sleep... It's so easy to pretend to be asleep so why do so many people suck at it? You literally just need to do lay there as if you are trying to fall asleep. Reply Report

matt +1 points1499 days ago

had nice tits to jackoff to….my cock got hard Reply Report

haha   0 points1693 days ago

look at the nose on that thing! Reply Report

...   0 points1693 days ago

at what point did she supposedly wake up? its hard to tell Reply Report

roxas133   0 points1692 days ago

this is not what i expected but good job mate Reply Report

non-member   0 points1560 days ago

so fake…any girl would have woke up sooner then that…..she is pretty and has nice tits so my cock did get hard Reply Report

Nope.   0 points438 days ago

The acting is bad and she’s ugly Reply Report
Super fake but damn hot

Super fake but damn hot -1 points1693 days ago

The bitch has a fucking gorgeous body! Love her ass pussy and tits Reply Report

mmmmmm -1 points1692 days ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Reply Report