Asian Girl Raped And Pissed On

After showing up for work 5 minutes late, this girl is taken to the storage room and fucked by all her male co-workers to make sure she'll never be late again!

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Person +122 points1948 days ago

This is rough, is it real? Reply Report
Slave Lover

Slave Lover +2 points243 days ago

@Person it can be real and not at the same time. It obviously is not real in the same that it is some random woman who was late for work, while still being filmed without any tricks of anything. There are women who are very sub, and a few that are crazy sub. The crazy sub can be made to start identifying themselves as slaves, and then be pushed into doing wild things. Funny thing but the guys they gravitate too are the same ones who will treat them like shit and push them into violent porn, the better violent and S&M porn is made using women that might as well be slaves. You treat them like shit and well, they just keep coming back for more. I have known girls that would let their "owners" drag them around on a locked leash and collar, with next to nothing on, and would push them into doing things in public that would humiliate the shit out of 98% of other women Reply Report
Gaz I love you and your comment about

Gaz I love you and your comment about +2 points114 days ago

@Slave Lover Reply Report

Joctooctoocto +3 points560 days ago

Nah, it's not real. There's actually a full version where at the beginning, her and another woman are being followed by the camera man with a bright ass flashlight in the middle of nowhere. Idk where you can find the full version all together, but you can find different cuts that equal a full version when put together. Reply Report

juliannasweet +3 points898 days ago

love hard sex Reply Report

homeforloving +8 points1947 days ago

Believe us, every movie you look to is always real. Reply Report

HARD 8 -3 points1947 days ago

we can only hope Reply Report

Truth -5 points1948 days ago

If this was real, the journalists would have made a big issue of it. Reply Report

Barry +61 points1924 days ago

Who else finds it a bit sexy but feels guilty after blowing their load? Regardless of whether its real... Which its not. Reply Report
Lov this sitexxx23

Lov this sitexxx23 +2 points1882 days ago

Not I love the new world see u soon Reply Report
I Cam

I Cam +50 points1948 days ago

If this isn't real then she is the best actor I have ever seen Reply Report

R2R +30 points1948 days ago

This would have been an awesome video if it didn't have that pixelated BS in it. Reply Report
Oh jeez

Oh jeez +25 points1947 days ago

What did I just masturbate to •_• Reply Report

Sveith +2 points505 days ago

@Oh jeez same....same Reply Report

Rips +6 points590 days ago

@Oh jeez i feel cold inside Reply Report

Ikr +3 points1947 days ago

Reply Report
Holy Crap

Holy Crap +23 points1946 days ago

If she was acting I hope she got paid well cause it woulda hurt to eat, speak or sit down for a few days after that Reply Report

enjoy +20 points1945 days ago

everytime i watch this video i cum really hard, love it Reply Report

Uhhh +17 points1948 days ago

Why did I masturbate to this this•-• Reply Report
Pirate of Venus

Pirate of Venus +16 points1403 days ago

This gang has made similar videos like this before. I actually met the leader in Nagoya-bald guy who makes these. He also makes a lot of mainstream stuff with gorgeous women but the girl always gets tied up, raped and taken from behind by him. He is excellent in his work. How real is this? Well, yes & no. The girl is signed into a binding contract for a decent fee thinking she is going to make a softcore "pink" movie. She shows up cheerful to go to work and The Yakuza boys take over and give her a good working over instead. She cannot complain to anyone because they have her inkan on a binding contract. But then the girl might even come back to make another one if she gets into gambling debts with Yakuza or just simply needs the money. I do really enjoy these however & this is one of their best in extreme action... Reply Report
Slave lover

Slave lover +3 points1103 days ago

There is another way movies like this get made, and it is just as or even easier. There are women, who really get off on being owned. They do not actually like doing a lot of the stuff, but they really like being slaves, and well, they are in effect very much like a doormat. They never complain, they do what they are told, and after you are done, they are mostly worried whether you are happy. Well you get a girl like that, (I have known a couple) and spend a little time training them, and well, this would be easy to make, and no law would be broken, no issue involved, and yes you could abuse the heck out of her, except it isn't abuse, because she would be perfectly happy to agree to it. Sign a contract sure (into S&M and know a couple that have signed some contracts) Sure maybe it would hurt to sit, speak, swallow or whatever for a week, but well frankly some of these women do not bother to complain when the crop gets used on their tits so well. This is what their owner wanted so who are they to complain. Reply Report

jennyonmyblock +2 points488 days ago

@Slave lover
Me next
Reply Report
One potato two potato

One potato two potato +9 points1388 days ago

What is the name of the group who made this, and do you know where I can find more of their videos? Reply Report

