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Beautiful brunette gets overpowered by intruder. She almost got away but gets strangled to death and raped.

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I AM SICK +61 points1665 days ago

I love to rape and strangled sexy helpless girls Reply Report

Sexqueen_33 -1 points102 days ago

@I AM SICK invite me to this I wanna talk nasty Reply Report
Slutty tiya

Slutty tiya -1 points170 days ago

Chat wirh me.. Talk dirty. Plz daddy
Reply Report

Dirtyfreak +1 points136 days ago

@Slutty tiya Reply Report

Dirtyfreak   0 points136 days ago

@Slutty tiya Reply Report
me :)

me :) +7 points1665 days ago

Yes please daddy I want to be strangled and fucked like crazy please :) Reply Report
sick fuck

sick fuck +1 points1585 days ago

Me lets chat Reply Report

Angie   0 points549 days ago

Me too Reply Report
Rudolf Gerber

Rudolf Gerber +10 points1665 days ago

LOL... The Pee is not coming out of her Peehole! ^^
Reply Report
Detective Clueso

Detective Clueso -1 points1659 days ago

My guess is, she fell on a water balloon Reply Report

becca +2 points1664 days ago

I think the guy must have put a hole in the waterbed with his little cock. Reply Report

Lol +6 points1623 days ago

Anyone else notice the person grabbing the pillows at the end?? Lame Reply Report

phil +5 points1664 days ago

what a waste....would rather fuck her while still kicking Reply Report

gogorapestrangle +1 points708 days ago

mee too Reply Report

Yo +5 points1545 days ago

open the door wearing that, youre gonna have a bad time..... Reply Report

Boris +2 points1664 days ago

It's funny how they forget that when you die, you shit everywhere Reply Report
Jimmy Basil

Jimmy Basil +2 points1665 days ago

Holy shit this was good except she's the fiercest bitch from the psycho thrillers yet! Reply Report

funbarbie3 +2 points1308 days ago

PST movies ROCK!!! we role play like these all the time, rape, strangled, and raped more, then maybe smothered, and raped while he ties my pantie hose around my neck and tightens them while i am being raped by him. yes, just in role playing. Reply Report
Kiddy incest porn

Kiddy incest porn +2 points267 days ago

I want to find a teenager and kidnap her and rape her then snuff her and fuck her over and over again Reply Report

Cutiegirl   0 points2 days ago

@Kiddy incest porn why would you do that? That’s just sick Reply Report

becky +1 points1214 days ago

love to hear more Reply Report

SIlver +1 points1664 days ago

I wouldn't care if she shat everywhere, I'd give her shitty arse a good fuckin' all night long, pump a few loads of my cum up her bum for sure Reply Report
Not just there

Not just there   0 points1529 days ago

Make sure you cum in thier vagina too Reply Report
white boy

white boy +1 points1665 days ago

Any takers ill do the same for u Reply Report

niceeeee +1 points1664 days ago

it was good till the pissing...why couldnt they put the thing in her vagina like normal lol Reply Report

dirtyboy3 +1 points1642 days ago

I love this video, he had fun takes for certain Reply Report

suffocateme +1 points1295 days ago

I'd love a guy to strangle me Reply Report

ALLFAKE +1 points1168 days ago

I'ts all fake I think.... Reply Report
That one guy

That one guy +1 points1164 days ago

Lol I know this is porn and all but did anyone else notice the director remove a pillow from the background near the end Reply Report
The Alien King

The Alien King   0 points943 days ago

Yeah, And The lighting was Horrorible aswell... Reply Report

fictional_man +1 points1107 days ago

Karle Montana Reply Report

adsfas +1 points339 days ago

Did she died? Reply Report

xtreme   0 points1666 days ago

i should spend hours and not only 4 seconds sniffing her nyloned feet Reply Report

Shoeandfootlover   0 points809 days ago

I agree. Her sweet little stocking feet merited a lot more lovin. I would have given her delicious shoes a sniff too! Reply Report
deadgirlsdontsay no

deadgirlsdontsay no   0 points1545 days ago

how could she be so terribel at playing dead? she literally sucked at it... too much movement breathing and sticking her tongue out and in and out... lame
Reply Report

wc00   0 points1570 days ago

as Reply Report

wat?   0 points1542 days ago

apparently the rapist is the toughest AND weakest guy in history. Reply Report

expert   0 points535 days ago

amateur you coke her out, tie her up, wait for her to wake up, rape her ass, choke her out again, wait for her to wake up skull fuck her, choke her out again, wait for her to wake up rape her vigina, reapet those steps till shes broken the rape her again walk out of the room make her think you left, whens she tries to call the cops rape her again then kill her. its only fun when they fight back. ps this is a joke Reply Report

Uhh   0 points164 days ago

He didn't even put his dick gayyy Reply Report

jsdantini   0 points408 days ago

please accept me. I'm over 18 and identified all roads and street signs. thanks Reply Report

jarbo   0 points352 days ago

rape her. rape her dead body. Reply Report

Buu   0 points230 days ago

Hey boy Reply Report

Buu   0 points230 days ago

Hey boys
Reply Report

suicidal   0 points228 days ago

nutted 10 times oh yeah Reply Report

mike217423 -1 points1041 days ago

is this shit real

Reply Report

klnlkm -1 points1049 days ago

klnlkjnlkn Reply Report

noodles -1 points1649 days ago

looks like katy perry made it even hotter
Reply Report
Katy perry

Katy perry -1 points1529 days ago

Looks like Katy perry before her tit implants Reply Report
snuff lover

snuff lover -1 points1449 days ago

how the fuck do these idiots expect me to finish my masturbation when the girl is alive at the end? Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin   0 points1305 days ago

Breathing. The ultimate cock blocker. Reply Report
my dick is 8 inch

my dick is 8 inch -1 points810 days ago

thats some good acting Reply Report

wazza -1 points700 days ago

funniest fake snuff film ever, weekend at bernies was more realistic. Reply Report

NICE -6 points1665 days ago

I love strangled pretty bitches Reply Report
me :)

me :) -1 points1665 days ago

I think im pretty.......please strangle me Reply Report