Anal Rape Of Roofied Girl

He slipped some drugs in her drinks so he could finally have full access to her forbidden hole.

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violateme +42 points1363 days ago

Takes it like a champ Reply Report

dirtyboy3 -2 points1341 days ago

love your favorites Reply Report

xxxstar   0 points1363 days ago

you want this don't you? Reply Report
Shit omg

Shit omg +13 points1348 days ago

It says anal he didn't even fuck her ars Reply Report

Melissa +12 points1363 days ago

Who's the retard that wrote the video title and description? She was chloroformed, not roofied, let alone there was no anal. Reply Report

r +8 points1360 days ago

So many comments and most of them cannot even see that he is not even close to entering her anal.
What retard wrote the description to this video?!
Reply Report

Pen +4 points1362 days ago

boring Reply Report
captain winky

captain winky +3 points1339 days ago

l popped out my pants and shot off dick snot everywhere. Reply Report

KitTyC +3 points890 days ago

Lifeless, well at least she looked it. She was so beautiful, yummy. I'd have licked her entire body...wake up. Shush. I want someone to do that to me, and tape it so I can watch it over, n over again... Reply Report

raffo007 +2 points1315 days ago

good fucking Reply Report

ron +1 points1357 days ago

I would like to do that girl she is georgeous Reply Report
this was a reupload

this was a reupload +1 points1362 days ago

the dude actually hit her to knock her out. Reply Report

asa +1 points1363 days ago

Old... Reply Report

xtreme +1 points1363 days ago

would drink the cum dripping from her ass Reply Report

tim67 +1 points1362 days ago

....nice one least we could all share watching together. Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +1 points1015 days ago

She's not roofied. This clip was lifted from She was chloroformed by a burglar who did his thing and left. Not a bad vid, but she needed to be awake and doing anal. Reply Report
Name to display

Name to display   0 points491 days ago

If you look closely, you'll see it's not anal. Reply Report
like that

like that   0 points1363 days ago

Sorry manatee
Women like that dont exist
Reply Report

pojiefy   0 points1363 days ago

Leilakay no need your daddy.. I can do it for you too.. AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Reply Report

mark   0 points1363 days ago

love big dicks fucking cute girls ass holes, shove the whole cock in there Reply Report

loser   0 points1363 days ago

a brick to the head works just as well then no drugs in the system to find Reply Report

agfdsgsdf   0 points649 days ago

mm Reply Report

leilakay -2 points1363 days ago

i'd like my daddy to do this to me Reply Report

pojiefy -2 points1363 days ago

Leilakay come on i can do for you too dear.. AAHHHH!!! Reply Report

Whocares -2 points1357 days ago

That is some eastern european lovin right there! What is it about that part of the world and being just plain fucked up? Reply Report

manatee -4 points1363 days ago

of course its fake/he would be in jail he shows who he is/and i think he never was in the bum/that was her pussy/cant see what fun that would be/u gotta know i am pleasing a woman/i want her awake and moaning and saying fuck me/put it in my bum/cum on my tits//speaking to me//creepy Reply Report

Dirk -4 points1363 days ago

Prob fake ...but bet u that skanky cunt would of have up her pussy and ass anyways... Reply Report