Woman Raped And Strangled

In an attempt to be more productive with his time, this guy figures he'll just rape and strangle this girl all at once to save some time.

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Rape man

Rape man +23 points1813 days ago

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naughty19yroldnurse +7 points1683 days ago

I shouldn't say this but fuck that made my pussy so wettt!! if a guy was raping me and strangling me while his dick was in my cunt would make me quirt everywhere Reply Report

pozrubskin -2 points1020 days ago

Good Girl . Daddy enjoy your comment . Reply Report

funbarbie3 +5 points1800 days ago

i love him in me while i am being strangled in our role play. Reply Report

Ariya +3 points1790 days ago

Wanna do it to me
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kizzajayscott -1 points881 days ago

yea Reply Report

Kyle +3 points1754 days ago

I love this Reply Report

TattooGirl +3 points1536 days ago

Perfect so Fucking perfect my pussy is dripping I would loveto lice her pussy Reply Report
Древле Православный Христианин

Древле Православный Христианин   0 points822 days ago

"Боязливых же и неверных, и скверных и убийц, и любодеев и чародеев, и идолослужителей и всех лжецов участь в озере, горящем огнем и серою. Это смерть вторая." - Апокалипсис 21:8 Reply Report
TJ 3369

TJ 3369   0 points915 days ago

Handcuffs - nice!!! He got her under control. That bitch's prime body
was indeed worth fondling and working on. Her soft supple skin was a
marvel. Her facial expressions as she was being expertly choked to
death were priceless , her final long-awaited gasps worth the wait.
Her lovely wide open eyes were a mirror of her well-deserved fate,
frozen in shock. Likewise her cute mouth frozen open in mute testament to her demise. A terrific kill. Keep after those sluts, dude!!
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Feeling blue

Feeling blue -1 points859 days ago

That sure was a righteous kill - he gave the beautiful bitch all the pain and suffering she deserved. Her soft white, delicate neck was worth garroting to choke the life out of her and mask her gasp in agony till she finally meets her fate - death, death to the slut. Her
supreme death stare is one for the books. That whore deserved to
die and looks best as a cold, still silent corpse, her eyes and mouth
frozen open in shock and horror. That trash was slain in unforget- table fashion. Death becomes her.
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Servantgirl -1 points1354 days ago

Fuck ...my pussy is dripping! Wish it was me
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hardyjohn -1 points916 days ago

love this rape shit Reply Report
Knockoff broads

Knockoff broads -1 points848 days ago

That girl was a knockout and an exemplary victim. The slut had such a
soft, white delicate neck worth squeezing the life out of. Our killer made the most of the opportunity and choked her with all his strength making her feel the utmost pain till the whore finally expired. A most
exquisite and rewarding kill. Keep exterminating those bitches, dude.
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