Public Fuck Interrupted

Why they hell did he wanna fuck that? He should be glad they stopped him, unless he likes Herpes.

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bunch off niggers

bunch off niggers +24 points1666 days ago

AAAaaa AAAAaaa AAAAaaaa like a moneys in the jungle. Reply Report
Sorry you didn't finish 3rd grade

Sorry you didn't finish 3rd grade +21 points1665 days ago

"Like a moneys". You should probably learn how to form coherent sentences before arrogantly making disparaging remarks. Reply Report

weak -16 points1664 days ago

You should probably learn to distinguish between obvious typo and poor grammar before making these comments? Also, what a pointless video Reply Report
Weak and Bunch of Niggers IQ is 4

Weak and Bunch of Niggers IQ is 4 -1 points1611 days ago

Yeah I can tell you two dumb asses didn't even graduate to the 4th grade. Reply Report

Kalika +3 points1663 days ago

Was bunch "off" a typo too?
Reply Report

Dennis +7 points1665 days ago

Sounds like the black guys wanted that fat b!tch all for themselves :P Reply Report
jim bob

jim bob +5 points1665 days ago

funny shit Reply Report

Sexylad123 +3 points1664 days ago

She was hot and had a lush arse I would of carried on and fucked her hard and licked her arse clean Reply Report

fatboy +3 points1663 days ago

The woman is so much bigger than the guy, he probably could disappear in her cunt completely Reply Report

fatcat   0 points1640 days ago

Fucking niggers ruin everything Reply Report
Racist white getting owned in the comments

Racist white getting owned in the comments -1 points1524 days ago

@ "Bunch Off Niggers", I'm guessing "off" was a typo as well? You seem to make a lot of typos, do your fat fingers keep hitting the wrong keys fat cheeto munching faggot? Reply Report

smellme   0 points1363 days ago

Fuck niggers and fuck all you racist whites. I'm outta here! Reply Report