B&E Hardcore Rape Fantasy

A woman pays a guy she found online to play out her rape fantasy, having him break in to her home to rape her and choke her out, but this dude is taking this a little bit too far.

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xtreme +47 points1784 days ago

i can do this for free
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ohthatguy +26 points1717 days ago

Too gentle! And why the fuck wasn't she struggling screaming or crying?And why the fuck did it take so long for him to get his cock in her cunt jesus christ rape the bitch dont play house with her Reply Report

krazyá +23 points1761 days ago

Please someone do this to me?! I wanna be raped so bad Reply Report

irape +6 points1328 days ago

Give me somewhere to contact u Reply Report

Curvygurl +1 points973 days ago

Where you from grape? Reply Report

Dartanian   0 points56 days ago

@Curvygurl Iowa Reply Report

funbarbie3 +18 points1784 days ago

i love to struggle while he is in me raping and strangling me at the same time. Reply Report

TheRapist +12 points1784 days ago

It is nice that she died with a c**k still up her ass Reply Report

claude +3 points1210 days ago

i agree rapist love to do her in Reply Report

RAPE HER +9 points1784 days ago

Now that is a come rape me dress. Reply Report
Hell yeah

Hell yeah +3 points1784 days ago

Yes it is, and I would help you. Reply Report

blondee +9 points1699 days ago

that was too soft Reply Report

meazell +9 points1253 days ago

I love how at around 3:12 she starts taking off her clothes herself. If I were paying someone to rape me I'd probably act like I was being raped to help fill in the fantasy. Reply Report

jimmyanonymous +7 points482 days ago

I was falsely accused of rape and spent 2 years in prison for a crime I never committed. Now that I'm out, the idea of doing it for real has become a fantasy of mine. Reply Report

Mipsy   0 points392 days ago

@jimmyanonymous We should meet. Reply Report

Sexy +5 points1744 days ago

I will admit interesting but he was to gentle Reply Report

angelique21 +5 points1575 days ago

Surely she could get it done for free? Reply Report

kittycat15 +5 points772 days ago

Not hard enough...id wanna be raped waaaaay harder Reply Report

kingrosbach +5 points901 days ago

Love it when the last thing she feels before she dies is that her cunt gets filled with his semen. Reply Report
I,llrape you darling

I,llrape you darling +5 points762 days ago

you look like a slut dress like a slut hope you fuck like one. one dress off, no panties just stockings, What you did not know about me but you are about to find out. you are small, and tight and you are about feel my ten inch erect penis raping you, it may streatch your vagina. Reply Report

Mouth2fill +1 points224 days ago

@I,llrape you darling

You can rape me anytime You like and bring a couple of friends with you I need more than 10 inches destroying my throat and pussy ass
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usemeproperly +3 points864 days ago

I've played this a few times... way rougher though. Reply Report
caught you naked again......

caught you naked again...... +3 points732 days ago

undress her pull the dress over her head,tie her wrists behind her back.gag her screams.now she,s naked just her stockings no panties just her bare exposed cunt to fuck Reply Report

Brokenlovegirl77 +3 points484 days ago

Someone do this to me omg
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Mipsy +3 points392 days ago

Damn! MORE like this but with a stiletto knife! Reply Report

Forcemeplease +2 points705 days ago

I would love if someone snuck in my house and make me gag on his cock and fucks me and chokes me like he hates me while I struggle and get more wet with just the thought. Reply Report

Lilme +2 points549 days ago

Yes please Reply Report

the_serial_rapist +2 points419 days ago

@Lilme you were born to be raped Reply Report

Ahllore +2 points328 days ago

I would pay someone to do this. Maybe. I'm not a big fan of pain but I have fantasys like this (usually a crush of mine) and it contradicts itself. I want someone to tie me up, forcefully make me cum and fuck the shit out of me. Just as long as it's not too hard. Softcore rape fantasys. Sigh. Reply Report

Suzeeq +2 points202 days ago

You should try just a little pain with the pleasure. So hot
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tum +2 points217 days ago

nothing to see here. this is way too gentle Reply Report

GalaxyEclipse +1 points755 days ago

I wouldn't mind be raped by a sexy man with a big cock, I like to masturbate while thinking about it. Reply Report

BIGGER LOVER +1 points740 days ago

I need to be raped like her..i love a big cock up my faggot ass Reply Report

Maree +1 points841 days ago

Someone fulfill my rape fantasy before I die please!!! Reply Report

ChromeSkull +1 points804 days ago

lol u guys didnt get it, she didnt pay him to perform a rape fantasy, someone else paid him to do it maybe her husband, bf etc... and ofc obviously he killed her in the end right after he cummed deep inside of her lmfao. Reply Report

kimihorny +1 points102 days ago

I'm so wet I want someone to fucking me hard Please fuck me daddy Reply Report

DaddiesGirl +1 points171 days ago

Message me to make this happen f or
Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me +1 points98 days ago

I wanna be raped hard core Reply Report

TeslaDawn2   0 points104 days ago

I really want to be raped but rougher. Also someone invite me to join the site Reply Report
Madison The Sex Slave

Madison The Sex Slave   0 points623 days ago

Ew Reply Report

<3   0 points451 days ago

Anyone wanna send nudes to each other? ima bit too horny ;) Reply Report
Sure,only if u r a woman

Sure,only if u r a woman -1 points384 days ago

@<3 Reply Report

x.vickey.x   0 points30 days ago

someone please fucking rape me Reply Report

Rapemex   0 points8 days ago

I’d love to be raped Reply Report

Джамшут   0 points6 days ago

Jerk! Reply Report