Horse Shit Play

Pussy fingered in horse shit.

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Fake +24 points1320 days ago

How do we know it's horse shit or even shit at all? Looks like mud with grass Reply Report

ScatKing +12 points1320 days ago

Would love to stuff her with cow shit and piss all over her and make her sit on my face and shit the cow shit out. Reply Report

masterhotblack +9 points1075 days ago

It is not fake. We had about 3 five gallon buckets full of fresh horseshit we gathered that day. Then we picked the bugs out of it and baked it in the oven to kill any parasites. We used large turkey basting pans and added some water to each load so it would not dry out. I think we baked it at 350 for about 45 mins. Reply Report

masterhotblack +5 points1075 days ago

This is just a couple minutes of footage someone chopped out of the video I shot with this gal three years ago. The total running time is about two hours. And before anyone asks...

No, I cannot distribute the video any longer. However, it has been booted all over the net so just keep searching, it's there.
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KimDongLil +8 points1320 days ago

Lol white people u funny Reply Report
Black guy

Black guy   0 points1320 days ago

Dam right my nigga Reply Report

no +11 points1318 days ago

you're probably some white dude pretending to be black lmao Reply Report

Shit_World +6 points1319 days ago

Wow, you need a lot of drugs or money to make a girl do that Reply Report

nascarman +3 points1320 days ago

mmmm so fuckin hot Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +6 points1320 days ago

REALLY???? Reply Report

Meep -1 points1320 days ago

Dude I fucking puked from this!!!!!!! Reply Report

me +7 points1319 days ago

you say that like its a bad thing Reply Report

Meep   0 points1318 days ago

I do
Reply Report

Pinkiepie +1 points616 days ago

This needs more shit in her mouth and somebody fuck me in the ass I need a dilldo Reply Report

blackscat   0 points1176 days ago

wow einfach geil wie die schei├če in der fotze ist
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antjr   0 points1231 days ago

Does anyone know if there are any more videos of her? :)
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loly -4 points1320 days ago

Datz cruel Reply Report
jamaican dude

jamaican dude -6 points1295 days ago

Fucking gross white people love infections don't they Reply Report

masterhotblack +2 points337 days ago

Actually we never get any... Reply Report