Stranded Girl Raped and Strangled

A woman's car breaks down. Just when she thinks a genuinely good guy is coming to her rescue, it turns out his plans are a little bit different than hers. He knocks her out, takes her to her own home and rapes her. As soon as she starts waking up, he strangles her and leaves her dead body in the bed.

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OMG +39 points1763 days ago

She is so cute and needed raped in that outfit. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +6 points1729 days ago

i sometimes dress like that. Reply Report
can,t fix your car but I will fix you.

can,t fix your car but I will fix you.   0 points476 days ago

you dress like this I would fuck you......yes..are your tits this big? Reply Report
Ashley H

Ashley H +7 points1742 days ago

If so, I would dress like this to be raped. Reply Report
awww yea

awww yea +9 points1751 days ago

This is my biggest fantasy I want to fuck a girl to death slowly as
I slowly strangle her and shoot my hot load inside her as she takes her lasp gasp for air ;)
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choked chick

choked chick +1 points1032 days ago

if u made sure you did it like this I'd let u Reply Report

Harleen +1 points1609 days ago

Oh reading that the was so sexy Reply Report

Harleen +2 points1609 days ago

Oh reading that the was so sexy Reply Report

LOVE PST +8 points1763 days ago

Keep them coming so I can cum Reply Report

funbarbie3 +6 points1729 days ago

nice and funny. Reply Report

HA HA LOL +3 points1762 days ago

FUNNY GUY. Reply Report
me :)

me :) +4 points1760 days ago

@MMMM id love too be strangled while you fuck me Reply Report

Force-a-slut +2 points1498 days ago

I'd fuck you up your tight little asshole while tightening my belt around your throat!!!
Reply Report
Role play

Role play +4 points1759 days ago

This has to be one of the best roles, helpless pretty girl. Reply Report

Megann +4 points1754 days ago

This video so by far one of the best I've seen! Reply Report

rking599 +4 points1426 days ago

i love this video. i wish that was me fucking that girl! i always wanted to rape a girl like her but never did it because my luck i would get caught and go to jail. Reply Report

guy +3 points1761 days ago

Love that little bald pussy she got to bad she wasn't a vergen took a little to long to chock out but still looks fun Reply Report
Got me turned on wow

Got me turned on wow +3 points1750 days ago

Wow bravo that's a video I love her pussy so perfect and tight I cum in that hole all day all night Reply Report

poisonman +3 points1484 days ago

Lovely girl! Would be even more awesome if she was wearing nylons! Reply Report
choked chick

choked chick   0 points1032 days ago

I'd wear sexy nylons to get done like this Reply Report

lol +2 points1744 days ago

This bitch lol porn stars are funny Reply Report

MMMM +2 points1761 days ago

Fuck yes this is my fantasy right here!!! Can't wait to find a girl to fuck to death while i strangle her ;) Reply Report
me :)

me :) +2 points1760 days ago

I'd love to be strangled as long as you want and tucked while you do it Reply Report

Gav   0 points262 days ago

@me :) rape strangle my wife to death and beat her face with a hammer Reply Report
girls rape

girls rape +2 points1758 days ago

bellissimo collo Reply Report

nice +2 points1618 days ago

Her little cunt is so perfect.
Reply Report

pervcan43 +2 points1515 days ago

If there are any sluts in my area that want to be treated like this, msg me Reply Report

hot2trot +1 points1762 days ago

too bad he killed her best fuck I've seen on tape Reply Report

marco911 +1 points1595 days ago

dead fuck you vicitm Reply Report

Luv +1 points1096 days ago

I wanna b fucked n strangled Reply Report

wc00 +1 points1639 days ago

im Kinderbett Reply Report
Jack the raper

Jack the raper +1 points1215 days ago

A dream cum true, finding a hot chick in the middle of nowhere just asking to be raped

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choked chick

choked chick +1 points1032 days ago

I'd love it, esp wearing nylons & high heels, smooth tight pussy.... Reply Report
choked chick

choked chick +1 points1032 days ago

I'd be happy to oblige, esp in sexy nylons and high heels Reply Report

chilldude66 +1 points1013 days ago

I would love to rape you like that. I'll make you cum over and over again Reply Report
choked chick

choked chick   0 points999 days ago

where are you based. I am in the UK Reply Report
firmly grasp it

firmly grasp it +1 points1024 days ago

She is hot too bad she didn't piss
Reply Report
Home for the holidays

Home for the holidays   0 points541 days ago

What an awesome kill - one of he best ever!!! That horny bitch deserved to die and was killed of in style. She was made to suffer in as much pain and agony as possible as our killer choked her by her soft white delicate neck till she uttered her last feeble gasp and succumbed to her fate. She had such a beautiful body with sweet tender flesh , such translucent, porcelain skin so wonderful to fondle and touch. Her sexy arms and legs flailing in the air was a futile effort on her part but so wondrous to behold. Her death stare was one for the books with her lovely jade green eyes frozen wide open in the shock and horror of her demise, now staring blankly into perpetual
darkness and a world she will no longer see. Her cute mouth was equally telling, frozen in mute disbelief with her tongue gagging out...
mmmmm what a sight!!! Our killer should have stayed a bit longer and played with her luscious body ans licked her from head to toe. Now that she is a still, silent corpse she wouldn't put up a fight would she??
Yup, that slut looks best dead and we thank our lucky stars that she will no longer be around to infest us with her presence. A+, dude!!
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mitt romney

mitt romney   0 points995 days ago

shes so damn pretty...I'd have done the same thing...right after taking a dump in her mouth Reply Report

Jd004g   0 points376 days ago

Would love to do this to someone Reply Report

ROB K   0 points256 days ago


Wewewewewe   0 points89 days ago

Oh yeah
Reply Report

Wewewewewe   0 points89 days ago

I wish she would piss too Reply Report
Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah   0 points36 days ago

"Yes just like that you worthless fuck!"..."fight me bitch" Reply Report