Beans +15 points1947 days ago

Honestly.. this is just too much, like fuck man.. I came anyways even though this is really fucking uncool. Reply Report

HANDSOMESTUD +14 points1931 days ago

Ani Banani

Ani Banani +3 points531 days ago

@HANDSOMESTUD why "deserves"? You never thought about women probably WANT it? Ofc they do, I do aswell. Sometimes we also just want to live dirty phantasies in real life, just for the moment and the feeling. Reply Report
I doing know

I doing know +2 points475 days ago

@Ani Banani not all girls are attracted to this, yes there are some females who pay men to do this to them. But the men who do it without thought or consent are complete trash
Reply Report

didy   0 points926 days ago

you know all girls in the world ? no, so not say "NO-WOMAN DESEVES TO HAVE THIS HAPPEN TO THEM" Reply Report

Bulldog +3 points1599 days ago

How can you treat a girl like this SICK SONS OF BITCHES i hope this was a staged video Reply Report
Big Boi Toy

Big Boi Toy +16 points753 days ago

Dude, your not allowed to be a white knight after you bust your load to a rape video... lol Reply Report
Not real

Not real +1 points1663 days ago

If this was real she would be crying, the whole way through. Not Japanese fake crying either. Reply Report
Lov this site xxx23

Lov this site xxx23 +5 points1882 days ago

Lov the new world and ill see u soon Reply Report

bigfarter +14 points1939 days ago

Great guys, treat her like the piece of rapemeat she is! I've just fucking cum a big fat wadful! Reply Report

tron +14 points1536 days ago

she didnt even say thank you.........! thats just rude Reply Report

youperv +9 points1947 days ago

''she'll never be late again''..or will she.. >:) Reply Report

tjlickass +9 points1409 days ago

One of the more realistic "rape" scenes where the slut is nasty and covered in dirt, cum and piss.. if they had just taken her top off, it would have gone into favorites. Reply Report

FuckMeGoood +8 points536 days ago

Im a girl and im usually into all of the rape stuff, especially the japanese teacher that rapes his student video, it always make me soooo hot ;). But this just made my stomach turn, I feel so bad for that girl. No one deserves to be treated like this, not even if she was in on it for some quick cash. Reply Report
Slave Lover

Slave Lover +2 points243 days ago

@FuckMeGoood yeah but it seems to me she never made any effort to resist, and well seems like a natural slave, so well, this is likely not nearly as upsetting to her as you. There are women out there who would do this scene knowing what it was in advance, and not even think about it. Others would be hot about being required to do it. Don't feel too sorry for her Reply Report
Who cares

Who cares +2 points530 days ago

@FuckMeGoood I do agree Reply Report

sick-r +6 points1879 days ago

They know its a pornshoot, but they never expected this rough shit
Reply Report
seriously people

seriously people +6 points1403 days ago

this is fake. it is extreme hardcore from japan but it is fake. she was paid very little for it though. Japanese porn actresses make very little money and are usual from poor families so they do this stuff for almost nothing. just remember if it is filmed on a professional camera it is fake. no idiot would bring a camera crew to a real rape. Reply Report

Dirtyblaccslut +6 points548 days ago

I wish my coworkers would rape me just like this Reply Report

hams +5 points1914 days ago

looks real 2 me sumtyms that all u neeed Reply Report

DirtyBastard +5 points1452 days ago

This is seriously hot Reply Report
Pirate of Venus

Pirate of Venus +5 points1405 days ago

Excellent, realistic action, although it's difficult to see how pretty or innocent this girl was. Love the slapping and sound of the forced blowjobs. But I wish you didn't cut out the beginning with the capture and I wanted to get a good shot of her legs in the pantyhose as she was dragged down. But good stuff and more like this please... Reply Report

Random +5 points1260 days ago

This actually isn't the full video. Almost all it's been cut out to this scene. In the original, there was her and another girl at the same time. Then there was a part were they each go individually. This is the other girl's part. And no, it's not real, I've actually seen one of the guy in another video. I can't see his face, but I recognize his build, skin tone, baldness, and that bleached spot between his ass cheeks. Plus he uses the same speed bump position. Reply Report

