Cat Saves Kid From Dog Attack

Incredible video shows the moment a man's cat saved his son's life from a vicious dog.

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xtreme +19 points1345 days ago

This video is the correct answer to the people who think that cats are animals without feelings Reply Report

5pawsakademy +8 points1343 days ago

this is going in my favorites.. Reply Report

Nicegay +7 points1345 days ago

I love cats Reply Report

Ulf +7 points1344 days ago

The cat thought "If he fuck with my family, i will fuck him up!" Reply Report

5pawsakademy +6 points1335 days ago

More People vote more chance for this hero cat to get the Cat Award of the Year, come on people, use your democratic rights. Reply Report

Ronakai +5 points1341 days ago

Hero Cat :) Reply Report

Dirk +5 points1334 days ago

now that's a good pussy!!! Reply Report

ouuu +5 points1346 days ago

fuck, that little kids a trooper, and obviously the cats a champ. Reply Report

Tonytynes +1 points498 days ago

That cat is the pet of the year. Way to go cat Reply Report
love it

love it +1 points395 days ago

i love it Reply Report
Pork barrel spending

Pork barrel spending +1 points192 days ago

Freaking awesome way to go cat! Yeah that dog should be mauled and if it has owners mail them too Reply Report
Slippery Saddle Bum

Slippery Saddle Bum   0 points134 days ago

(That dog should be clubbed to death but the cat actually went after the dog because he was intruding on THE CAT’S HOME TERRITORY.) Cats have claws and they always go for the eyes so dogs almost always get the worst of it, in a confrontation. The cat being present to protect his home turf is what saved the kids life. Saving his life was not an intentional act… protecting his territory from interlopers was.

Foolish people will convince themselves to believe whatever they choose to but the cold hard truth is that CATS ... don't protect people.
Reply Report

robotboy -1 points1018 days ago

i killer dog i hate dog fucker Reply Report
faggot dogs

faggot dogs -8 points1345 days ago

if i was there, id have curb stomped the fuck out of that dog and then shot it in the face and then burt its remains, then got c4 and blown up any puppies it had. Reply Report