Asian Girl Knocked Out, Raped And Killed

Very hot Asian chick tries to help out a dude who's faking an injury just so he can knock her unconscious. After the first part of his plan works, he drags her into his home, strips her naked and makes her suck him off before fucking her senseless. When he's had enough of her complaining, he strangles her and fucks her corpse.

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HOSE LOVER +23 points1513 days ago

Good one, but I wish she was in hose, nice shoes. Reply Report

Marco +4 points1492 days ago

asian with a shaved pussy :D Reply Report

djeivant +2 points1511 days ago

when i read "raped and killed"... I WANT TO SEE RAPED AND KILLED Reply Report

funbarbie3 +2 points1509 days ago

Yes, we didn't post like that, they added it. Reply Report
dayy yum

dayy yum +2 points1495 days ago

WHOS THE GIRL !!? Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +6 points1135 days ago

Priva. Says so in the intro, anyway. Unless her name is Anthony. Reply Report

mike +2 points1437 days ago

almost looks real Reply Report
Don\'t got one

Don\'t got one   0 points402 days ago

Almost real?!! That was so far from being real, next time use blue make up around the lips might look real. Reply Report
Non user

Non user +2 points823 days ago

Wish I could watch a video with out it crashing , this site has good videos but bad web support.
Will not recommend site.
Reply Report
i dont know?

i dont know? +1 points1509 days ago

nice tits Reply Report
jessica humphrey

jessica humphrey +1 points1335 days ago

us women only get what we desire. Reply Report

Cockblocker +1 points1291 days ago

The fat moron in the vid didn't tie the knot around her neck tight enough... other than that good. Reply Report
Fuck this

Fuck this +1 points267 days ago

What the fuuuuck is this depraved website
Reply Report

giber +1 points1094 days ago

Cute little whore. Great body, nice tits and ass. Fortunately the bitch got used and finished off the way she deserved. Fun video Reply Report
Da fuck is this?

Da fuck is this? +1 points685 days ago

Da fuck is this? Reply Report

vaginacummer +1 points465 days ago

its all fake the asian blinks at 10:40

Reply Report

Pussydestroyer45   0 points158 days ago

@vaginacummer no shit it's fake, murder, necrophilia, and rape are all illegal, showing any real ones is against the law in every country therefore it'd be taken down, if you want to see real ones use the deep web Reply Report
Naught man

Naught man   0 points1422 days ago

Is this real cuz I got hard Reply Report
qmbxe.  r38mci

qmbxe. r38mci   0 points1410 days ago

very good video public Reply Report

Anticlown   0 points328 days ago

Girls be chasing virtually anyone they don't know and get killed yet I can't get a date. Bullshit! Reply Report

jp -1 points1499 days ago

this is sick, whats this shit?? Reply Report

Non-Member -1 points431 days ago

The worst crime that happened in this video is that he is naked in socks... Reply Report

Derp -2 points1511 days ago

A Asian with tits? IMPOSSIBLE! Reply Report

Ted -2 points1285 days ago

You mean AN Asian....illiterate fuckwit. a Yank with brains? IMPOSSIBLE! lol Reply Report

Jap +1 points1247 days ago

Insecure much? You have no proof he is American, bigot. Reply Report
Fake :) thank god

Fake :) thank god -3 points868 days ago

Wtf I hope this shit is fake actually I know it's fake because she's a pornstar lol so nvm
Reply Report

ghfuiejf -6 points1047 days ago

holly shit this is so fuck up anyone turned on by this should be shot. Is this real cause its fucked up that man is a horrible, fucked up incestual pedophiliac raping cunt. WTF WTF WTF. He should be thrown into a dark cave and put threw one of the saw tests then even if he escapes have his dick chopped of and left to bleed to death in intense pain. Reply Report