DonaldTrump +5 points1104 days ago

This is why I'm gonna build a wall
Reply Report
Who cares

Who cares +4 points530 days ago

It's real in that case there was no acting... And she was hurted. But she get paid for it before they start. I wish to be in her position but with black men and in a bit lighter version... I don't like bruises and dirt. But I love cum and spit and all those things Reply Report
Enlightened woman

Enlightened woman +1 points224 days ago

@Who cares it doesn’t matter what you want. ALWAYS do what the Man wants. As women, we shouldn’t get a choice. Admit that Men are above us and submit. We don’t deserve respect or choices. The only way we are useful is by serving Men. Be a better whore. Reply Report
Freaked out

Freaked out +4 points1939 days ago

THIS BETTER BE FAKE!!! As hot as it was it seemed way too real. Reply Report

Person +5 points1928 days ago

I think it's real, she actually vomits at 2:44... I think I'm going to vomit too Reply Report

Fuckyes +1 points1930 days ago

Reply Report

PukeWarz +4 points1217 days ago

13:54 I like how she looks like she smiles :) So beautiful. Reply Report
To those haters

To those haters +4 points1152 days ago

Stop complaining. We all know you blew your load too, you're just feeling a bit guilty as to what you just did. It's fine though, we all love watching this. Reply Report

bastard +3 points1791 days ago

japs know how to do it, treat her like meat and then piss on her great Reply Report
fuckme hard

fuckme hard +3 points1147 days ago

So fun! if i worked with those guys i'll be late every single day- i'll be an hour late for extra punishment Reply Report
young prostitute

young prostitute +3 points1156 days ago

Very good. I am myself a maso girl liking gang rapes and feeling never humiliated enough. Reply Report

Dirtyblaccslut +3 points548 days ago

I wish my coworkers would rape me just like this Reply Report

Ihfdh +2 points1066 days ago

7:43 he drops her on her knees on my he hard concrete Reply Report

UKRapemeat +1 points760 days ago

I dream of the day this happens to me.. Reply Report

dudewithmultipleds +1 points668 days ago

Pretty sure it's fake, because the pixelation added isn't something someone would bother with unless there was a business behind it.

Great actor though.
Reply Report

lichuj +1 points305 days ago

great video! i would love to see a mature woman raped like that Reply Report

analguy   0 points229 days ago

damn i love young asian taking cock like this Reply Report

Fucker   0 points1948 days ago

Love this they put her in a sexy position wished I could try that
Reply Report

Raper   0 points1948 days ago

Reply Report

8========D   0 points1946 days ago

id love to be the first one to cum in her for being late Reply Report

japanese   0 points1938 days ago

japanese love rape Reply Report
girl always ready to get fucked

girl always ready to get fucked   0 points1673 days ago

In my opinion, it is not a real rape : 1/ the cameraman is a professional ; 2/ the girl does not cry and she does not try to hide her face from the camera ; 3/ she does not seem at all distressed at the end. Reply Report

Adolf   0 points1415 days ago

Either real or excellemt acinting Reply Report

trigger   0 points1302 days ago

I can't wait until my debut in prison when I get to rape these fellers... Reply Report
back in the field of dogs

back in the field of dogs   0 points1306 days ago

this should be titled rough sex Reply Report

CREEPY   0 points1316 days ago

Did i just Nut off this shit..... Reply Report
Tiyreeyipputrewweeewrttyyy sddgttffhyrd

Tiyreeyipputrewweeewrttyyy sddgttffhyrd   0 points1285 days ago

This is too real and horrible :/
Reply Report

kys   0 points1150 days ago

hot af
Reply Report

Zer0   0 points806 days ago

Omg Reply Report

NotAregular   0 points684 days ago

Always feel guilty for watching these. I’m torn between whether I believe it’s real or not. I would hope it isn’t, but it’s very well put together. Reply Report

Southside67   0 points234 days ago

How do I join this site ? It says I need an invitation. Reply Report
Yomommastwat on kik

Yomommastwat on kik   0 points495 days ago

I would kill to volunteer my wife for this. Only with black dudes though. Reply Report
fuck u!

fuck u!   0 points483 days ago

Anyone who enjoyed this is SICK! Reply Report

JennZee   0 points130 days ago

That woman is one hell of an actress! Reply Report
utility 2

utility 2   0 points182 days ago

will she be late again for work? is this a deterrent or an encouragement? Reply Report
Bill Clint-cum

Bill Clint-cum   0 points162 days ago

Thoes guys were smart to wear shoes so they diden't get any of the shit or piss they fucked out of her. Arggg. lt looks like she puked up her breakfast of eggs. Hope someone gave her enough to by some rice.How many times did you hear her yell STOP!!! l diden't eithor. Reply Report

