Drunk Girl Abused

Russian girl raped and abused by 2 guys after getting drunk together.

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xtreme +35 points1448 days ago

luv her vomit Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member +7 points1370 days ago

He should have cum inside her ass at 19:51 so loved 20:30 where they held her that way as she was made to take cock! Reply Report

. +5 points1383 days ago

to frunk to duck! Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member +2 points1375 days ago

Loved seeing her holes being double teamed and her sweet ass taking a brutal pounding at 19:12! Reply Report

fye +1 points817 days ago

I would do all kinds of things to her Reply Report
Puking girl

Puking girl +1 points381 days ago

These losers can't even keep their tiny dicks hard
Reply Report

pliciouzz +1 points336 days ago

Does anyone live near LA? I wanna be raped and abused. Reply Report

Ladybug123   0 points133 days ago

@pliciouzz I'd love to be Reply Report

ColdWarKiller +1 points210 days ago

Partied with a Russian chick who was a blackout drinker. I enjoyed using and abusing her and then she didn't remember. It was great. Reply Report

Slutxxx   0 points156 days ago

That sounds sexy as fuck. I love being used when im drunk
Reply Report

pman +1 points152 days ago

Fucking drunk women in the ass is the best, need to do that again stat
Reply Report

.   0 points1448 days ago

Russians are white Reply Report
Thomas 2 holes no waiting

Thomas 2 holes no waiting   0 points202 days ago

Those two can rape me anytime Reply Report

angelique21   0 points258 days ago

I do this sober....... Reply Report

blob1234   0 points255 days ago

no memories, no worries! Reply Report

Dang! -1 points121 days ago

Russian men only have sex with drunk girls. Losers Reply Report

frankw265 -5 points1448 days ago

Rubbish. Reply Report

R +2 points1447 days ago

idioot Reply Report

R +2 points1447 days ago

idiot Reply Report

r +5 points1447 days ago

idiot Reply Report