Ruiler   0 points143 days ago

This girl is getting in trouble every time. She stars in different vids like this (can be found on Heavy-r.) So yes, it's fake but she is acting pretty well ! Reply Report

saracuda   0 points71 days ago

Whoops :o Think I would be late, a lot XD Reply Report

Whaaaa   0 points47 days ago

Mmmmm that realI just another vid were that same type of girl bleeding through her head Reply Report

Rongurr   0 points2 days ago

Japanese porn is the best Reply Report

Why? -1 points1886 days ago

Why isnt it showing my comment? Reply Report

Help -1 points1885 days ago

Its not working Reply Report
Lurk moar

Lurk moar -1 points1184 days ago

This studio was shut down because they convinced the girls that they had signed up for this brutal treatment and were contractually obligated, pretty sure one guy was killed. Reply Report

REAL LIFE -1 points509 days ago

This is unfortunately real violence.Fuck your mother worms!
The one who saw this first should have informed the police !!!!
Reply Report
Ivan E Rection

Ivan E Rection -2 points1948 days ago

See what happens when you don't get a mate to clock you in on time :P Reply Report

omg -2 points1947 days ago

omg Reply Report

pehden -2 points1947 days ago

as much as she liked this, im sure we have not seen the last of her Reply Report
young prostitute

young prostitute   0 points1156 days ago

Believe me, when you prostitute yourself 18 hours a day 365/365, you are happy to get a role in a video like that and to get 1 day off. Even if the guys are still more violent in a harder version of the video. Reply Report

Oh.. -2 points1946 days ago

Guys i suggest you all google "They murder and torture of Junk Faruta." This reminds me a lot of it..

Yes, I know it's not it, but maybe this is where the video got a slight inspiration from.

Let me cum now :P
Reply Report

killyou   0 points283 days ago

@Oh.. it's Junko and I would very slowly mince everyone who hurt poor Junko into dog food Reply Report

Help -2 points1885 days ago

Loved it. Reply Report

Help -1 points1885 days ago

That was beautiful Reply Report

Help -3 points1885 days ago

Fuck her until she dies Reply Report

Help -2 points1885 days ago

Can only write one sentence at a time? Reply Report

Help +1 points1885 days ago

18 year old sadist hope its real yet i dont at the same time whats wrong with me? Reply Report

mark -2 points1864 days ago

this aint hardcore enough, all i can say. Reply Report
Dr sponk

Dr sponk -3 points1947 days ago

It's your mum Reply Report

Sicksister -4 points1728 days ago

This is real- the original version didn't have the pixelated censorship. This wasn't the original title/description either. This girl was gang raped brutally. I've gotten off watching it so many times....yet still feel a bit of disgust and guilt watching it. I wish I knew where to find more like this, not necessarily Asian rape, but I found one the other day where these guys have this drunk girl in their car and take her to a house and toy with her while she is passed out, they used a Popsicle to try and wake her a little bit...wish I could find it again. Reply Report

Jonathan -5 points1664 days ago

I found myself intrigued to end just to make sure it was staged! I wonder if she knew it was porn but did not expect it to be so brutal. Either way...still rape & should be banned. Anyway, if true the fuckers will probably burn in hell, unless of course some miracle of having a soul awaken within occurs before judgment day. Seriously doubt it. Reply Report

kitty -8 points1940 days ago

if u like this, u can buy the DVD at AMAZON. Reply Report

Boobboob -9 points1948 days ago

Someone I put watermelon in her feline.
She Yums.
Reply Report
love jav hehe

love jav hehe -9 points1939 days ago

its not real.

trust me.

genitalia blurs are necessary as-for Japan law.

the reason why the "rapists" faces are blurred out is to give it a more authentic feel
Reply Report

Fuckyes -11 points1930 days ago

Oh I want this to be me.... so wet.
Reply Report

AnimeIsBetterThanPorn +4 points1884 days ago

I didn't know guys could get wet... Reply Report

RIITO -12 points1947 days ago

guys, there is no real rape in Japan... Reply Report
women right

women right -14 points1948 days ago

where is so called women right NGOs???????? Reply Report

bigdickmike -30 points1946 days ago

she's a chink its not rape Reply Report
Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious +2 points1943 days ago

Racist! Reply Report
Both of you are idiots

Both of you are idiots +4 points1932 days ago

Sexist* Reply Report